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  1. unfortunately nothing changes. always comes the same picture.
  2. already restarted 3 times and this display does not disappear. maybe got stuck ... what a shit
  3. @Slion after the update I have Note problems. Keyboard hangs and the scratching is still there. Its frustrating
  4. Thanks @Slion😁 good Idea. I was too fast with my opinion
  5. it also scratches when playing whats app audio messages. playback with spotify no problem
  6. just ordered a unihertz titanium to compare
  7. I received it today and I must say I have few problems. bad wifi connection and my system in the car hangs. who also has such problems?
  8. Thank you @EskeRahn. Maybe its needs some training πŸ™‚
  9. High price - Low qualitiy. Never again.
  10. Its delivered, but its very hard to slide. I need a lot of power. I think thats not right, because in Video the do it with one hand. Absolutely impossible 😞
  11. I got an update from fedex. Now its delivery in tuesday. Its in cologne.
  12. Now its also "today". Germany too
  13. Me too 😞 tracking said arrives today till 12 😞
  14. I received an email from fxtec today to receive details of my delivery later in the day. what can I say? In the best fxtec manner, of course, no more e-mail came. Sad.
  15. I haven't written a review yet. Should I actually write one, then this relates entirely to service and customer service. The phone itself is still a highlight and I'm looking forward to it.
  16. I also want this company to get on its feet. but that's precisely why the service should be just right. Empty promises frustrate the customer. Let's see what else happens.
  17. I will definitely leave a negative review after the whole story. This is not how you deal with customers. This is partly kidding the customer
  18. Germany here. I am also held up from week to week. It should be shipped this week. But that should be the last and penultimate week. It remains exciting. Have now requested the tracking data. I strongly believe that I will be put off again next week. It's absolutely sickening. I look forward to positive comments that give me some hope;).
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