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  1. Certainly the fingerprint reader works. Google Pay will not work by default. Other users you can make it work by using magisk hide. But I cannot help with that, I don't use magisk.
  2. I may have missed something for the qwertz setting. I'll check.
  3. That was for debugging the keyboard issue, you can read about it a page or two back.
  4. I've gotten the stock keyboard driver to work with Lineage, mostly. I was having an issue generating forward slash on QWERTY, but other FN combinations seem to work. And the any-key-to-wakeup feature is not there. But other than that it seems usable for a test. @DieBruine and whoever else is having keyboard issues, can you please try this? Make sure to backup your existing boot image so you can easily go back to it. http://files.nwwn.com/android/pro1/boot-stock-kbd-1.img I've put the code here just in case anyone wants to look: https://github
  5. Camera is all closed source blobs between the kernel driver and the camera app. It spews out amazing amounts of debug information, but I have never been able to make sense of most of it. So... probably not, unless we get really lucky.
  6. To be fair, this is Qualcomm's mess not FxTec or IdeaLTE. Both stock and lineage use the Qualcomm qcacld driver for WiFi. Just different revisions. Apparently some revisions are buggy for some people, other revisions are buggy for other people. Maybe I just got lucky and picked the revision that seems least buggy?
  7. That was just a guess. Too bad about the damage but I'm glad you got it back at least.
  8. This is usually scripted with a small shell script / batch file. That's how Google does it with Nexus/Pixel. I thought Chen provided one? But otherwise, no, you cannot flash to multiple partitions with one command. It is one at a time. And yes that is tedious and error prone. Hence the scripting.
  9. Alright I got the stock keyboard driver transplanted into the Lineage kernel and it builds. Now I just need to take care of the key mappings and make the FN key work like it does in Lineage. Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow.
  10. Run getevent. It won't run in a shell, it requires adb. But it does not need root.
  11. Switch the keyboard to type FULL. Get an adb root shell and run: mkdir -p /data/system/devices/keychars cp /vendor/usr/keychars/Builtin_Keyboard.kcm /data/system/devices/keychars/Vendor_181d_Product_5018.kcm sed -i 's/type ALPHA/type FULL/' /data/system/devices/keychars/Vendor_181d_Product_5018.kcm You can also edit the keymap to your liking. @3zet recently did this.
  12. Pretty sure there is not. And even if there was, I'm guessing it's probably wiped by now.
  13. Lineage recovery will offer to install from sdcard if, and only if, a physical sdcard is present and it is able to be read without any decryption (eg. it is not used as adoptable storage). Lineage recovery will not offer to install from /data (including "internal storage" because the data partition is encrypted and Lineage recovery does not have any decryption capability. And yes, file-based encryption counts, because all files in /data/media are encrypted under FBE. This is not a bug. This is how recovery is supposed to work. TWRP bends the rules with data decryptio
  14. My Pro1 seems to work fine. Can you share a sample picture that exhibits this issue?
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