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  1. IMO, if SFOS wanted to establish itself as the defacto 3rd platform of choice (after the duopoly overlords)... They would concentrate on monetising the direct-to-consumer sales of their OS for these 5 devices... and they could charge a monthly/yearly optional support fee... and a higher fee per device for businesses to manage them...
  2. most stuff is already working, it seems. and the rest, i think would be fixed too, with a bit of time. problem is, Jolla limits community editions - not allowing them to run android apps, etc. for me, at this point, i want to de-google myself as much as possible... and i really like the sort of basic ideas that SFOS uses in its UX design and functionality of the OS... i don't think the other alternatives like ubuntu touch etc are anywhere close to being as usable as SFOS... Interesting to see what kind of traction the Fairphone 3, Gemini PDA, Librem 5 and PinePhone get in terms
  3. yeah, i agree that it might be hard to demonstrate real demand for the whole package... interesting to hear that the android support layer has been tested on the pro1? do u have links to this? i do find it hard to believe, however, that sony paid jolla a fee to create the sailfish x programme? do you have any links to this info as well?
  4. Great to see the work being done on porting SF OS onto the pro 1. would love to see some more action here as I feel SFOS is one of the best candidates for a daily-driver worthy platform in terms of feature-completeness etc. I've been supporting it for years, and to be honest it's one of the few alternative platforms that is still actively improving (RIP Blackberry 10, and WebOS) with development still ongoing at least somewhat... It sucks that jolla won't allow an official sailfish port for the pro 1 because it's definitely the best hardware to ever support it in any capacity!! Is th
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