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  1. I don't know exactly what blobs you are talking about. Can you be more specific? But generally AICP is pretty lenient with their policies.
  2. Setting aside that /e/ is basically a rip-off of LineageOS, the TWRP referenced in the Sailfish thread should work for this purpose. If not, perhaps @Sean McCreary or another developer can help. I simply don't have the time or desire to build TWRP right now.
  3. Not currently. If I could decrypt data, I'd have a decrypting TWRP released by now. 🙂 I am hoping that backing up an FBE encrypted data partition (eg. while in recovery) and then restoring it in the same environment will work. But I have to test that out.
  4. Well, the standard Unix-y part of it will be a CLI tool with arguments more or less like tar. But the backup and restore arguments will likely be limited to block devices and directories, though that is not certain yet. Block devices will be backed up as a single unit of data (as you would get with "dd") and directories will be backed up recursively (as you would get with "tar"). It will also have a client/server mode similar to rsync, which will communicate over sockets (meaning remote backups are possible without using tools like stdio pipes or sshfs etc.) Android will surely
  5. Yes, backup and restore is far and away the biggest thing people want out of TWRP over and above the "standard" recovery. The main thing I'm working on now is an archiver. It will be able to backup and restore directly from Android, no recovery required. Among other things, it will feature compression, encryption, incremental backups, and both local / remote storage. And it will work on any Linux system, not just Android. I plan to use on my own systems once it's working well.
  6. You would be amazed at all the things that need to align for two revisions of the same model device to get the same updates. Not saying it won't happen, just warning you that it is not as straightforward as it seems on the surface.
  7. I've been quite busy with other things lately. Why do you need it, and why won't the existing one (the one used for sailfish install) work?
  8. A few folks on the discord server have been experimenting. In particular "kabouik" installed OpenJDK in a LXC container. I sent him the minecraft java files and pointed him to the lwjgl arm64 libs. He was able to get it running, but as mentioned, it is rather slow due to lack of GL. So we have two working solutions but neither are accelerated. In the meantime I've found android based minecraft launchers. So I'm not sure which is going to win out yet. PS: this is not for me, it is for my oldest son. Apparently minecraft PE (bedrock) and minecraft java behave
  9. The link in the OP is the latest.
  10. A bit OT but ... does Minecraft Java run on this? And if it does, how well does it run?
  11. It will get its own thread.
  12. The archiver is making good progress. I got busy with "real" work the past couple weeks so it has slowed a bit. The following is working: - backup and restore partitions and filesystems. - standalone and client/server mode. - all data is compressed and encrypted. It still needs: - incremental support. - an android app. - android selinux policies. I'm working on incremental support now. Once that is done, I will publish the code and being using it for my own backups on my Linux servers. Currently I'm using a very old and probably rath
  13. Absolutely. I tend to wait until release or close to it before I start playing with a new version. It just takes too much time and work to keep up with the changes before that point. I'll keep an eye on Lineage and AICP to see when they get close to doing releases.
  14. tdm

    Pro1 Just died.

    Yes that's always an option. I can read a wireshark capture to see what is happening.
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