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  1. Are the STLs in this thread the same as  https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4618945 and https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4617029

    I ordered two for my Pro1-x but everything came way too tight to fit.


  2. On 1/27/2021 at 1:50 PM, bennypr0fane said:

    Cool! I must have confused that with MicroG - because the reason I didn't put MicroG on my Sony Xperia 10 with Lineage is that it's not available for this device...

    So has anyone actually done that on the Pro1X?
    OP maybe, which version did you order? Have you made changes to your OS-setup, installed, switched...?

    Mine came stock with android 9, but I replaced it a few days later with LOS 17.1 Sideloaded the Gaaps as others have said. Only issues I've run into is instore google pay no longer works (supposedely I can flash Magik and root to get it to work, but I haven't yet). BOA and other banking apps are behaving as are other google apps.

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  3. On 1/29/2021 at 7:38 PM, RagingSkittlez said:

    How has the camera been on it? And what OS are you using on it? I am going to use this phone for taking photos on ebay, and want to make sure that it is still suitable for my needs. Has the software been improved with the camera button with the focus. 


     Camera is fine, its no Pixel. Android 9 stock did the device a huge disservice. I replaced it with LOS 17.1 after a few days. Camera, focus and other things work great with LOS.

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  4. On 1/21/2021 at 4:56 PM, Slion said:

    Force landscape rotation can be funny at times.
    Though I've never seen that on stock, never tries instagram however.
    I also never tried Fx Service on anything other than stock.

    Well happy to report, the rotation feature works nearly the same on LOS as it does on stock. I LOVE the haptic keyboard feedback. That elevates this device for sure.

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  5. To clarify, my keyboard has a `/~ key between the Q and the Tab button. I wanted to see this launched so I bought the pre-christmas phone knowing there would be some "imperfections"

    After loading lineage on it, I am a happy camper! Love the keyboard, love the landscape mode, love the metal case.

    So what if I've shattered the screen already (after more than 10 drops). I'll swap it out later with my 3d printed bumper case comes in.

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  6. 15 hours ago, Slion said:

    Smart move, was certainly the fastest way to get a new device. Congrats!

    It does indeed work better and you can get it now on Android 9. I've been using full screen gesture navigation and no menu bar for almost a year.

    See: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.conena.navigation.gesture.control

    To hide the menu bar you will need to run an adb command from your PC, the app explains it to you if I recall well.

    Thanks! Going to try that this week!

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  7. Hey everyone!

    Just got my pro1-X and I am loving everything except android 9. 🙂
    the form factor is a delight. I found the finger print reader weird until I realized that with more fingers i could unlock it in both landscape and portait. I definitely regret no tasking for lineage os, and might need to flash it later, unless android 10 is on its way. I think the full screen gestures + no menu bar for the phone would just work better.

    Happy to answer any questions for people on the fence.


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