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  1. It's not so old a phone, to be fair it is running android 11 and had 12 before that. It's just the unknown of its performance under such environment (snapdragon 625). I just wanted to give it a go before I go down another route. I know I could do a not so good home media server variant by using android apps only, but it'd be great to have plex (directplay), radarr & sonarr. Hell, I even have a thin client which I could easily set up to be honest, but I would like to keep it down to phone size. Trying to compile an android kernel as I type (for the very first time) with those docker fe
  2. Hi @claude0001 Just wanted to leave a big thank you for your guide on Chroot installation. Been looking to reuse an "old" android to run a media server at home with radarr/sonarr either by pulling containers from linuxserver.io using docker or just setting up everything without docker. Not sure if you ever tried but have you successfully run docker inside your Chroot distro ? I ask this because apparently android kernel has features disabled that docker requires to be enabled. ..
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