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  1. Anyone successfully used an app to force landscape with 17.1 LOS? Portrait apps remain in portrait display (tall and skinny) but rotated based on the sensor no mater what rotation app I use.
  2. I've actually now tried 3 other apps that promise rotation and they all behave the same way, and different than what I saw in stock, so this might be a LOS thing
  3. I have FX service enabled on LOS 16 One thing I am noticing is some of the apps do not display in fullscreen, they simply rotate the portrait app so that it takes up a sliver of the screen. Instagram is a main offender here. Is this expected behavior?
  4. Just removed the taskbar, added a rotation app for some annoying apps, and added fullscreen gestures. Im a happy man.
  5. I got the qwerty keyboard. the devices whould all be on their way, i am sure!
  6. I did the most recent kick starter but purchased the 128gb pre-christmas device.
  7. Hey everyone! Just got my pro1-X and I am loving everything except android 9. 🙂 the form factor is a delight. I found the finger print reader weird until I realized that with more fingers i could unlock it in both landscape and portait. I definitely regret no tasking for lineage os, and might need to flash it later, unless android 10 is on its way. I think the full screen gestures + no menu bar for the phone would just work better. Happy to answer any questions for people on the fence.
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