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  1. I haven't really investigated keyboard things yet. I've been busy getting the vendor image working in order to fix a2dp. But I know that idealte put the keyboard config files in system instead of vendor, which is why its broken. I'll put them in my lineage vendor once it's working. As for other locales, I haven't tried at all yet.
  2. I've not seen a thorough discussion on the subject, even on internal lineage slack. With several hundred people making up lineage, there are undoubtedly people who want it and people that don't. The major reason it's been dropped is that the security changes in Q make it even more difficult to support. Since it's not really a core feature it will get done last. And if it turns out to be really difficult or intrusive, it may just get dropped. At least until someone with the motivation and ability comes along.
  3. Indeed, sad but true. It's currently not working in 17. I'm hoping they will figure that out. And if they don't, me or someone else likely will.
  4. Good catch thanks. Obviously I started with a lineage tree that had built other devices which pulled in these dependencies previously. I'll make a note to fix that.
  5. Yes this is true. The actual encryption key is not accessible. There are valid(ish) reasons for this. If that is not acceptable to you, feel free to change your fstab and run unencrypted. I won't do it and I won't support it. IMO the benefits far outweigh the lack of knowing the actual key. If the hardware fails to the point that you cannot decrypt using the Android scheme, how do you expect to extract unencrypted data? And don't say backups, because backups can be made in both cases (TWRP will happily decrypt and backup).
  6. The device tree and kernel tree will be imported into Lineage github for official support. Any changes needed for this particular device in the other Lineage code will need submitted and approved by the Lineage team. I don't have any of these changes yet, and may or may not eventually need them. The device becomes official when I tell the Lineage team that it's ready and request that they import the code. I also need to add a Lineage wiki page and etc. The device will continue to receive builds add long as at least one person is maintaining it. (There are at least 3 people with the pro1 and the ability to maintain it so far.) When nobody is left, official builds will stop.
  7. By its nature, it hijacks basic system functions and hides/overrides things. That's bad in my book. Same as xposed. After 7 years of working with Android ROM development, I've seen the trouble these types of things can cause. And since they usually work fine, the device maintainer (me) gets blamed when they break in odd ways. Lineage (and previously CyanogenMod) bug forums are littered with crashes caused by these things. So the first thing the alert developer does is look for evidence of these tools and reject the bug report if found. So basically, they cause much pain and lost time for people like me. It's so not worth it.
  8. Lineage has an su addon package. AOKP (which I love and always use) has su builtin. But most of the time, I keep su disabled and use "adb root" from my PC if I need to tinker with things.
  9. tdm

    Factory Restore Tool

    Because it's likely going to require real time communication in order to not stretch into weeks, and I doubt there is anything at the end user level to learn from this. I'm offering to do this for two reasons: I'm genuinely curious what is wrong with this device, and I don't feel it's right to make other people pay for your mistakes.
  10. I don't recall anyone mentioning when or whether stock will be upgraded to Q. Has anyone official chimed in on this? Lineage is getting close to releasing Q (which will be 17.1). By the time that happens, I should have Lineage running well and updating should hopefully be pretty easy.
  11. I avoid magisk like the plague but my first guess is bind-mounting the fstab file with a copy that removes the encryption parameters from the userdata partition.
  12. It is relatively well known that all you do is remove /data/system/locksettings.* to remove the lock screen. This can be done very easily in TWRP with the file browser. But if your data is unencrypted, why bother? Just suck the data out directly. Yes, Android will force encryption on first boot. How it does that depends on FDE or FBE. With FDE (stock), it will encrypt in-place and then reboot. With FBE (Lineage), it will just encrypt files as per usual. Now, if you have files that are unencrypted under FBE, I don't know exactly how that would be handled. It may just continue to read them and only encrypt new files, or it may treat the unencrypted files as corrupt. I don't really know. Might be an interesting thing to test.
  13. Nope there are no problems with encryption disabled. It just leaves your data open to anyone with access to your device. I always used to run unencrypted because entering a pin to unlock the device was a pain. But with the advent of fingerprint readers, this is mostly mitigated. Just so you know, if your data is not encrypted, it is trivial to boot into recovery and remove the screen lock. I haven't actually used an external sdcard in some time. But generally speaking, my sensitive data isn't there anyway. The stuff that's sensitive is usernames and passwords to various things. If you do care about your sdcard data, Android can encrypt the sdcard also. It just makes the sdcard unreadable on other devices. I always encrypt my personal devices. They run Linux and decryption is very standard and straightforward. No need to worry about recovery. I understand that Android devices aren't quite as straightforward but at least there are various ways to backup your data. Ultimately it's your device and your choice. Finally, no, stock has no way to disable encryption. And neither does Lineage. But in both cases all you need to do is edit the fstab. Which will also require disabling other things like vbmeta and verity. Or, once Lineage is stable, you can do your own build with the fstab change.
  14. Alright, so I got gnss fixed. I just did a fresh build and wipe and .... it boots. Unfortunately there are some broken things that need to be fixed before I can do another release (namely wifi and cell radio). But now that I've gotten it to boot, it should be all downhill from here. So I'll work on those and hopefully will have a working build within a few days. After that the bugs should fall quickly and official support won't be far off.
  15. You ... don't have encrypted data. 🙂 You may not care about it now, but if your device is lost or stolen it's nice to know that your data is (relatively) secure. I'm sure that if someone with a lot of resources was after you, they could hack into your data. But for most of us, encrypted data is "secure enough".
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