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  1. Interesting, this could explain strange behaviour with this the randomly aspect. For my curiosity, what sort of case are you using ?
  2. I wonder if I should not modify my perk to a qwerty Pro1x (if it's possible), but I'm pretty sure the community has the level to find a solution. For me this is the real value of the pro1 and such projects like Dragonbox Pyra and pinephone.
  3. Do you mean a Linux distro running really in parallel with Android like @claude001 ? I'm digging into this, but it will take me lot of time with learning so for this I can't help you at this moment. For setting the archlinux container in Termux I can maybe help you.
  4. Same here, I send an email pointing your layout, it's definitely perfect IMO. Good work. I hope they will do it and not underestimate the French market.
  5. @Slion you are absolutely right, this layout sucks ! I fully approve your layout proposal, I didn't know there was a new azerty layout, yes it's much better (...not difficult) Having é à ç and è is nice, but without @ and # (and also | ) I can't imagine using this phone ! This mean I should modify my Pro1X's pre-order for a qwerty, but I hope until the hardware come we will find a solution, If I understand correctly it's possible to modify a little here. Thanks pointing this, it's really a shame.... 64 touch and a layout who sucks...
  6. @claude0001 Thanks for your answer. I must say, for me it's awesome what you've done, as I'm not a power-user like you. A Debian CLI with full access in Android, whaow ! So Geil ! It's very interesting, however I'm not sure I have the level to do that (not yet, but you really help opening my mind). I play a little whith termux, scripting inside Arch in order to automatize display and launching Xfce. However I don't find solution launching XSDL apk from bash script yet, and java and object-oriented programming languages is not my cup of tea (not yet ?). As Archlinux run in a conta
  7. Hello, In case of someone would be interested, I try archlinux container in termux with Xfce and it works perfectly for the pro1 with Xserver-XSDL apk. It also works with VNC but without sound. I can now listen music, use Libreoffice and firefox and play with my programming tools. Pro1's keyboard works prefectly (qwerty version here) Very nice discovering a new linux distro. It's not so hard and the documentation is very complete. Source installing archlinux : https://github.com/SDRausty/termux-archlinux When you have done this, $ startarch (in Termux) and you wil
  8. Same here, with LOS17.1 and LOS18.1. Never try on stock. To be honest, I give up with fingerprint sensor for months now, as I suspected a hardware problem. But would be happy if this fonctionnality could work.
  9. ok I just remember, I have installed Magisk via the .apk, this mean, if I reinstall Magisk via sideload it will do the trick ? (If I understant correctly, magisk.apk could also be magisk.zip, I've just to rename it and sideload via adb).
  10. Really ? since LOS17 I have to flash magisk at every OTA update. For Gapps I never reflash it. edit : to clarify the whole things, this mean A/B slots are just for wiping partitions, (like a "transfer") but there are many slots, physically talking ? and so the priority order when flashing roms, Gapps, Magisk, etc... decide if it will be persistent on next update ?
  11. I don't know but in my phone I never sideload Gapps after OTA update, but Magisk every time. I know in first install it's always said "flash LOS, then Gapps, before booting for the first time : "Note: If you want the Google Apps add-on on your device, you must follow this step before booting into LineageOS for the first time!" I think If you couldn't understand what happen in this weird A/B slots, I wouldn't have a chance...
  12. Hi there, I'm happy seeing people hard digging in Pro1 and LOS. Sadly I have no competence at this level, but seeing this make my journey 😄 Thanks not to give up. I'm using LOS 18.1, and in keyboards aspect LOS17.1 was better, pressing Alt with Emoji is completely buggy, and a (very)few time ghost keys appears, I haven't see this since LOS16.1 in my first pro1 at the very beginning of LOS. THANKS ! you are completly right ! CHEER UP !!!
  13. hmm...... just an idea... Did you try a little nervous shock with a piece of wood or something ? In my case it was a bit ...violent (not so hard, but really a schock, be very speed and precise) the first time I tryied it. I used a wood mallet on the aluminium's back cover, (no panic as my phone felt from 2,50m...) If your picture is on the same 1 second after 3 or 4 shocks, then stopping this will be a great idea. If not in my opinion you have a chance : I tightened a few screen with loose along motherboard when re-assembling, that's why I asked me if this could finally not be the is
  14. Hello, I have to flash my phone, and I think I will give Sailfish a try. You make my mouth water... just for my information, can you use GPS with openstreetmap on it ? How useful is the GPS for daily use ? I found so many sources (wiki, telegram, blog, this forum...) I'm a bit lost 😄 Anyway this will increase my learning curve, as Linux is my best OS-friend for 3 years.
  15. raymo

    Duplicated keys

    As far as I know, with my first Pro1 I had this issue with LOS16 and qwerz keyboard. If I remember correctly, @tdm solved this issue and I had it but very very rarely. Since I've a new one, (qwerty keyboard with LOS17) I never see this issue. But I plan to complete wipe data and flash LOS18. Do you have a qwertz or a qwerty keyboard ?
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