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  1. There's maybe simply nothing to says here. But I wonder me if I should hope becoming a Pro1X one day in 2024 or not.
  2. unbelievable ! you did it ! Fxtec lack engineers like you. If my pro1x ever comes one day.... ...but however thank you ! 🙂
  3. @Rob. S.You should try the Unihertz discord, people are really friendly and helpful. For Titan Runo Keyboard I'm not sure for stock as I use LOS here, but I believe some guys are using old blackberry keyboards apps or so, also in discord you could directly contact runoono, and you can find a link with old good blackberrys apk here : https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/1dTgOPrUKRcouXNhCbGlLQjQPUKnI1eHV ...welcome back in 2000's... edit : if you want to give it a try seems to be ok for stock, and not dangerous for your phone integrity. You will probably have to rebo
  4. I'm happy with my Titan Pocket. If I compare with my old Pro1, Wifi and GPS rocks. Using Gargoyle GSI so far with ruuno Keyboard (who's in developpement but quite usable at least for me), this keyboard implement a Ctrl key who allow to use Cut Paste Copy shortcut and also a Tab - Right - Left key on the task bar. When you press sym key you will access a symbol screen and all keys are accessible with physical keyboard, especially $ ~ { [ ] } for command line. It needs a little work to learn how it works but with a little time of pratice it comes quite easy. Don't misunders
  5. It's relative easy to install gargoyle GSI LOS on Titan Pocket especially if you use a linux system as you must install some scripts to make the rom fit in the phone memory. Not a big deal when you come from pro1 and had installed thousands of custom roms. There are links with software and rom if you want your Titan back to stock. Also the Titans user (unofficial) discord server is really friendly, reactive and helpful for such things. But you should wait for Gargoyles 1.3, announced end of september. I guess this will be easier to install and there's also a new keyboard app in devel
  6. As my pro1s keyboard is bad and things are slowly worse I have a titan pocket with Gargoyle GSI (LOS). Nice device, small, solid and three days battery life. I miss my full keyboard but so I can wait for a pro1x in a decade or never...
  7. Alpine Linux with BusyBox and some Magisk module should work.
  8. 😄 agree with you but GPS with OpenStreetMap is a great functionality for me in LOS20.0, does this tools (or similar) works in Sailfish OS ?
  9. At this moment, I have installed an Alpine Linux container with some Magisk Modules (as my archlinux container don't work well with LOS20.0). Of course your phone must be rooted. The Alpine linux works with busybox, who is installed and symlinked to the Magisk built-in busybox binary. (Using the Magisk Module : Magisk built-in BusyBox, then install the BusyBox apk) The Alpine-linux is chrooted via FerryAr scripts (using Magisk Module : Linux Chroot Installer -- note that with this scripts you can install other distros, but only Alpine Linux worked for me, wich is good, as Alpine Linu
  10. yes, I was talking about pro1 spare parts, sorry for misunderstanding here. Also as all backers haven't received their pro1x (wich is my case) this is understandable, in my opinion.
  11. I've got mine last month, spare battery and spare screen. But I send a message to Casey for another question. As far as I know they are sending Igg's spare parts but slowly, I suspect they have one only man to check all perks wich can take weeks, also (at least for me) this small company make the maximum to satisfy their customers and I feel happy to have a phone who looks (quite) new more of two years after I bought it, valuable service. But of course you should not be in hurry here.
  12. This one : Unfortunately just tightening the screws doesn't work for me. Edit : find a workaround, I've entirely disassembled the keyboard, and it works perfect (in LOS20.0) I will test a few days and make a new post later with pictures. Joy of joyces.
  13. True, and sorry I was unclear. Yes my keyboard problems were really really worse with your unofficial LOS16.0, ghost touchs and no responding keys, really worse. And it's far better in LOS20.0, as it was in LOS17.1, strange. Same here in LOS20.0, but works far better as in LOS17.1, where I had to push power button to awake screen in phone call. Don't worry I've reported here because I thought it could maybe bring an explanation, considering a hardware who is not perfect. Also fingerprint works well in LOS20.0 (slowly, but well), poorly in 17.1 and quite not in 16.0. I wonde
  14. This is weird, but I am quite sure my keyboard has a hardware problem. In my opinion this is related with cable sheet or with parasite appearing in the i2c bus, as when I press on its border it suddenly works perfect, see my related post here. I wanted to dismount the whole keyboard, but I never found a phone replacement for my daily use, and I'm a bit afraid I could definitively broke something. Unfortunately Fxtec doesn't send spare keyboard. As very few users have reported a problem with (sometimes) no responding keys I'm not sure this problem is related with your Lineage builds, b
  15. Hi @claude0001 In order to experiment and gain freedom in my SD card I've installed your (non official) LOS 16 on my old Pro1. Unfortunately I had some hassle bug in my phone (who remains me the beginning with LOS in a new pro1) -No camera (app crashed at launch on day 2) -When receiving (or doing) a phone call, screen is stupidly dark, with absolute no chance awaking as I'm in a phone call, it's funny but not for a long time. -Strangely keyboard is...slower, with often ghosts touch. What a pity, it was so nice to freedom access to SD card, but as pro1 is my only phone, I can't li
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