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  1. Wow, who'd have thought. A replacement screen has been sent by F(x)Tec today (requested July 2021). Along with 'a complementary battery due to the inconveniences caused'.... Hopefully this screen, my third, will not develop the ghost touch issues of the first two. Otherwise, at least I'll be using my Pro 1 for another 9 months or so 🙂
  2. That was October 2020. Now, the replacement screen has developed exactly the same issue. Ghost touches, on exactly the same locations on the screen. Incredible. This is just a major design flaw, must be. I have been really careful with the device, but even then it should be able to withstand normal everyday use. I have asked for another replacement, and ordered one from Ali as well. Best case I have two, and assuming the problem will pop up again sometime early 2022, that may be a good thing.
  3. Alright.... I received my screen today, replaced it. Phone works again as it should!
  4. Alright. Let's hope a new batch of screens will be sent out soon. I have been circumventing the problem with @Slion's tool for 6 weeks now. /edit 20 Oct: OK, I just got a message from F(x)tec. They're sending my screen today. Should arrive in a couple of days.
  5. Ok, thanks. Apparently there's a problem in the production or the delivery of the screens. If only F(x)tec support would be a bit more communicative.
  6. So, did you get a new screen? I am still waiting for mine, unfortunately. I don't know what happened. I have contacted F(x)tec but they do not respond anymore, even though I have not been flooding them with e-mails; just 1 per week asking for the status. I was told twice it would take 1-2 weeks, but it has been over 5 weeks now....
  7. I was told by support a new batch of displays would come in tomorrow (Friday 18). So I expect my replacement screen sometime early next week.
  8. Yes, here too. Open or closed, same issue. Fxtec is going to send me a replacement screen that should hopefully arrive next week. My phone is quite unusable right now.
  9. Here a better video of the issue. It doesn't change our discussion much I guess, but it's good to have it in case 🙂 https://photos.app.goo.gl/YSi4MMPszJ3TbouA6
  10. I examined the screen and its frame very closely from all sides, but I really cannot seem to find any form of damage whatsoever. I did notice that I can elicit the ghost inputs by very gently pressing, rather than merely touching, the screen on the strip where the ghost inputs would pop up. After that, the ghost taps may go on for a while without me touching it. So somehow it seems as if internally, some connections are made that should not be made upon applying a minimum amount of force - the amount of force I would also apply when simply taking the device out of my pocket.
  11. Since January. Great device, have been using it happily since. Until last week...
  12. Sorry, no, not connected. I get the ghost inputs regardless of whether the phone is connected or not. As I type this (on my PC), the phone is on the desk unfolded, screen on, and the ghost touches are frequently visible without me touching and no cables connected.
  13. Hmm mine started to show these ghost input symptoms this week... Just like that. Didn't drop it, didn't drown it... It's pretty horrible. The ghost taps and swipes occur over 1 specific line in the screen, it seems. It renders the phone useless, basically. https://photos.app.goo.gl/sbs7gXwpfm9waTJQ7 Sent an email to F(x)tec just now. I really hope it can be solved. The Pro 1 is the best phone I have had in years... Thx @Slion for your tool; it allows me to make the phone ignore touch input and use the keyboard to control it 🙂
  14. Yes, and it gets weirder. When I add all five fingers of my left hand (the maximum number of fingerprints the system allows), I can open the device with the first four of them, AND with the thumb of my right hand...! The fifth finger on my left hand, which I added succesfully, does not unlock my phone. It appears as if my right thumb is now hardcoded into the system. I cannot delete it, I cannot overwrite it.
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