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  1. I guess neither of you read till the very last line about ditching the Pro 1, meaning I'm currently using one, lol.
  2. As a Priv owner... Had to pull out my Priv the other day because the indoor reception was so much better and I had an important phone call to take. Immediately I was reminded how much better that keyboard was. No cramped hands when typing and the touch-scroll was second to none. The novelty of landscape on the Pro1 wore off for me. It was indeed good for remote desktop and terminal scenarios but those aren't common use cases. More than half of my apps don't work with landscape (and the apologists here will insist it's "bad coding"). I'm actually tempted to switch back, and if that alle
  3. I got one crash today which made me late for an appointment because my phone was sitting at the "Draw your pattern to unlock your Android" boot screen. I can't tell for sure if it was due to the Wi-Fi bug though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Logcat isn't showing much. Only one a bit suspicious is WeChat (I know, I don't want to use it either but no choice for a few people I talk to) which was updated on Sept 3rd and quite chatty, and another more obvious one that looks like a crash, but I don't see it part of the drain: My SOT time at 35% is now just a bare 2 hours.
  5. Got the update, but it seems like my battery life took a nosedive. The drain on idle is almost equivalent to me playing a game yesterday. https://imgur.com/a/9pWlBDD
  6. I'll pay another $100 on top if they do this. Heck, I would pay even more than a Pro 1 after using a Pro 1.
  7. https://blog.google/products/pixel/pixel4a-new-helpful-google-phone/ Thoughts? Aside from the lack of a keyboard, I think the price is right. This type of spec may be good for a cheaper Pro 1 variant, or even a smaller, lighter one. I'd gladly add $1-200 for a physical keyboard premium.
  8. QWERTY. Using Swiftkey at the moment.
  9. There's a section under Keyboard settings for Keyboard Helper shortcuts, but I can't seem to figure out what that "Magifier/Search" key is. Tried the Fx key and it isn't it.
  10. Not testing for a corner case that likely won't happen to 99% of the devices isn't exactly "poorly coded" but rather a design decision.
  11. And I'm actually getting cramps reaching for the left side of the keyboard on the Pro 1. But I rather live with that than to only have a touch keyboard. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I've said this before and I'll say it again: landscape works best if it's a desktop like app. On a phone it just doesn't work when most apps just end up forcing you back into portrait. I've only used the keyboard extensively with RDP-esque apps at this point.
  12. Frankly if typing speed was what I was after then I really wouldn't have got the Pro 1 at all. It's about the keyboard feel but the Pro 1 is actually helping me wean off the PKB at this point.
  13. I guess you didn't use the swipe down gesture for accents.
  14. And this, is why a portrait slider is superior. I much prefer using my BlackBerry Priv than my Pro1, but I can't pass up the performance difference.
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