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  1. Getting sick of waiting on Fx to send me my replacement, might just order via a friend from China directly. Does this look like the right screen? 大象Elephone U U Pro屏幕总成 Amoled elephone u upro E9002-淘宝网 (taobao.com)
  2. I thought Expansys was their distribution partner. Mine came from them from Hong Kong.
  3. Nope, not ground related if that's what you're referring to. All my tests were done away from a charger, so 100% just the phone itself.
  4. OK so basically the initial "massaging" thing I was doing on the corner initially. Thing is my problem actually started with "dancing"... meaning if I tap anything on that strip, the phone would go crazy for a few seconds tapping random things above AND below that strip. It was to the point I couldn't unlock my phone after a reboot (or that dreaded "Too many attempts" message when I haven't even touched my phone once). That's when I found out when the phone works fine if the screen is not attached. I took it apart and applied some electrical tape at random locations to experiment, an
  5. You have a pic or diagram to explain what smoothing you mean? One thing I mentioned in the other thread was that for my phone, the current display works perfectly fine if I don't install it to the slider mechanism. Meaning if I just detach it, it works fine. But the moment I snap the display to the frame, it starts messing up. This could be a potential fix for me instead of replacing the display.
  6. My only concern now is that if they are actually stalling it deliberately and weasel out of the claim, specifically the ghost touch problem I'm having. This response from @SCΛRECROW is bit concerning: Ghost touches and unresponsive area on lower screen - Page 11 - Support - F(x)tec Community (fxtec.com) Sorry but I'm losing hope, but I hope I'm wrong.
  7. So support FINALLY replied to me after sending 3 emails and a tweet, now my screen has been further pushed out to October. Think I'm about to just give up on this phone and move my Moto One Hyper as the primary. And the screen isn't the only thing that's bugging me now, I recently found out that my reception problems was the phone itself. I couldn't sustain a phone call properly in my room, but when I put my SIM into the Moto, it conducted phone calls perfectly fine even with just the 1 bar of signal.
  8. I literally just want an answer on when my replacement screen they promised is coming... sigh.\
  9. https://www.xda-developers.com/android-12-killing-native-sip-calling/ With that being said, SIP calling account support is getting killed off. OP might want to start looking at alternatives.
  10. Sent a follow up for my replacement screen ticket that was opened since March and last replied to back in May, no response from Fx so far.
  11. SIP is VoIP... not VoLTE. i.e. like "internet phone landline" services or the average work Cisco/Avaya phone. It's the "Calling Accounts" functionality in the Phone app.
  12. So by means... they pushed me to August, guess I'm expecting them to push it further out again.
  13. You shouldn't need to provide it. Canadian carriers have done away with CDMA so it's not like they need to whitelist your ESN, If they do ask via an online check, just enter 1111111111119 . I've jumped between carriers (Fido, Bell, Telus) and never really needed to provide it, just stick your SIM in. Also, I use mine on Telus, which shares a network with Bell. You'll be fine.
  14. ToniCipriani


    FWIW I type Chinese on mine all the time, just install another keyboard app to drive the hardware keyboard. I'm using Swiftkey which supports a bunch of languages.
  15. They're telling me they are getting a batch in August... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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