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  1. You mean why i say that it's activated? I don't know how stuff is programmed there, so I just try to give information.
  2. I experienced the same issue. I'm using QWERTZ with options "FN+SPACE sends POWER" and "FN+toprow sends F1-F12" enabled.
  3. When I look at your script I'm getting a bit confused about the flashing process and slots. From what I knew, when I have A/B slots, I should flash Lineage while slot A is active, because it will always flash to the inactive slot. When I read the instructions on the download page though there seems no necessity to switch to slot a just for updating / dirty flashing the rom. In the script you change to slot_a though. Also, with every new test build, also the version of the boot image changes, what changes there? Is it even necessary to flash it when I perform just an update? Seeing
  4. I realized that today, too. If wifi is on and I try to turn on hotspot, it will turn itself off again with said "error". However, when I turn off wifi first and then turn on hotspot it works. I tried connecting with my laptop, no problem, had internet access. Then when I turn on wifi again, the hotspot will turn off. I am still running Test 9 at this moment I will flash test10 and report back again. EDIT: also works for me in test10 A few days ago I reported issues with my earspeaker, I was able to resolve that problem. A few days before I dropped my phone (not from hi
  5. I now know that my ear speaker is working. Yesterday I went back to stock upgraded to the latest OTA update (from 3/3/2020 I think) and it worked. So I went back to Lineage and flashed Test9. It also worked during calls, although this only seems to be sporadic. Today it didn't work once. I tried after rebooting, turning on/off loud speakers, nothing. I will continue playing around with it. I'm still wondering though, for you guys phone calls are working without problems?
  6. Thanks, I tried. Still got the same symptoms though. Isn't the APN setting for mobile internet though? I also made sure to not let the screen turn off, didn't make a difference though. I tried to generate a log with "adb logcat" there are a lot of entries, I hope that's ok. I entered the command, called my Pro1 and turned speaker on and off once then ended the call and stopped logging. log.txt
  7. I just flashed test8 build, coming from stock. Does anybody else still have problems with calls? I saw on Git, the issue seems to be fixed. After a fresh reboot I called my Pro1 from my other phone and apparently the Pro1's mic didn't work. After I turned on speakers in the call it worked, even after turning speakers off again. That seems to be working now. I am not able to hear the other person though, sound is just muted. Works though, if I turn speakers on -> stops working if I turn them off again. Maybe my "phone call" speaker is just broken? Is there a way to check that
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