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  1. I've moved to a new address between the last update and now. When I saw the most recent update, I sent a e-mail to F(x)tec asking if I could have my shipping address changed. Interestingly, they responded and changed the address very quickly, and I even got a message from Indiegogo that the shipping address on my order was updated.

    I mention this because I've heard people on IGG claim that they couldn't change their shipping addresses with F(x)tec. The fact that I could do it quickly feels like an indication--albeit a small one--that they genuinely are hopeful things will work out this time.

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  2. 9 hours ago, EskeRahn said:

    What they are now sending is the 8/256GB Blue QWERTY-EN,
    So those of us with more rare choices (like my Scandinavian keyboard) will have to wait further, despite having a number way below 568.

    That's good news for me; it's the exact model I ordered.

    The bad news? My ID is 1874. No dice on this allotment.

    It does make me wonder, though: might I (and others who ordered that version) be prioritized in the next contributor batch as well?

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  3. I ordered via the IGG campaign (#1874) and purchased the pre-early bird 256 GB perk, with a QWERTY keyboard, no engraving, and switched from LineageOS to Android. I am located in the US.

    It appears some orders from batch 1 are arriving in the US now. I haven't inquired as to what batch my order is in, but I have not yet received a shipping notification, so I assume mine is not in batch 1.

    That being said, the number of confirmed orders I'm seeing is rather small for a 707-unit batch. It's possible that my order is indeed in batch 1 and it's simply shipping slowly. If that's the case, I hope the slow dispatch of batch 1 it doesn't impact the timing of shipments from batch 2.

  4. I believe there was a thread at one point where people would post their order number for the original Pro1, the country their order was shipping to, and when they got a shipping notification for the device. This allowed people to infer information about the order of shipping.

    Does that thread still exist? If so, we might start using it once we get notifications, or start posting such information here.

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  5. 16 hours ago, Fullmetaljacket223 said:

    So something I've been wondering, but entirely unable to answer, is it feasible on the Astro to type with thumbs like a standard qwerty side sliding phone, or is it mostly only comfortable to use like a laptop keyboard? Looking at the size and shape of the keys, it is hard for me to imagine typing on it like you would with the Pro1-X would be comfortable or easy. 

    I own the Gemini PDA, a predecessor to the Astro which was also made by Planet Computers and that has a similarly-sized keyboard. I have relatively short and stubby thumbs, and I find it somewhat difficult to type on the Gemini using only my thumbs. For me, it's much easier to set the Gemini down on a flat surface and type as I would on a regualr keyboard.

    I do not own a Pro1 but am slated to receive a Pro1 X. I can give a more detailed comparison of the two devices once the Pro1 X arrives.

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  6. I don't own the Cosmo Communicator, but I do own its predecessor, the Gemini PDA. The 4G model of the Gemini can be  used as a phone, but it's really not designed to be a phone--it has no outer screen and is essentially built around its keyboard.

    I bought the WiFi-only model of the Gemini PDA knowing that I had no intention to use it as a phone; I always intended to buy the Pro1 / Pro1 X or a device like it to use as an actual phone. To that end, I installed Debian Linux on the Gemini and use it as a full Linunx UMPC.

    The Gemini is now 5 years old and is definitely showing its age. It doesn't get updates anymore and its processor can't handle very strenuous tasks of any kind. But it's more than usable as a daily driver for things like light coding and everyday Internet tasks. I even took it and a full-size laptop on a business trip a few years ago, and I ended up using the Gemini over the full-size laptop exclusively. The keyboard is surprisingly comfortable for being so small, and with some tweaks and customizations, it works just as well as any Linux desktop.

    From skimming the OESF forums, it appears the Cosmo can also run Debian. If I were to buy one, I'd keep the Pro1 as my Android device and use the Cosmo as a full UMPC.

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  7. 33 minutes ago, marmistrz said:

    I remember reading somewhere that the Pro1x was supposed to have a massive camera upgrade (to a 48MP sensor) but I can't find it on fxtec.com. Was the plan eventually abandoned?

    The first mention of an upgraded camera sensor was in F(x)tec's February 2021 update on IGG, the same update in which the SD662 chipset was revealed.


    We are upgrading the camera module to the latest 48MP Sony IMX586 Sensor to take advantage of the Snapdragon 662’s support for larger camera sensors.

    F(x)tec appear to have come through with this. The first image of the new sensor was in their June 2021 update.


    The new 48MP camera module has arrived and is ready to tune.


    Mentioned again in their August 2021 update, and most recently in their October 2021 update:


    The new IMX586 camera module is now fully functioning, with the autofocus and flashlight fully refined for capturing the perfect pic!


    Despite the global shortage and delays regarding a lot of electronic components and chipsets this year, we have secured all the necessary components required to begin production. This includes the Qualcomm SoC parts, camera sensor, screen (which are currently in short supply).

    As final assembly is beginning now, I assume it's safe to say they have all the sensors now, and they will be included with the Pro1 X.

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  8. November 2020 backer of the Pro1-X and first-time poster here.

    F(x)Tec's February update on IGG says they are due to start manufacturing when Shiyan, in the Bao'an district of Shenzhen, "come[s] out of covid lockdown next week." I found this post on Baidu (in Chinese) stating that many restrictions in Shiyan were being lifted on 20 February, now two days ago.

    I think the speculation that the February update was written in relation to last week is correct. It's also possible that F(x)Tec really was expecting restrictions to be lifted next week, and it turned out they were lifted early. If either of these scenarios is true, then F(x)Tec might indeed start manufacturing phones this week.

    Having said that, I don't know exactly where the facility is in Shiyan, and it's possible that particular facility is still facing a lockdown.


    Edits: clarification

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