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  1. First attempt in blue, second attempt on the green parts in an effort to improve it. Turns out no difference between the two. And as of today the phone is still working minus that strip.
  2. If you see the video I posted earlier, I would agree with that assessment, but then again it doesn't explain why taping the PCB would improve it. It does somewhat make sense though, from the calculator test where that strip started working again, I was using a bit of pressure, so it could have pressed something back into connectivity.
  3. But this doesn't seem to explain why me taping the black PCB under it improved the issue drastically. I'm day 2 with a 80% functional display. Knock on wood it still hasn't gone nuts.
  4. Not really. But I'll need a bit more clarification before I can answer fully and correctly: when you mean frame, do you mean the bracket where the LCD/Digitizer is glued to, or do you mean that whole LCD/frame assembly to the slider assembly (i.e. the screwed on piece)? Display seems glued on tightly, I don't see , but the display assembly seems to creak a bit when mounted to the slider assembly.
  5. FWIW... this problem makes Spotify SUPER annoying to use. Casually scrolling through a random play list, random song you tap on plays.
  6. This actually explains why sliding your finger on the bottom it might trigger the problem. Now I'm curious if everyone is having the problem at the same exact location, which could indicate a recurring problem caused by a particular flaw in the design.
  7. OK, I've edited the post after reuploading the images to Imgur. Seems like the forum has some problems when you're just copying/pasting an image.
  8. So I did some tests about that "strip" of touches, this was what the touch pattern looked like: One thing I noticed is that when you tap on that strip, it activates both top and bottom of it. Same situation when you rotate the display: BUT, if you actually press or slide over the correct place, it starts working correctly: This image with the tap location, clearly shows when you tap in that "strip" of area, it registers two touches: So I'm still leaning on the theory that some flex in the display is causing this.
  9. No, as in if I leave it hanging it works fine. Snap it to the frame, it works for a bit and it starts going crazy. That is until now I taped down the PCB.
  10. The part I still find very odd is that, the screen works perfectly fine if I don't mount it to the phone chassis. I couldn't tell what is being affected when it's snapped to the frame.
  11. Another update... so my last experiment failed, problem came right back after 24 hours. However, re-reading what @vvv was saying about the PCB flex, I tried adding a little tape to the hold the PCB down rather than padding the connectors. Seems like this one did the trick, it hasn't gone crazy for more than a day. One little symptom remain though, is that "strip" of display where it dances on when it goes crazy, isn't as sensitive anymore. More specifically, sometimes it misjudges a swipe as a tap, accidentally activating the item there. This does bring a lot of validity to say the proble
  12. Latest experiment (courtesy @vvv): Adding more padding to the LCD connector. I noticed the foam where cutout for the LCD o on the chassis has a pretty deep marking (not my phone shown, just for location): (Source: https://gelraen.github.io/fxtec-pro1-teardown/) Folded up some duct tape, and padded that cutout. So far it's working, I was able to complete 2 Mario Kart races without losing control. Calculator test also passed. Will report back in a day, my last reseat lasted that long.
  13. I'll try some more padding experiments. This seems to align with my very first experiment with reseating everything. So far I only tried padding and insulating the main flex cable connectors, I thought the gold grounding may be causing some issues.
  14. Thing is, every single time I reseat the screen or even run the phone with the screen detached from the phone chassis, it's not happening. I really hope that's not in indication that replacing the panel will not solve the problem.
  15. OK more updates... Mine went absolutely nuts again, couldn't even control it. Out of desperation, I tried loosening and retorquing the screws mounting the screen with, seems like it helped. Somehow I managed to get it back in control to a usable level. One theory was that it could be due to the mounting of the screws causing a torsion on the screen, since sometimes pressing on the side frame it would trigger the issue. Could be fluke, not sure. Guess I'll just have to keep experimenting till I get my replacement screen.
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