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  1. So it looks like with all the screen refitting, the flex cable on mine gave in and no longer connects the display. Anyone tried ordering the flex cable between the two halves?
  2. Don't bother with the strips. Didn't even remotely held the screen in mine and how I broke my first replacement. For 100% Original Elephone U U Pro Amoled Lcd Display +touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Replacement Parts 5.99 Inch 18:9 Stock - Mobile Phone Lcd Screens - AliExpress This is the one I bought, though my second one has the chipped corner issue.
  3. They also have the advantage of having x86 emulation, thus pretty much everything that runs on Windows will work. You can always try to get WSL working in it, lol.
  4. edk2-porting/edk2-msm8998 (github.com) Anyone heard of this? Booting UEFI for some Qualcomm chips to boot Windows 11, and there's a port for the 835. OG Pro 1 seems like a prime candidate, the landscape keyboard would make so much more sense with a full blown desktop operating system. Run Windows 11 on phone! And play PC games?!!! - YouTube
  5. I completely gave up waiting on them. I started my request for a warranty screen replacement more than a year ago, broke several promises to ship the replacement screen and kept telling me they have a new batch coming in. They can only blame the pandemic for so long. In which within a few months I bought and destroyed a replacement and ordered another one from the same seller already.
  6. This lifting could be caused by not removing the old glue cleanly, causing the display not to sit properly into the frame. Also can be caused by not letting the adhesive cure properly. I've done it properly this time and actually spent time to scrape the frame clean of the old adhesive. In the frame, after you scrape the glue, there's actually a small pit for the screen to countersink into the frame for better adhesion.
  7. Yeah I think the "hold it together part" was where I broke mine, I used a binder clip to clip it together to try to get the tape to work, I'll try a heavy book this time or something. I got some T-7000 this time round.
  8. Would you happen to have a diagram on where the glue should be applied? Got my second screen in now after I screwed up the first replacement, don't want to crack this one again.
  9. So my Aliexpress display arrived, and looks like I eff-ed up the repair and cracked the display trying to get that double sided tape to hold... also it sometimes flickers when I open and close the slider, so I think I broke the flex cable. 🤦‍♂️ Guess I'll have to order another display now, too bad no more discounts right now (got this one via Nov 11 sales). Meanwhile, the promised display from F(x) _still_ hasn't arrived.
  10. But as an end-user, all I know is I had to pay out of my pocket to get something that was promised to be warrantied, and it was constantly pushed back and never delivered. It's a poor user experience, end of story.
  11. So my replacement screen that I ordered a week and a half ago on Aliexpress came in. I'm very convinced at this point F(x) is just trying to weasel out of granting the warranty, if some random parts supplier can get me the screen this quick from China...
  12. So I sent another follow up to support since they were looking at "a large batch of screens" in October. We're half-way through November yet more radio silence from F(x). They didn't even bother replying at this point.
  13. Ironically all my social media apps (mainly Twitter and Sync) both works perfectly fine. It's banking apps mostly that has the most trouble. I'm already using Tasker force landscape to allow rotation in most apps, but some just crash or reset when it tries to rotate, and doesn't scale properly, resulting in hidden buttons. Rotate it back, app restarts. It's not the time I don't want to invest (you're looking at someone who actually went ahead and used ADB to fix problems on a 6 year old phone, my Priv was actually randomly rebooting until I spent hours tracing down what was the issue),
  14. ...and going back to my BlackBerry Priv. It's been an interesting year and a bit with the Pro 1, but I don't think it's working out. Software is just... I don't know, unfinished. It's more than a year, some glaring bugs are still there, apt-X, taking two tries for the launcher to minimize properly, inability to press Shift + Num for the corresponding symbol, you name it. My Priv is still on Android 6, but at least BlackBerry had the decency to keep it updated (close to) monthly and most bugs were ironed out before they pulled the plug. I know inevitably someone will tell me install Linea
  15. Getting sick of waiting on Fx to send me my replacement, might just order via a friend from China directly. Does this look like the right screen? 大象Elephone U U Pro屏幕总成 Amoled elephone u upro E9002-淘宝网 (taobao.com)
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