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  1. 12 minutes ago, Doktor Oswaldo said:

    I understand the anger with the missing communication and downgrades. Mostly because I was in a similar position 1.5 years ago. But It is highly unlikely that FxTec is a scam. They have delivered phones, why should they in a scam? I am pretty sure they had the most money 2 year ago, when all the preorders paid. That would have been the moment to cash out in a scam, not after fabricating and licensing a few thousand phones.

    And I don't think their current communication is bad, what information are you missing? And even if it is bad, you should have seen the communication 1.5 years ago. The only thing we heard, was "soon" for a year. Sure that doesn't make the current state of communication better, but I just wanna say most of us are happy to have gone through now 🙂

    Yea...that it used to be worse is not a good argument for bad Communications! 
    But its still in my opinion that i have to read tru 500 very mixed comments  and opinions to find any kind of info beyond what has been posted in a monthly news letter. To me at least thats poor damage control. (stopped reading them like 200 comments ago, Since its mostly a shitshow)

    Just make a damn update with at least some of this extra info and that would be a huge stone of my heart. 
    and forgive me for not resting on history or tradition!  But that does not really make me feel more confident!  Concurrent and faily regular timed updated that would  make me understand where everything is at, that  would make it all feel a bit less shady to me.


  2. I asked nicely an got refused a refund.
    According to Danish law i have 14 days refund, even on reward based crowfunding. And even goes a bit deeper on that.
    That potential delays can entitle you to a refund as well

    So trying to decide if i really wanna go down that path. Since i did refund 12 days after my order when the annouced the downgrade.....feels a bit sad that i might have to push that option.

    Think i would really be fine with the pro1x if it was 20% cheaper, but in the current state i cant help to think i  funded some an internal screwup. I hope the courtcase and all that is true, but from my point of view it technical all could be a scam. As their communication does not really do much to dispell rumors or even confirm thir own claims.

    And lets say they win a potential courtcase, then i technical donated to that courtcase as well ?
    (i doubt they will) 

    I just dont think Fx is really painting a bright future for themselves mostly by lacking communication.



  3. 23 minutes ago, Rob. S. said:

    My memory isn't really improving over the years, but I seem to remember that Fxtec did announce in their IndieGogo campaign that the Pro1 X was as an IndieGogo-only item, not to be sold anymore when the campaign was over and all devices manufactured and shipped.

    So it would seem that they (unsurprisingly) did what @ToniCipriani seemed to be missing – of course they considered the impending 'end of life' of the Snapdragon 835 device when they set up the campaign...

    The more interesting question perhaps is what plans they might already have had for after the campaign, and how the change of SoCs in the Pro1 X will affect them...

    Given the backlog of pro1 deliveries, I guess they would at least have had a batch more in mind for that as well.  
    Assuming they pushed that, so they could be made together. Just a bit unfortunate the info did not come up sooner with that in mind.

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  4. 1 minute ago, EskeRahn said:

    (It is not that uncommon with companies without a stock, producing their products in batches only)

    Thanks for the heads up!  But i dont think it will change my mind! think the backlog deal with pro1 delivery factors in a bit as well.  And i will likely hunt a bit for a secondhand pro1 adding more points to wait and see! 😄 

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  5. 31 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    I'm not sure it have been told if they are going to produce any to stock, or only the ones perked for on IGG or pre-ordered on the homepage. I would not be surprised if they are going for a model collecting enough pre-orders, before making any following batch. / but that is my personal guess only of course (got no inside knowledge on the topic).


    Well they will be a company without a product then!  But if thats a case ill accept that for what it is.
    Im not one of the people that NEEDS a keyboard! I just miss it a lot! 

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  6. I Signed up in the last 14 days. And i dont really blame Fx tech for this bad stuff happens. But I dont think this was communicated in the right way. As soon as they knew there was a problem i think this should have been communicated and they are looking for other options,  at least i would  have waited then!  So did request a refund mostly for circumstances.

    But i dont see them as dishonest. 

    I wrote it on the IGG as well, that i will likely still get the phone, just think i rather get it off Fx when its ready! 

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  7. No clue if Fx reads these! But i saw you wrote this responce in the comments.

    "It was the supplier, not necessarily Qualcomm as Qualcomm has many different suppliers which in turn work with our custom designs for the logic board. Together with our manufacturing partners, we hold our previous Snapdragon 835 supplier accountable, and we have already started legal proceedings in China. However, it is essential to note that the rather lengthy legal process's outcome will not affect the fact that we can no longer get our previously designed Snapdragon 835 chipset."

    And thats what i would want to hear personally.
    Even if legal proceedings in china likely is a long shot on the best of days!  I think you should consider a short update with stuff like this. to give some reassurance.
    Personally its likely not really the phone for me  anymore!  But i definately want to see Fx come tru this in the best possible way!

    And scrolling tru comments is a horror show! In more ways than one. And i guess there would be more info in there worth a real update! 



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  8. On 2/11/2021 at 11:41 AM, eldarion said:

    Is anyone here in Berlin, DE? I have a pro1 that I'm not using. The condition is basically mint - except for the Sim tray, that thing can go straight to hell. There might also be an issue with the FP sensor, I never quite got it to work, but might be my fingers..

    I don't want anything for it, so giving it away for free - the thing is I don't want to deal with shipping or anything, so you'd have to come pick it up. It would be nice if the person uses it instead of profitting off it on ebay but that's mostly a pinky promise..

    If it wasent for covid, I dont think im allowed to cross borders!  I would totally come and get it! 

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  9. Doubt Qualcomm knows or cares about any of this.....Fx likely deals with a redistributor.
    I mean Qualcomm is pretty much a monopoly. why would they care about a company that cant even fill a hour of production work?
    When the world is in a chip shortage. 

    And if they really wanted to be Ethical ..they should start by combining the 600 series and 400 series, since they are clearly low end chips they are trying to upsell.
    I think you confuse qualcomm for a good guy 😛  When they are a coperate entity.....Even China has fined them for monopoly! CHINA!!!

    On a side note!  

    Why did you not choose SD845?
    What are the sunk and lost costs on SD835?
    What are the sunk but reusable costs with remaining with your supplier and 662?
    What do you need to redesign with 662?
    What SoC's did you have available to choose from?
    What constraints did you have to follow?

    All these are good questions 🙂 

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  10. 8 minutes ago, Rob. S. said:

    I see your point, and I even might offer to pay for the difference, too. Still I guess it would mean additional expenditures for Fxtec to handle those new payments.

    More importantly, other poeple might not want to pay the difference and would rather go with what Fxtec has announced. Fxtec can hardly do both, which would mean developing two new phones with even lower quantities than one new phone would imply. So they have to decide which way to go, and as it would be worse making people pay who don't want to, they go the cheaper route.

    Personally, as I said, I don't care for "benchmarks" or "features" above the phone that I've been using for 1½ years now, the Moto Z3 Play. I haven't missed them until now and for the coming two or three years I probably won't miss them, either.

    Also I don't quite see the importance for those security features except for extreme niche applications like mobile wallets. Again, I see your point if that's what you need, but I suspect the majority of the Pro1 target audience probably won't actually need it.

    Also, I guess the discussion is moot at this point. The decision has been made, and all we can hope for is that Fxtec still sells enough Pro1 X devices to be able to give us a Pro2 one day that hopefully will be a bit more high-end then...

    Not really a lot of numbers and i would not really put anything serious in to 24 votes. But none the less so faar the answer has been nobody voted for the 662.
    So im not so sure they would need to make 2 devices. And it seems to me the Pro1  and pro1x will already be 2 diffrent devices.

    But if they are making 2 diffrence devices anyways.....At least let it be a decent one that people would want.



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