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  1. To be fair the Priv did have an amazing screen, even though it was probably table scraps from Samsung, since they were the only ones making curved AMOLEDs at the time. But over time it does show its age when I put it next to the IPS on the Essential.
  2. Just go through their Twitter and you be the judge. There's a difference between refusing business professionally or just responding like a bunch of high-school kids.
  3. They'll just laugh at you. Happened to BlackBerry, happened to Nokia when they were tweeted. This company is run by a bunch of a-holes which think this kind of marketing is funny.
  4. At this rate I have friends coming back from Hong Kong soon... Can FxTec let them go to Expansys to pick it up directly for me? 😆
  5. Portrait keyboard is fine (yeah, fight me)... it's losing part of the display that's the bigger issue. And besides, a portrait screen with two apps running top/bottom split would've worked great for the Priv, if only it got updated to Nougat to get the said functionality.
  6. For messaging and day to day use a portrait keyboard is far superior. The landscape is better these days for me because I actually use desktop pages and remote desktop for my job, but otherwise I would take a portrait slider any day. Frankly I'm a bit begrudgingly buying the Pro 1 since there are no other PKBs worth buying otherwise.
  7. Now THAT's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Used to be pretty big back in the Palm OS era.
  8. Mine's actually hardware modified and have an extra GB of memory. Also I cleaned and uninstalled a lot of the BlackBerry crap like DTEK and it runs decent.
  9. I'm not in a rush. Priv still acceptable for use, albeit the new battery I put in has been draining pretty bad lately. If I reboot it once or twice a month it runs fine.
  10. It's a much longer story: https://trueler.com/2010/11/24/self-clear-shipment-cbsa-avoid-ups-brokerage-fee/ It's not the tax or duties that I have a problem with, it's the rip-off charges the carriers add on, which in some cases double the value of the whole thing. Last time my friend accidentally sent me something via Fedex 2-day, package was like $100, they doubled my taxes with their fees.
  11. We might be splitting their profits, but I'm also not a fan of the carrier applying a 50-100% of their cut to my package.
  12. This is actually regular business for us as Canadians importing anything via a courier. That is unless the seller clears the customs for us or they give us the invoice prior to the shipment entering Canada, and we can clear it first, but we need FXtec to co-operate: https://trueler.com/2010/11/24/self-clear-shipment-cbsa-avoid-ups-brokerage-fee/comment-page-8/
  13. If the Amazon thing is true I might cancel my pre-order and re-order later instead, especially if it's shipped by Amazon and Prime-able. I really don't want to deal with courier brokerage charges.
  14. I don't think that fully disables things. What that actually does is it uninstalls the package for the current running user. It's still on the system. Source: I did the same thing with DTEK and BBM on my Priv, switch to Guest and boom, they were right there again.
  15. I reached out to support about this, they were vague about it. Either it's shipped direct from Hong Kong or routed through US, depending on cost, and they use Fedex/UPS/DHL. I told them that if it's imported direct I hope I can get the tracking and invoice directly, so I can clear it with the CBSA directly rather than getting a large bill from those analytical-therapists... I mean, couriers.
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