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  1. PhotonQ: can confirm 4G works (or at least 3.5G, HSPA+, tested in several countries in Europe). Bought mine last August SIM-modded from Korea for 145$. Yes, quite expensive, but the seller gave me an additional mainboard and a 2nd battery for free. Stay away from the Droid4. I had one; although specs are similar its practically unusable nowadays if you install more than a few apps. And stay away from gapps. really decreases performance considerably. If you need PlayStore microG works much better. With more RAM it would be the perfect device, excellent keyboard, optimal form fac
  2. I'm still using a Photon Q running LOS 14.1 (Feb 2020 security patch) and microG on a daily basis. You've to avoid gapps, decreases performance considerably. Much faster compared to Droid 4, still somehow sluggish, but sufficient for my requirements: phone/SMS, email, whatsapp/signal, webbrowsing with opera, ebook reading with moonreader, even navigation with sygic works pretty well, as well as vnc to fiddle with a raspberrypi. Of course you have to forget the camera and gaming (both I don't really need). Still hoping/waiting for an affordable Pro1...
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