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  1. Update : feedback history shows additional information, sorry I initially didn't see it because eBay only shows item-specific feedback by default, and spotting that filter is tricky. they bought something from Cashconverters_lancashire at some point ; they also sold the following items in the past : Antenna Mounting Bracket, U-bolt Galvanised Clamp for Helium Mining Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, WIFI 8GB RAM, 16GB eMMC - CM4108016 That's suspicious at best...
  2. They're using FX Technology Ltd's VAT ID number, and also selling this PowerPax power supply. I can't say if this indicates whether it's official or not, but I'm pretty sure we'll never get an official reply to this question.
  3. Not once did they ever mentioned website orderers anywhere, not even when asking them specifically about website orders, and only mentioned "backers" in their replies. Therefore, I can't reasonably assume anything else than that website orderers are f*cked.
  4. Time's up and still nothing, so I asked for news and they have yet to reply.
  5. Yes. Technically, Indiegogo aren't orders so there is no "order" page, yet you do have more info with monthly updates, while website orderers only ever had "processing". It has been asked several times whether Indiegogo news ever include website orders, including right here, but no explicit answer were ever given, so, realistically, it's a no.
  6. That too, I'd have done in a few minutes with a database query.
  7. I could do that in an hour with a conveyor belt and a barcode scanner, even if I had to write the controller, the scanner and the counter myself 😕
  8. I wouldn't regret it, I don't believe in Fxtec anymore.
  9. Hmm, what did they say about that ? As for mine, they said it would take up to 3 months.
  10. If this was a TV show, it would have consumed dozens of buckets of pop-corn, be rated 2-3/5 and commented as the most boring one of all time 😂
  11. Ok @Nikolai, so are you going to wait more, or specifically ask for a refund ? Personally I sent a refund request on the 24th, even if they send me the same reply you got, I'll still insist on getting a refund, because I'm tired of them talking a bunch of nothing.
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