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  1. Or another question. What has all to be connected so I can start the phone? I assume the board itsself and the display? do I have to connect the housing as well? If not I could easily try to see when the board is powering up when I connect it via usb
  2. @VaSzo Thank you very much for your pictures. They look different than my board. @Jacob_s Thank you very much. This is exactly what could have happened. Bad luck waiting a couple of months on the spare parts and then destroying the buttons 😡 But does anyone know if I can start my phone without the buttons? because I replaced the battery and the usb board and took the buttons completely out of the housing so that they are not pressed. But then I tried to charge the phone and it should have worked if the red LED turned on, but this didnt happen. So I am thinking that maybe more is b
  3. Okay. thank you very very much for the pictures. It seems that your buttons are completely coated in black with a little bump on it, am I right? On the Board side. This seems not to be the case on mine. The housing looks exactly as mine. If you press the buttons now with the case disassembled do you feel that they could touch the board or not?
  4. Hi, i just received a package from fxtec with an replacing usb board and wanted to replace the old one. That worked quite easy, as I have disassembled the device twice before without problems. Now after I replaced it, I realized that the external hardware buttons (not the keyboard) like the power button and the volume buttons were completely pressed. It seems that there is no resistance from inside to be able to push the buttons. I disassembled it again and tried to see what the problem was but I dont know. So either I "lost" something on all three buttons while disassembling it, or I
  5. Yeah I already wrote the support. I just think that it will take ages as they are now occupied with the pro1x but yeah thanks. And I am afraid that it will take very long until I get it back. How did it worked out for you? Did you got it replaced? Ohh i now saw your repair journey thread. I will read it and hope for the best.
  6. adidas88

    My Pro1 died?

    So yesterday evening it worked. Now in the morning I tried turning it on and it didn't. Connecting it to the usb cable to load, didn't change a thing. The led is not turning it on either. I tried pressing the volume down + power button nothing. I tried connecting it to my pc and it didn't worked. I didn't dropped it. Does anyone has another idea?
  7. So I started using the browser now and I will give it a shot. some requests or maybe you know a workaround: I donˋt have the fn layout you mentioned in the other thread, because I have a qwertz pro1 and have to use finqwerty am I right? the requests: using back and forth with alt + arrows or ctrl + arrows. creating a new tab should highlight directly the address-bar. I mean why not? What is normally the next step after creating a tab? 😄 a simple website blocker with just blocking some words of the url by setting them in the general settings. all in al
  8. 🙈🙈🙈 I would nominate myself for the silliest comment today. 😜 Thanks
  9. Thanks for the tip, but he completely redesigned the layout for his browser. Opening tabs with just one letter and didnt found any hotkey to close it. I would like something with the "standard" layout. ctrl + t etc... ctrl + w ... How do you all browse and why doesn´t it bother anyone but me? 😄
  10. Hey Slion, thanks for the link. found that when I was searching through the forum but how do I install the browser? download it by myself from github? Or is there an official version?
  11. Hello again, long story short. I am looking for an internet browser with several abilities: - opening/closing new tab with keyboard hotkeys (not working on firefox anymore...) - jumping to address bar directly without clicking anywhere. (or jumping there with hotkey) - add ons to block several internet sites I tried several (opera, vivaldi...) and none fulfilled all of them. As the motto is: "function is key" I don´t want to create a new tab, click with my finger onto the adressbar and then enter. I know that sounds lazy but itˋs something that really bothers me...
  12. Tried different cables. Different chargers. No change. My battery is at 37% right now. Is there a tutorial how to put it in fastboot mode? I saw that you have to install adb? On the pc? Am I right? But then how do I connect it to my device? As it isn't recognized when I plug it in the PC? Is there a simple possibility to test if my usb pin is damaged?
  13. Of course I tried restarting it. Didn't changed anything. And I tried different adapters. The only thing I haven't tried is the original charger, which I will tomorrow morning, as I have it at work. But normally the Pro1 should start once I plug it in, right? Even that does not work. Did anyone else had the same problem?
  14. Hey, So I was charging my phone last night and today morning it was at 100%. Now I am back at home and at 48% and wanted to recharge it, but neither charging (tried it with 3 different chargers) nor connecting it to my PC works. Did anyone of you had the same issues? I don't think that I changed anything since today in the morning. Anyone an idea what might have happened? I am scared to finish all of my battery so I can try anything.
  15. I have a very odd experience with the pro1 and I just wanted to check with you guys if you have the same. Sometimes when I am typing "fast" there are some letters missing. Now I am writing this text with careful speed but I am used from the priv that I could write much faster. If I am doing that and I am 100% sure that I pressed the button the letter is missing. Does anyone of you have the same problem? Now the support said, that they didn't heard of such a problem and I should make a video. Maybe I am doing that but even then it can't be seen if I am really pressing the button (whic
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