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  1. I confirm, no Apps name label in landscape mode in LOS. Never found a setting for this small issue, but I find this esthetic...
  2. I don't use Finqwerty But if I don't check the 'custom keyboard' option I have the upper line yellow layouts who are broken, like !"§$%&/()=? I don't know if this is normal or not, I have try and it works... I have intalled LOS twice, with complete wiping data, and it has'nt work without 'custom keyboard'
  3. This is what I currently use. Handmade and anti-vegetarian/vegan pouch. But without laugh this is my tobacco pouch, wich do the job, tested with lot of sun and 35°C, quite useful when phone call happens. But I hope one day we could find a better system 😅
  4. I had same issue, you must go in system - advanced options - Keyboard and then : Layout : qwertz Custom keymap : ON so it works perfect for me
  5. Hi, I use Camera FV-5 app on LineageOS (the last) and it seems to be the same. I found the original photo app was not very good, so I have installed Camera FV-5, and I confirm : no autofocus. Focus come when you push to take a picture. Not very practical yet. As I don't take much picture yet, I never think it could be a Lineage bug. But why not ? Also as we are here, I found stock picture app far better, is it possible implement stock picure-app in Lineage or is this idea stupid ?
  6. Hi, is it a QWERTZ model ? Thanks
  7. Thanks for your reply. I will check apn's config more in depth. I'm surprised, no RTC in Qualcomm's device, that look strange for me. My HP48 is practically on schedule since 1993.
  8. Hello, I'm using Lineage since build test18. Great work ! I have also two issues, one with sms/mms sending, it work but only when he wants. Perhaps I send a sms or mms in a few seconds, sometimes it doesn't send anything for two days. Maybe issue with operator I don't know (I'm in France, SFR Mobile) but it worked well with an old samsung. Second issue is with time/date : everytime I shutdown the pro1 I have time reinitialised at 20 july, 4h17 am. So no awaking clock available, and I can't work with that if no network. I have done a full reinstall with the last official Lineage (fastboot *.img and adb *.zip, with Mindthegapps and su-add) with complete wipe data, but it looks same as it was. Maybe somebody has an idea, something I can do ? Thanks (and sorry for my bad english)
  9. Hi, Strange behaviour here with test21, connectivity is dropping out often for both network (like @Dev5994) I have see screen getting off sometime, (only hard reboot get the screen back) It worked fine with test20. Just say me if I can help in anything...
  10. Awesome job doing there, I should buy one if LineageOS properly work ! Congratulations
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