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  1. "WE ... bare any risk"? What are you writing here? I am not a part of a crowdfunding. I ordered in May 2020 at the online shop. The info was, I will get the phone within 3 months. I bared no crowdfunding risk! The phone never arrived. And all infomations I got in the last three years were vague, evasive, wrong, partly a lie and stalling, mostly. The Fixtec communication is horrible bad and untrustworthy. Today I received the first info mail since 8 or 9 months. Nothing, absolutely nothing is standing inside this mail. Only garbage. And my request in 2022, to send back my money was never answer
  2. If you are so well informed, about what is going on, please tell us the difference: Is the selling "unauthorized"? Is the production "unauthorized"? Or both? Or does japanese shops selling faked phones? Why this batch is "unauthorized" or faked or both, while other identical looking batches have been apparently authorized? Why this phone is always selling everywhere, but not in the hands of the persons, who ordered it?
  3. "unauthorized"? You mean, criminal chinese factories are producing non legal Fixtec-phones, selling them to criminal japanese shops and this shops are selling them with criminal energy to the public? In this case, you are informed very very well.
  4. Another batch? That is really nice to see, while I am waiting since May 2020 on my phone, I ordered via web site.
  5. Ordered via web site in May 2020 and I am still waiting. Other are waiting since 2019. Fxtec said, they are shipping in "small batches". Nobody knows how small these batches are. 5 phones a week? Or 5 phones a month?
  6. If here is anybody living in London, it would be nice to check, if "Fx Technology Limited" is still existing at this address: Lincoln's Inn, 2 Stone Buildings, London WC2A 3TH, GB
  7. I assume for most who haven't gotten their device yet the money is lost. Irretrievable. The same applies to those who bought the device through the indiegogo campaign. Fxtec is no longer able to even begin to implement its own announcements. At the moment it seems to me that we are being lied to. Too many promises have been made for more than two years now and then broken.
  8. They will tell us another story like in the last two years.
  9. I am out. I send a mail and want my money back. I am waiting since May 2020. This is enough.
  10. This is an official Fxtec-Forum. And here is the production thread. I did not buy my phone via IGG. Therefore I asked here in the right place. Possibly somebody has some new informations about that, what is going on since some weeks. Today is day 14 since Fxtec declared, they stopped shipping. They declared, they finished the production of batch 1 and 2 (what ever this exactly mean). They sent some phones out. The rest is in the "warehouse". And since weeks nothing happend. This situation is very unsatisfactory, I ordered in May 2020 ...
  11. 13 days ago, fixtec informed, they stopped shipping. And now? Are there any new informations?
  12. Lucky guy! I ordered in May 2020 and have still no massage ...
  13. Who is Batch 2 customer and who is Batch 1 customer?
  14. I ordered in May 2020. In those days Fxtec-Homepage said, I will get the Pro 1 within six weeks. With 26 months this are f****** long six weeks. Now I am waiting for any sending information since one week. I am loosing any interest in this phone. I am not a rich man. I am working hard for my money. I am at the point where enough is enough. Where is the announced sending information? Where is my phone?
  15. I payed at the end of May 2020. If you are right, I can hope. Hopefully we are not getting an update like "fire destroyed first batch" or "bandits robbed first batch" next week.
  16. Still waiting for the first buyer, who got the sending message ...
  17. That is from the Email, we got on 2021-02-10: "As an existing Pro1 customer, your device will be automatically upgraded to a Pro1-X (www.fxtec.com/pro1x). Please choose from one of the following two options (for those that have not upgraded their order already): Pro1-X with 128GB storage & 6GB RAM, in Black - FREE Pro1-X with 256GB storage & 8GB RAM, in Sapphire Blue - $40" I chose option one.
  18. Surely there are definitely more then 200, much more ...
  19. Uhhh! I ordered in May 2020. Now I can hope to get the phone within the next 12 months ...
  20. My first posting here! Today I ordered the "f(x)tec pro1". In the past, I was a heavy user of every Nokia Communicator. Till 2018 I used the N900 (have had three!). Actually I am using a Blackberry Priv. Every of my mobile phones has had it's own active car holder. In the last 10 years I used them from "Brodit". There are active universal holders from Brodit, but they will not work with the "f(x)tec Pro1", because the USB slot is not in the center. Therefore I asked Brodit today, if they are planning to produce a type-specialized active holder for the "f(x)tec Pro1". I hope, they will. An I h
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