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  1. tonism

    Warranty return

    Hello @Erik how is this possible? Its now end of 2023! In 2022 summer I finally received a response saying: So what's the resolution? It all happened during traffic while using Waze, while phone was under RMA. I have now waited 2 years! Please just refund this and lets put this behind us.
  2. tonism

    My Pro1 died?

    One time my phone died I got following advice from the support: Thankfully it helped in my case. But if you're really having HW issues then this, of course, does not help. But worth to try. I would not advise sending a phone to FxTec for repairs. Its close to 3 months for me now and it starts to seem that they have lost my phone (I sure hope its not the case, but they still haven't been able to confirm they got it).
  3. tonism

    Warranty return

    Thanks for replying! Unfortunately I do not have the international tracking number as I was advised to use the cheapest means possible when shipping the phone. All I can see is that it has left Estonia in the end of September - https://t.17track.net/en#nums=UA001938774EE I did send a copy of the receipt (that has the tracking number) as a reply to the support ticket after posting the phone. But I will send it again as a text, otherwise its tiresome to type numbers and letters one by one. Inside the box was also a reference to the support ticket (#10599) and description about pro
  4. tonism

    Warranty return

    Hello, have anyone had any success sending their phone back to warranty? I had multiple issues with my phone all up until it just went blank at one point when I was commuting and using Waze. After contacting the support I got the following address: ** Private employee address hidden ** I sent the phone there (from Estonia) and haven't heard anything back. Its been already 5-6 weeks. I tried responding to the original email and writing a new letter, but just getting radio silence. Any help what to do?
  5. Really glad to report back that after just couple of minutes under clear sky, it found some satellites and from there on it was quite smooth sailing as you would expect. For anyone interested what exact steps I took: went outside to make sure that nothing was between phone and sky (while staying connected to my home WiFi) used GPS toolbox (or is it GPS Status?) to reset my data and download new A-GPS data -- at this point I still was not able to find anything went for a walk to see if anything changes and after 1-2 minutes (or leaving my WiFi network coverage?) my phone
  6. Yes, Wifi was enabled and during those minutes I was walking outside of my home wifi network coverage and back in again. Also connected using 4G so phone itself had internet access at all times. Let me check, I'll walk for couple of minutes, see if the GPS Toolbox thing did something or not. I never had any GPS problems with other phones though 😕
  7. Thanks for the reply! I live in Estonia. Initially I was waiting couple of minutes before switching location back on. Later, when I was trying airplane more, I no longer had such patience and just launched Waze to see if it finds GPS or not. After downloading A-GPS data with GPS Toolkit, I left it on the window and it is still looking for location. Must be hours since I put it there.
  8. Hi Just registered an account here since Fxtec support ([email protected]) seems to be ignoring me and I thought maybe community can give some tips here. I am having trouble getting any GPS lock on my Pro1 and am wondering if its a hardware issue. I've tried restarting the phone, switching the location on and off, switching airplane mode on and off, switching battery saver on and off. Today I downloaded GPS Toolbox and A-GPS data using it but it just says that it is searching for GPS location and does not find anything. I have run out of ideas what to do here. Am I missing som
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