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  1. I understand that this is subjective, but not in my case. I observe scrolling lists jerkily in all applications, system and user, browser settings, gallery, etc. Do not think that I am picky. Maybe I'll record a video a later time. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my phone is an engineering sample, one of the first, although I very much doubt it. The processor and gpu are the same as the serial sample (sd835).
  2. Yes, I have a root. I was looking for a way to automatically turn it on, but everything I tried had no result. Do I understand correctly that you have no problems with the animation? I have a very visible slowdown when scrolling through lists in all places without activating this feature. Upd. From your link I found a script for magisk. I'm going to try it out
  3. Hello, claude0001! Big thanks for your work, I like Lineage 16 and used your builds. I have a small request to you... On Lineage 16, from the very beginning (the official builds) I faced a problem with slow animation interface. On your builds, this problem is also there. If in the developer settings turn on the function "off hardware overlays" and "gpu rendering" then the problem disappears until you reboot the device. After rebooting, the "disable hardware overlay" feature has to be re-enabled. 1. Do you have a problem with slow animation? 2. Can you make the "disable ha
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