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  1. What about MicroG? Is anyone running it on the Fxtec Pro1-X? Has anyone tried ?is it possible? The MicroG-spin of LOS isn't for download here for the Fxtec Pro1-X or Pro1 (its device codename, I understand, is fxtec-pro1
  2. Cool! I must have confused that with MicroG - because the reason I didn't put MicroG on my Sony Xperia 10 with Lineage is that it's not available for this device... So has anyone actually done that on the Pro1X? OP maybe, which version did you order? Have you made changes to your OS-setup, installed, switched...?
  3. Different Google apps bundles? I never knew there was some kind of choice, the only one I've heard of is MicroG. Just saw this on the IGG page: Haven't heard of SafetyNet or CTS either. Is it a Google thing? So have you tried this on your device or else, what's your source? I'd really like to get a Pro1X, but I need to be able to use GApps. I like LineageOS, and I was able to install it with GApps on my current device. However, GApps for Lineage need to be made specifically per-device I think, so I guess it's a question of whether or not FXTec are planning on maintaining a ver
  4. Does the LineageOS edition of ProX1 come with Google Play services? If not, is MicroG available for this device? In other words, can we use apps that need GMaps, FCM etc. under LineageOS?
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