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  1. Exactly my point! Orders from today should be considered pre-orders. If fxtec confirms that, I will order a phone right away. Seeing all the delays, they really should give us a reason to place orders these days, or to not cancel pending orders.
  2. An estimated date would be nice to know indeed. What bugs me the most: There is no point ordering a phone right now. I would love to support fxtec and order a phone right away, but the price policy keeps me away. Either you have the phone in stock and can sell it for the full price, or it is still unknow if and when the phone will be in stock and reliably shipped. I am willing to spend a few hundred Euro for a phone, but having to wait for an unknow period of time, just like a pre-order customer, while having to pay the full price, just like someone in the future who will receiv
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