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  1. Just get rid of the bugs in the stock software and I'm good.
  2. I don't know how much of a myth when I have one, and since day 1 I got it I never got more than a day usage. I thought the battery was bad after 3 years of usage, so I replaced it and it didn't do one bit to increase life.
  3. I've been using my Priv pretty much exclusively with wireless and quick charging, but I haven't seen a crazy wear on the battery. Granted, I did replace the battery once in the final year, but the SoC played a bigger role in its poor life. Now with the S835 I'm not even charging that often, so I'm not too concerned about the charging killing the battery. If QC is really that bad, then manufacturers (FXtec included) won't be including the charger out of the box.
  4. Does the Pro1 actually supports PD charging? I tried plugging my work MacBook's 87W charger, seems to charge at the same speed as my QC 3.0 charger, so I'm assuming it's actually stepping up beyond 5V. I was under the impression that QC 3.0 devices are out of spec and won't every be PD certified.
  5. http://www.idealte.com/product/detail/98.html I guess they are still trying to recover from this mess.
  6. One other thing I noticed is that launching the app via the hardware button causes the majority of my issues with it. Whole thing felt like it was just a demo app provided by Qualcomm and not meant for end-user use.
  7. At this rate it makes me think FXtec should really just ditch the company they are using, make Lineage the official OS and submit that certification...
  8. Slightly unrelated so I don't think it warrants a new thread, but I posted this on Adobe for them to support the Pro 1 on the Photoshop Camera: https://photoshopcamera.uservoice.com/forums/925282-adobe-photoshop-camera/suggestions/40770580-add-support-for-the-f-x-tec-pro-1
  9. As in they need a better system. I didn't say get rid of it and not replace it.
  10. That's not quite mid-July, that's next week.
  11. Or actually add a checkbox category. One thing is still missing IMO is the ability to search within a thread.
  12. I've had this for the first day or two after installing but I haven't noticed it lately. I'll maintain what I said, they really need to get rid of this Adups junk.
  13. OK definitely this is another dealbreaker for me. I have 2 cards that I use exclusively with Pay.
  14. Depends on how they set it up. I didn't have to give that when I was using Good/BlackBerry Work, everything ran inside its own sandbox. The stock firmware is working with my Office 365 + InTune right now, so I'll keep it as-is.
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