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  1. I use KDEconnect mainly for remote-controlling my PC when I am laying in bed being lazy but when the task is not big enough to bother using VNC or SSH. So for switching tracks, fast forwarding shows, controlling mouse and keyboard. So Warpinator wouldn't be an option. However, I found a way to fix the kdeconnect problem without uninstalling it. Just install kdeconnect, set it up with all rights enabled it asks for and then as a final step go to accessibility and remove the rights. You'll end up with a perfectly functioning kdeconnect integration and working hardware key
  2. Hmm doesn't seem to work for me. I got no Fxservice installed and all the other settings are set accordingly. And it all used to work until like late August or something. Strange.. Edit: I found it! KDEconnect was the culprit! Sadly it is one of my most used apps, so I have now to fiddle around with it to make my phone and my Linux machine keep communicating nicely with each other in the future
  3. As of now I didn't root the phone. So it seems like I have to do it with adb. Is there a package to sideload for that or how would I best tackle the problem?
  4. Yes it sounds exactly like your previous problem! ü = " [ " "ö = " ; " "ä =" ' " How did you fix it? It
  5. It is exactly the same for me. Just greyish and preventing me to get it back to function again like it had before. Is the problem that there is no custom keymap installed/activated? How do I do it? My GPS and everything else is working perfectly normal, though. Edit: I am on the newest Release of 19.1 LineageOS (November 29) and just want to type German Umlauts with the German keymap
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