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  1. i hope so, too - i will report here on success or failure.
  2. you will get your devices faster - I just cancelled the rest of my order ;D have fun waiting, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that everyone here gets a device.
  3. Nice to see you here @CornholioGSM. I would have delivered you first. My whole family and friends (and myself) owe you a lot. I cancelled my order a long time ago because I was not satisfied with the communication from FxTec and the price for the device is now too high. Sadly I now have a more modern mobile phone for 200€ - unfortunately without keyboard. Greeting Dany
  4. he will be delighted to sort and tidy up his apps to be able to keep up with the performance of the low end smartphones after delivery. He can revel in thinking how nice it would have been if he had got his smartphone back when it was still up-to-date.
  5. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get a device this year and I get my money back. :)
  6. I realize that. That's why the price was reasonable six months ago with the delivery promise. I read about FXTec every week, and they give us lapidary excuses. No own admission of guilt, no idea of compensation for the damages incurred on the customer side. I wish all of you that you will not have to wait much longer. For me the matter is now over. Thanks.
  7. I will do the same. I have already contacted support. That the delivery promises on the sales website were not adapted is also not okay. Maybe I will order the Pro 2 in a few months. But next time I won't be so patient. Open bootloaders are also available from other manufacturers. Yes, two QWERTZ devices. Those who wait longer, have paid ~70€ less and they were also promised no shipping in 4-6 weeks. I don't want to change anyone's mind here and I find it sad that FX-Tec has no significant competitors. An established manufacturer could never allow itself such a be
  8. i ordered the phones out of a conviction, too. but in your worst case scenario i won't own a rare collector's item, but will have 1450€ less and won't get a phone. Just a "Sorry, we are Corona Insolvent, thanks for your money and sorry again". If it was such a popular niche product, I could sell my outdated Motorola Photon for a lot of money. But the poor performance makes the product unattractive.
  9. That would require that the supply would be smaller than the demand. i think i will get mine when mass production starts and fxtec will reduce the price significantly for market reasons. I then paid a lot, fxtec broke its supply promises. And no, Corona is no excuse, the delivery was already several months behind even before Corona. I ordered at the beginning of November, it wasn't a pre-order, the delivery promise was 4 weeks. This was broken several times. I paid a higher price for this supposed security. I think I'm gonna cancel my order and get the money back. I will get the pho
  10. Mine hasn't been shipped yet. If I get it, it's uselessly out of date. Really outrageous. Fxtex fucked up. I'm really pissed.
  11. I am confident that we will get our smartphones at least one month before 3g and LTE networks are switched off and the 5G standard is outdated. Not everyone has the chance to unpack a freshly produced museum requisite.
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