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  1. I have a very odd experience with the pro1 and I just wanted to check with you guys if you have the same. Sometimes when I am typing "fast" there are some letters missing. Now I am writing this text with careful speed but I am used from the priv that I could write much faster. If I am doing that and I am 100% sure that I pressed the button the letter is missing. Does anyone of you have the same problem? Now the support said, that they didn't heard of such a problem and I should make a video. Maybe I am doing that but even then it can't be seen if I am really pressing the button (which I am ๐Ÿ™ˆ). Is there a app with what I could track if the buttons are pressed or not? another question. Am I right that some buttons can't be pressed the sametime as another button. For example I tried to install an old dos game (volfied) and for that game you have to press a direction and the space bar at the same time. This doesn't work at all. edit: the best example is the following one. I am just pressing two buttons very fast and after a while the pattern is not the same: alalalalalalalalalalaaalaaalalllalalalaalallaaaaaaaalalalalaalaaalaalal could someone do the same please and report?
  2. 1) yeah apparently writing slower does seem to work. however this is hilarious that it hasn't been detected in a previous beta. do you know when an official update is coming? I think I can wait so long. 2) i deleted the cache and the data and turned hdr off. now it seems to work okay. as i said. just ok. still doesn't feel perfect. however. is it just me or why do I see the gallery thumbnail just sometimes when I use the camera and not everytime? both times opening the camera from the main menu (and thereby unlocked) 3) new problem: i have very big trouble connecting my bluetooth headset to the pro1. it takes forever to connect and when it's finished connecting (but i have to restart my headphones a couple of times) then i hear just a very annoying clicking when starting any audiofile (audiomessage or spotify) anyone else had the same issues?
  3. I think there should be some sticky threads like this one. I have two problems. well I have more but those two are the most annoying ones. 1) quite often when I type there are some letters missing even if I am pressing the buttons correctly. It seems to happen at every button and is very very annoying. Do I just have a faulty device or is someone esle having the same problems? 2) How can you use the camera right? the app "snapdragon camera" is completely useless. very slow and now it occurs that when I want to switch to the front camera the app seems to crash. tried to download another camera app like "open camera" but I can't set it to be used when I use the shutter button. 3) i remembered another question. what can I do with the yellow F button? apparently it is used for shortcuts but where can I configure them? 4) am I right, that I can't assign a contact number to be called directly when I hold a button? just starting apps. that worked with the priv
  4. thank you very very much... the hint to shut down the edges was just needed.
  5. Thank you very much. Apparently I have the number 22 bought from Dragonbox 3 days ago. oO
  6. This german article is "old". It's not a test of someone who ordered the device and received it but from someone who saw and used the Pro1 on the ifa2019
  7. Thank you very very much for this update! This kind of updates should have been written the last weeks/months. Even if the news are about delays. No hard feeling. Just sincer. Thank you very very much!!! I am looking forward to write you a big thank you mail once I have a great qwertz-smartphone in my hands. ๐Ÿ˜€
  8. Exactly my thoughts. I was telling anyone at work about it. Now I keep quiet and hope every day that my Priv doesn't die soon (would have to reinstall everything what I have postponing for a couple of months now, hoping to get it soon). When I will have the device in my hands and it will turn out as great as I hope it to be, I will gladly tell anyone. Right now I am just waiting. I am not mad about pre ordering something which was delayed. That could happen. I am upset because would I have known that before I would have bought an intermediar device. I am going to have a new device for christmas. I am just hoping that it will be a Pro1. ๐Ÿ˜€
  9. Okay. Wow... Just wow... So another question then. How big is the company? Because apparently the support Team didn't saw the hard case (was a request of mine a couple weeks ago, which is now obsolete) and apparently the person who is responsible for the forum doesn't know anything from the other departments? Does anyone in the company beside you know that some customers seem to be very irritated by the things that are going on? Do they even have a forum user account?
  10. Dear f(x)tec - Team, as usually I have to explain myself before so that everyone understands what I am saying exactly. I am not "upset" about any delay. It's a preorder of an unknown product from a start up etc... so again it's not about the date or the price or anything else. It's simply about the communication. There were some progress made with some updates from production. But I really really hope that tomorrow you or at least some users could post a confirmation that some devices were send. It got again very quiet from you after your announcement of a mail (which wasn't send) and now it's one day before the 29th. So I hope that if you have anything to say, do it before the 29th. Don't tell us tomorrow that something didn't work. Yes I saw the pictures of the boxes. But why couldn't someone post a picture of the cases for the pro1? It was asked several times. (Even by me through the support channel) All I am saying is to keep us in touch. In my opinion your PR-person (whoever this is) should check once a day the official forum and try to respond to questions (like the case or the unnecessary headphones) and keep us up to date. Especially now as the "mood" is a little tense (because you said you will collect the money 2-3 weeks prior to shipping). So again. It's not about the delay. It's about keeping us hooked. Every social media post you make is just flooded with questions when it will be shipped. I wonder why? So I really really hope for all of us that tomorrow someone confirms the shipment.
  11. Thank you very very much for this information. For some of "us" tech geeks those updates are much more worth than the fancy social media updates from the last weeks... keep on!!!
  12. I totally sign that... Would be great if there was an option to NOT get the earphones.
  13. I asked the support a couple days ago if there are any pictures of the hard case yet. Their response was that the support team were not provided with any graphical assets yet.
  14. I received yesterday two responses on my support requests. However I asked in my second mail, if I can copy the content here and they said no. (Which is also the disclaimer in the mails: The content of this email is confidential and intended for the recipient specified in message only. It is strictly forbidden to share any part of this message with any third party, without a written consent of the sender. Maybe I am allowed to share the content of the mail without copying it, but I don't know. So. I have my response I wanted. If you want to get yours as well than write to the support or just wait for the device. ?
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