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  1. I canceled my order a couple months ago and you said the money will be returned in a couple weeks. Still no refund. i am getting concerned if I am going to get my refund. Thanks, Bob
  2. i know that I am repeating mine and many others here. I have been waiting since the middle of April last year for my device. I do understand the virus and other things that go on. But. we keep being told twelve weeks and twelve weeks and other things. The last I heard was between January and March 2021. I am being respectful here but our phones will be at least a year old with year old technology. Are they going to be updated with the latest technology or are paying for a year old phone. Thanks, Bob
  3. I ordered my device last April. I am still waiting with excitement for it. It is now mid November and nothing new on it. I am very disappointed in just receiving it. I know we have covid to contend with and all that but its been a long time and the company will give me no updated information. I paid good money for it and would like to see it sometime soon. Thanks, Bob
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