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  1. This is most likely a kernel issue. I am using the Lineage 17.1 kernel as-is. I'll investigate.
  2. Oh my fault, I was thinking lineage. Did any previous aicp versions ever work properly with HDMI out?
  3. Sorry, the Lineage admins don't allow exFat unless the device shipped with it.
  4. What is the date of the last working build?
  5. I still have the AOSPX 9.0 tree. They were working on rebasing 10.0 at the time I was building it, so I never did an AOSPX 10.0 build. Which do you guys want, 9 or 10? There are pretty much no changes in 9 since the initial build.
  6. Yeah split screen seems a bit buggy. I think R is far enough along that any bug reports should probably wait.
  7. I've not seen the OTA updater crash. But then again, I don't use it much and never with official builds. What crashes and when? Can you get a logcat of it crashing?
  8. There have been rumblings of starting official release builds, so I'm guessing in the next couple weeks.
  9. It builds off Lineage, so I will just wait for Nolen and Bruno to do the hard work... 😄
  10. Indeed, all your data is still present. Do not believe any messages that tell you otherwise. The Pro1 is an A/B device. If an update fails, you should be able to go back to the other slot using fastboot. There are myriad pages on the internet about where to find the fastboot binary for your PC and how to enter fastboot on your phone. Once you are ready, simply run "fastboot --set-active=a" and reboot. If that does not work, try "fastboot --set-active=b" and reboot. Alternatively, @claude0001 is correct. You should be able to manually install the latest nightly. I
  11. Yes the link in the op is always up to date. It is a symlink on the server. I'll add the link to the actual file and the md5 hash for clarity.
  12. New build is up. Build date is today, 2021/02/06. It is available via OTA (settings -> aicp -> updates) or direct download. Changes are virtually all security/bugfix updates, updates to the adblock hosts file, and language translation updates.
  13. Settings -> AICP Extras -> Update Center. You will get a notification when a new build is available. This is for the kernel keymap, by the way. I posted some instructions a long time ago in the Lineage 16.0 thread. Perhaps someone can find them. Here is the exact file location: https://github.com/LineageOS/android_device_fxtec_pro1/blob/lineage-18.1/devicesettings/src/org/lineageos/settings/device/Constants.java#L27 By removing it, I meant the toggle in the UI. The system should still read and apply a custom keymap, but providing an option to disable
  14. Here is a good place. Or if you prefer discord, perhaps we can make an AICP channel in the Pro1 discord. Or we could make a Pro1 channel in the AICP discord. I doubt this is AICP specific. It is more likely an issue with hardware or kernel. Again, this is most likely a hardware or kernel issue. There is an OTA function. This is an unofficial build, so there are only updates when I choose. And I have been busy with other things for a while. All the developers are working on R now, so Q is pretty stable. There have been a few security updates since the last build,
  15. tdm

    Factory Restore Tool

    First, keep in mind that EDL is a "one shot" protocol. You must reset the phone between each attempt. You can tell the phone resets in Windows by watching the notifications and listening for the plug-in sound. In Linux, run something like "watch -d lsusb" and you should see the device disappear and then reappear with a new device number. Things to try: Use a different cable. Use a different port on the PC. Try with/without a hub. Try a different PC. Note these issues are not specific to Pro1, this is common with EDL. I recently used EDL
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