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  1. Thanks for all the info, its good to take a break from developing and explain things from time to time. It really helps to know the state of the project. It would be nice if FxTec took more of an interest in helping make the software work, after all they were advertising it as Linaege compatible. In any case keep up the good work and don't mind the complainers.
  2. So, it was even worse then just hitting the power button... I was playing with keepassdx, I had extended the keyboard to type my very long password. After entry the screens did not work well on landscape so I closed and went to portrait... The screen blanked and when I hit power I had to go through the password entry all over again. I figured I had hit the power button or something when closing the first time so I very carefully closed again only to have the bloody thing lock again! I find portrait nicer to use without the keyboard extended so its not in the way, but you can always just l
  3. So now I am running into an issue whenever I close the screen the display gets shut off. This is really annoying as I often pull out the keyboard to input something then go back to keyboardless to continue on in the app as some things don't display well in landscape. I looked through the display settings and could not find anything related. Is there another place to change this behavior?
  4. Thanks, that worked perfect. What does this mean for the future? Will slot B eventually fail to work too?
  5. So I was going to try out test4. I downloaded, confirmed the MD5 matched and rebooted to recovery and hit apply update and sideload. However when I do a sideload the computer shows 0.0 transfer and the phone displays an error failed to verify package compatibility. Runtime info and framework compatibility matrix are incompatible. bmeta version 0.0 does not match framework matrix 1.0. Any idea's? I did flash addonsu-16.0, but I think I flashed that after test2 as well and did not end up with this issue. I also tried flashing test3 and I end up with the same error as when I try and fl
  6. Would be very very nice if the first post stayed updated. This thread is hard to keep up with, just too much information.
  7. Thanks for all the info, good to know about a potential thing to work on the Relay for SSL issues if I need to do so. Though that phone is showing its age in other ways as well and really does need replaced. That does not exactly enthuse me to go try XPrivacyLua. Really I don't want to spend forever making this phone work, I don't tend to use a phone that much, just useful to have a reasonable setup for replying to emails and logging into servers in a pinch if I need to do so.
  8. Hello, So I received my pre-order Pro1 a few weeks ago. But getting it setup and usable has been slow. My current Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4g slide is getting a bit old, still running Cyanogen as Lineage does not support it. As such its starting to have SSL errors everywhere and is quickly getting to the point its unworkable. My needs are simple, I need a decent input device (keyboard), root access (I really don't understand why anyone would accept a device they don't have control over), permission controls (Privacy guard works for this in Lineage) and all the basic things terminal
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