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  1. As far as I understand, you can put your phone model in the "about me" field. But the title (with your phone model, as expected) only appears in the "computer version" of the webpage. In android you will have to "click" fist on the user profil to see more information, or switch your page in "computer version".
  2. This update looks correct in my opinion. Community is sharing high knowledge, some powerful users/developpers are working in alternative OS, fxtec work hard on debugging issues with components manufacturer...what else ? Delays aren't really a problem according to backing such of niche hardware. Most important is the follow-up here. (one more time : in my opinion 😄)
  3. So I fixed my keyboard issue. Hastily way. Since beginnings I had to press hard on several keys, wich is incompatible with a real use of the keyboard. Mainly letters 'a', 'e', 'm', 'h' (and mny more)...are swallowed. But sometimes it has worked as expected (not often), and sometimes it's a real pain (often). Average : a bad experience Example with taping this as fast as possible : "Les chiens aboient la caravane passe" Ls cins aboint la caravan passe Ls chiens aboint l crvane passe Ls cins abint la caaravan pass Digging into software doesn't help to find a workaround
  4. I use my pro1 as daily phone with LOS, and an archlinux container for LibreOffice and Python / C arduino coding on the go. It could be very useful, for example I had to share a bios dump in discord, impossible in android as the discord app filters all weird files extension (renaming it with *.txt or *.jpeg didn't match here) so I had to do this in the container with a "pc" version. Also I often edit Libreoffice document, and it works great with keyboard, as in android it's a pain to edit and modify such of files without data connections. Gimp is useful too for weird picture format. LO
  5. I have not understand all things here, but should it means that indiegogo perks are money lost ? Or should I expect a new pro1-x in 2023 ? (...wich would be ok for me)
  6. I was interested in the titan pocket, but the lack of alternative OS and my androids allergy is a deal breaker here. However I had a titan in hands and it feels very solid.
  7. So, after one week of use, it seemed not related with auto-rotate settings. It works, but sometimes felt one or two characters, then it works perfect, then it doesn't... Also the next things I would try is to dismount the keyboard, but I have to wait for a possible Pro1x replacement, wich doesn't happen yet as I have a great allergy with android and google's stuffs and LOS is not ready (...yet ? I hope...) also SailfishOS looks really interesting, either droidian...sure I'll have to try at some point. Sure I definitely don't give up, I agree with @claude0001this keyboard is probably and
  8. On my side, it's really strange. The keyboard works really (quite) perfect....since I completly disabled the auto-rotate screen in LOS18.1 as I never use it, as 'clacky keyboard on' automatic set the pro1 in landscape mode. I think it's the first time I write here without a keyboard bug. Too good to be true, so I will test a few days and report here. (...I write still a few words because of murphy's law and fatality of life to be sure....incredible...)
  9. Thanks, this option disappear when using mozilla with the phone. Had to use "computer version" button
  10. aw9523b: key press: key_nr=38 keycode=0012 ff=0000 gpm=0000 glm=0000 aw9523b_irq_work: enter polling mode: p0_mask=ff aw9523b: key release: key_nr=38 keycode=0012 gpm=0000 glm=0000 aw9523b_poll_work: enter irq mode aw9523b_irq_handler: enter If I understand correctly, the process with the aw9523 chip is so : 1-key press, 2-enter polling mod, (the CPU repeatedly asks the keyboard for it's state) 3-key release 4-enter interrupt mod after polling 5-send an interrupt to the CPU via i2c When
  11. I dig a little into this (not sure that a solution will be found, but as understanding can bring a deeper insight about reality....) But first.... Could anyone pointing a silly noob the correct syntax to insert code please as I can share my results here ?🙈 [code] [/code] doesn't match, ...incapable... Sorry, thanks !
  12. Agree with this, I tryied this possibility but even with heavy load or quite no load it works with same behaviour. It could be relative long time without issue, and sometimes it's quite useless. AFAIK a hard reboot don't really affect this. strange...
  13. Sadly I've flashed LOS16, 17, 18 and 19 and be back in LOS18 at this moment. With full wipe data at every flash, and the keyboard has always this sort of strange behaviour (but not every time of course...) - I wonder me if it could be a debouncing problem, also digging a little in internet I found this : "The keyboard works with a mixture of interrupts (the keyboard notifies the CPU about a keypress) and polling (the CPU repeatedly asks the keyboard for it's state). Most of the time interrupts are being used, but for some situations (I think they involve multiple keys being pressed at th
  14. Same problem here, but I wonder me if it's 100% hardware ? When it happens (trying aaa eee bbb aaa eee bbb sequence with normal press) dmesg says (when missing a letter) : "aw9523b_irq_handler: enter" two or three times and doesn't go with "key press", which is related (if I understand correctly) to i2c GPIO expander But yes when I press very hard it doesn't happen, either when I write slooooowly, wich could be the same here... Not sure at this point but really annoying
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