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  1. Don't think I've seen that bug reported for lineage. But then again, if the issue is not specific to the pro1, some lineage developer probably saw and fixed this in lineage before the first pro1 ever rolled off the assembly line.
  2. Apparently Ethan Chen[*] has a Pro1 and he's been hacking on it lately. So Nolen and I are going to be massaging the device code to incorporate his changes. Nolen says that Ethan has incorporated a lot of cool stuff to make the device perform better. [*] Who is Ethan Chen? He is arguably the best active Lineage device maintainer out there. I worked with him at Cyanogen, and he is truly a whiz at doing device stuff.
  3. Okay I'll look into it when I get a chance.
  4. This is a Lineage bug, not specific to pro1. You can file a bug in either my device project so I can track it myself or the official Lineage bug reporting system.
  5. Thanks. Given the timing of your message, I don't think you got the latest device tree change (the livedisplay switch). You might want to re-sync and make sure you are up to date with the test20 tag on all three projects.
  6. test20 is up. This is pretty much the final code that will be imported into the official Lineage trees unless any issues are found. Changes from test19: * Update kernel to latest code from Qualcomm and IdeaLTE. * Update device blobs and strings to latest stock (2020-06-20). * Switch to standard livedisplay implementation. * Add WiFi MAC address setting from stock.
  7. Vendor is not part of roomservice, you need to update that manually.
  8. All the renaming is complete for sure. How is roomservice broken? I may be rebasing the device tree again, but that should not break your roomservice. Likewise with the vendor blobs, though that is less likely. I just finished rebasing the kernel and updating it to the latest code, so that should not change again unless I broke something.
  9. test19 is up. Changes: * Code cleanup for official submit to Lineage. * Add VoLTE props to fix VZW. Please verify everything works properly. FYI, this is my remaining TODO list before submission: * Verify WiFi and BT MAC addrs are set as in stock. * Regenerate vendor blobs from latest stock. * Fix poor kernel commits (fix stuff, fix more stuff). * Verify WiFi works on clean install. * Go over remaining oneplus specific stuff in rc-files, sepolicy, etc. Additionally, here is the updated proposal for the wiki pages: https://harryyoud.co.uk/lineage-previews/280778/7/ Please review for accuracy and completeness. My goal is to get this wrapped up on Monday.
  10. Couple updates, especially for the developers out there... I'm working with one of the upper level Lineage guys on getting the device/kernel officially imported. He has made quite a few comments and suggestions for cleaning and improving the device tree. So the lineage-16.0 branch on my device tree is going to be rebased and rearranged quite a few times in the next couple days. I tagged test18 so it doesn't get lost. Said Lineage guy is actually interested in the Pro1 and I will probably send him a prototype unit. So that's even more development support. Which is good because he knows about quite a bit of stuff that I don't, especially recent Android things. I'll be doing at least one, probably two more builds before official Lineage submission just to make sure the cleanup/rearrange changes don't break anything. So expect a test19 tomorrow that is hopefully still fully functional and also works with VZW.
  11. @SteffenWi that install page is apparently not correct. I'll look to see if there is a better one available. I did not write the page, it is a template that is linked in the wiki code. There are several different ones to choose from. @Wheeljack I'm hoping that I can get an official TWRP working soon. If not, I can switch out the TWRP stuff for Lineage Recovery stuff.
  12. Can I get some folks to review this before I submit it...? https://harryyoud.co.uk/lineage-previews/280778/4/devices/pro1/ Thanks!
  13. I have not used CDMA in several years precisely because I like the freedom of moving my SIM to the phone I choose, when I choose. But I believe the mule method is the most used on VZW. Because the Pro1 is a GSM phone, you will need to rely on volte for voice. So you will need to make sure that is functional on your account. I'm not clear on how SMS is handled.
  14. I received the SIM from @Hook today and, just as I mentioned yesterday, adding the missing VoLTE properties fixed VZW voice calls. I'll include these in the next build, but if you are impatient and willing to tinker here's what you need to do: 1. Ensure adb is running as root, "adb root". 2. Mount partitions read/write, "adb remount". 3. Get the /vendor/build.prop file from the phone, "adb pull /vendor/build.prop". 4. Edit the file and add the following lines at the end: # VoLTE persist.dbg.ims_volte_enable=1 persist.dbg.volte_avail_ovr=1 persist.dbg.vt_avail_ovr=1 persist.dbg.wfc_avail_ovr=1 persist.radio.calls.on.ims=1 5. Push the file back to the phone, eg. "adb push build.prop /vendor/build.prop". 6. Reboot, "adb reboot". When the phone comes back up, ensure all the carrier settings are correct and it should work. I think the only thing I had to change was setting "Preferred network type" to "LTE/CDMA". The rest of the settings were fine by default. YMMV as always.
  15. Google has this to say... Use battery saver on a Pixel phone ... scroll down to "What changes when battery saver is on". And ignore the part about squeezing the phone to bring up the assistant, as that's obviously a hardware feature.
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