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  1. (This seems to be the last post that states root was maintained, hence replying to it). So how does one retain root access. Is there something special you need to do? Or is it not possible anymore? I've installed aicp_pro1_r-16.1-WEEKLY-20220126.zip a couple of days ago, and just applied the OTA to aicp_pro1_r-16.1-WEEKLY-20220202.zip, which 'uninstalled' Magisk. I had to jump through the payload_dumper hoops again, which is rather annoying to do after every update 😉
  2. Installing the image from https://download.lineage.microg.org/pro1/ is a breeze (if you're used to side loading through adb that is), and 'just works'. Some tips&tricks: In case you're not aware it does not come with Google Play (for people expecting that), but installing the Aurora Store through F-Droid is easy, and 'just works' works as well. Yes, you could also side-load apps after downloading with APK Downloader, but some apps don't work the same in that case (don't ask me why that is...). You could always try that first though, although Aurora utilizes anonymous sessi
  3. So I was impatient and bought a generic USB-A to USB-C cable which allowed be to unlock and flash; joy! I have no idea what makes this cable/setup different (except the other cable was USB-C to USB-C, and I now have to use a different USB port), but if there is any interrest I can buy another one and dissect it to get some photos/data. Thanks all for the input and time! Arn
  4. Hi, I am running into some problems[1] with fastboot and the consensus seems to be to try another cable[2] in such cases. The problem is: I can’t find information on what a proper cable is. No doubt this has to do with the amount of connectors/wires, but what do you need, and how is this specified? Is it an MTP cable, or OTG? Is it USB-C to USB-C, of only UBC-A to USB-C? I don’t mind getting a new cable (ok: I mind a little), but I would like to get one that works in one go instead of trial and error through various cables… Appreciated if somebody can help me with this!
  5. Appreciate all the input and people thinking along! Sadly it turns out the 1900MHz/band 25 band was never used for mobile communication in the Netherlands either for 3G (including HSPA+) nor 4G, and the 700MHz/band 13 is not currently used for 3G. This means that both the Droid 4 and the Photon Q cannot use a data connection anymore after the end of the year (barring any miraculous breakthrough with the PQ baseband firmware and a hardware mod). So for 4G that leaves the Blackberry Priv, key1 and key2 (LE) I guess, which cannot be flashed with a custom ROM, but for the price of the la
  6. Ah darn; so spec-wise a Photon Q would be preferable over a Droid 4 then. Are you sure you had 4G connectivity? It seems in theory it should be possible with the modem, but that it was never achieved?
  7. That's quite steeply priced, even considering the hardware mod. Also, lesson learned: the Ebay app did not show that as a result for me; had to go through the website. Ah nuts... luckily you made me double-check and apparently I was working of a faulty source/assumption before: my telco supports 1800 and 2600MHz; the Droid 4 uses band 13 (~700MHz) and the Photon Q band 2 (~1900 MHz). I'll double check with some experts on those telco bands, but I doubt these phones are usable for me for 4G 😕 Yeah, there are several aspects to this phone that don't appeal to me either (but at l
  8. All responses much appreciated! It seems I/we do not strive for an easy goal 😉 I’ve expended my search with the iPhone keyboard case, but it seems these are equally elusive. In all honesty I prefer a (C)OTS solution, but perhaps that is just not obtainable given my strict preferences. I’ll also contact Muth to explore our options for the very kind offer made, especially given the experience from JamesB and some comments I’ve seen on XDA for some performance tweaked ROMs. In regards to Photon Q, I thought the specs were equally close not to be of relevance, but perhaps this is a
  9. Hi all, Still eagerly awaiting my Pro 1 X, and having missed out on the recent second hand Pro 1’s sold in the Netherland, my frustration level with screen typing is rising so I am (ever) looking for an intermediate acceptable[1] solution involving a landscape[2] sliding keyboard. Can anybody provide affordable[3] hardware, or an alternative I’ve not thought of? The (4G enabled[4]) options I came up with is the Motorola Droid 4 (XT894) or one of the sliding keyboard cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (obviously leaning towards Android, option to de-google with LineageOS preferred). The
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