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  1. Updated 24th February (Sold) Hello, I have decided to sell my Pro1. If anyone is interested in purchasing the phone please DM me. I am happy to discuss price. If no one here wants the phone I will have to put it on ebay which is not my preferred option. If you have a look on page 5 of this thread you will see I purchased this phone last year.
  2. Droidian is making good progress. Not ready for daily use but getting closer. Based on Mobian for pinephone.
  3. You need the ubports tweak tool to put the file system into read write mode. Then you have to edit the file /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/libertine/ChrootContainer.py (best done with vi) and add "self.run_in_container('apt remove -y makedev') " to line 86 of the file. Before you do the following make sure all libertine containers are deletded. The way to do the edit is like this: download the ut tweak tool open the app and select system change the file system to read/write this time only open terminal sudo -i Then type vi +86 /usr/lib/python3/dist
  4. Sorry haven’t checked the forums of late. here is the fix: https://forums.ubports.com/topic/5699/libertine-container-manager-create-error-makedev
  5. There is a fix available, the error is because make dev needs to be removed during install. I tested an install and got libertine installed.
  6. Would you mind checking if libertine installs? When I tried to install it it failed with a roots error. I am running sailfish so really don’t want to install ubports and find libertine doesn’t work. Regards mibry
  7. Try and re-install the offical android image then installed ubtouch. I also found the the latest installer didn’t work correctly, I had success with the installer version 0.54 on windows.
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