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  1. After waiting many, many months, I finally took my recently arrived Pro1 into the Sprint store for activation. Sadly, I had no luck. The IMEI doesn't show up as being compatible, at least according to their activation system. And after escalating the problem, the escalation tech could only tell me that Sprint doesn't allow the activation of "international" phones on their network. So I beg the masses; has anyone else been able to get their device activated, and working on Sprint's CDMA network? Based on what I've been able to gather from various threads on this forum, I have three options poss
  2. @tdm or @Loader009 could either of you provide instructions for how to build my own images? I don't have my device yet, but at least I can automate the image building process. Note I also opened up a GitHub issue with this request. P.S. Has anyone tried using the Pro 1 on Sprint? Or better yet, the Pro 1 on Sprint with Lineage?
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