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  1. hmm...... just an idea... Did you try a little nervous shock with a piece of wood or something ? In my case it was a bit ...violent (not so hard, but really a schock, be very speed and precise) the first time I tryied it. I used a wood mallet on the aluminium's back cover, (no panic as my phone felt from 2,50m...) If your picture is on the same 1 second after 3 or 4 shocks, then stopping this will be a great idea. If not in my opinion you have a chance : I tightened a few screen with loose along motherboard when re-assembling, that's why I asked me if this could finally not be the is
  2. Hello, I have to flash my phone, and I think I will give Sailfish a try. You make my mouth water... just for my information, can you use GPS with openstreetmap on it ? How useful is the GPS for daily use ? I found so many sources (wiki, telegram, blog, this forum...) I'm a bit lost 😄 Anyway this will increase my learning curve, as Linux is my best OS-friend for 3 years.
  3. raymo

    Duplicated keys

    As far as I know, with my first Pro1 I had this issue with LOS16 and qwerz keyboard. If I remember correctly, @tdm solved this issue and I had it but very very rarely. Since I've a new one, (qwerty keyboard with LOS17) I never see this issue. But I plan to complete wipe data and flash LOS18. Do you have a qwertz or a qwerty keyboard ?
  4. Well the camera is Sony IMX363, but I don't think it's so easy replacing camera, as you can see in service manual, you have to disassemble the phone quite in complete (with de-soldering and other tricky things. And I think it will be difficult finding a spare camera by Sony, or you should take it from an other phone. In fact my advice is : - remove the plastic-glass behind -camera is a dual-lens rear shooter that combines a 12MP lens with a 5MP one. Try to move a little the 12MP (the big one, the small one doen't move), carefully. For what I see, stabilizer is a very small
  5. Hello, Using gelraen teardown I disassemble my Pro1. I remove dust and (thanks to @DieBruine) screw down with loctite all what I see with abnormally operating clearance. I play a little with cameras stabilizer, everything looks normal. (My phone felt 2,50 m a month ago, and I only had VERY blurry pictures). I reassemble, and test. Oh, pictures look blurry (a little). Then I disassemble the cameras plastic-glass behind, play a little with cameras stabilizer, reassemble glass. (see attached picture from service manual) Surprise ! This camera works perfect, I can now taking pictures
  6. Then I play a little with camera, I think the tricks is good, but maybe not for stabiliser. Anyway it makes good picture, but now you have to be very stable, so a picture taken with phone against a door or a table is perfect, but just with one hand, it's a little blurry... This make sense as the objective is equiped with stabiliser, and has now more limits of movement. Also it could be that problem with long range focus comes from stabiliser...I will investiguate this.
  7. ...Can't find it anymore on this forum, but sure he's somewhere, so...😄 https://mon-partage.fr/f/hCdI248L/ (link to Pro1's Service Manual v1.0)
  8. Ok it works, I have just pushed up the camera slice out (picture 62, page 20 in Service Manual V1.0) What I see the camera objective was moving in all directions, I put it back with a small needle or so. Using FV5 camera app (free) I put back objective in place until no blurry pictures. Then I made a very thin washer who cover objective to stabilize it between transparent-plastic-glass cover (the term is "slice" in service manual, is this correct ?), and I take the slice back in place. The result is (for now) very good, and it seems pictures are better because I had
  9. Hello, My phone felt and I have a big scratch in metal near the glass of the camera. Pictures are completly blurry. It look like a misalignment, but It looks better when I press the glass and then I tap a little the phone near the camera objective, I suspect an internal problem with fixation maybe I can fix this, I will try by myself using this teardown. https://github.com/gelraen/fxtec-pro1-teardown It could be not so dramatic, I will give it a try and see what happens internally. I will post results here as I find time to try this quietly.
  10. That's it, i'm always lost. However I learn something in every links, but it's like a puzzle and I'm not experimented, all pieces of this puzzle are a new point to focus, interesting, but not for clarity 😄... I bought this phone for 3 reasons : -keyboard, of course -Android alternative like LineageOS or something else (I hate android, so intrusive...) -Community. So much appreciate, and once again many thanks !
  11. @claude0001 I must say, this look awesome (in my opinion) but as beginner in linux (small bash script, command line and vim basis, little ssh server with raspbian) it's not really easy what you have done. I give up with some linux-in-android apps as it doesn't work and surely I have not the level in linux knowhow, but making a Debian working on pro1 would be so great. This is the problem : I can't ask you for a noob tutorial, I guess your time is precious. But I don't know how attacking the problem yet...Any advice will be much appreciate in order to get on the way. Whatever than
  12. I have AccA installed, better but not ideal. I also use a big heatsink from an old audio amplifier, just putting the phone on when charging, as his back is covered with aluminium case, not bad, if you are not pressed (wich is my case). For daily use I have an old universal USB charger wich deliver max 500mA, and it works for slow charging. The problem here is when I put an old 1/1,5 Amp charger, he is always throwling fast / slow charging and I guess it's not good for the battery. But the trustworthy cable's tricks from @DieBruinesounds awesome, I wll give it a try 🙂 Another idea, maybe w
  13. Hello, My replacement display is available (Elephone U), don't need it anymore, I have planned to replace my screen but I lost my phone...it's 100% new, in original package. I have seen about drivers problem with spare screen, but if I understand correctly @EvilDragon has found a solution (as always 🙂) So I can send it, delivery costs are 12,90euros for Europe and 6,45euros for France. If anyone can use it, feel free making me an offer (I have to buy some beers ) and I send it. I can also send it from Schwitzerland. (Basel) Regards, G.
  14. @reiner.popp ah...you know, I'm using LOS17 (last version) now without "custom keyboard" activated. If I understood correctly it is only if you have some custom keymapping in a system folder somewhere, as tdm said. However, this is not the first weid thing happening on this phone, I suspect also hardware problem somewhere. My GPS is working only when he wants, and often I can't answer a phone call, (no button available), and with the known bug of proximity sensor... But it is the only smartphone I can be friend with, and the hope in a stable Ubuntu touch, a possible dual-boot...so m
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