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  1. I don't own the Cosmo Communicator, but I do own its predecessor, the Gemini PDA. The 4G model of the Gemini can be used as a phone, but it's really not designed to be a phone--it has no outer screen and is essentially built around its keyboard. I bought the WiFi-only model of the Gemini PDA knowing that I had no intention to use it as a phone; I always intended to buy the Pro1 / Pro1 X or a device like it to use as an actual phone. To that end, I installed Debian Linux on the Gemini and use it as a full Linunx UMPC. The Gemini is now 5 years old and is definitely showing its age. I
  2. The first mention of an upgraded camera sensor was in F(x)tec's February 2021 update on IGG, the same update in which the SD662 chipset was revealed. F(x)tec appear to have come through with this. The first image of the new sensor was in their June 2021 update. Mentioned again in their August 2021 update, and most recently in their October 2021 update: As final assembly is beginning now, I assume it's safe to say they have all the sensors now, and they will be included with the Pro1 X.
  3. I'm located in the central United States, near the Kansas City region.
  4. November 2020 backer of the Pro1-X and first-time poster here. F(x)Tec's February update on IGG says they are due to start manufacturing when Shiyan, in the Bao'an district of Shenzhen, "come[s] out of covid lockdown next week." I found this post on Baidu (in Chinese) stating that many restrictions in Shiyan were being lifted on 20 February, now two days ago. I think the speculation that the February update was written in relation to last week is correct. It's also possible that F(x)Tec really was expecting restrictions to be lifted next week, and it turned out they were lifted early
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