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  1. Hi, updated via OTA, with nano opengapps and root with Magisk. Works really better for wifi, I use the keyboard patch for qwertz models thanks to @tdm Works fine, and Fingerprings works really better... But I have yet a GPS problem. No mor GPS. I tried GPS Test and many others, but no more position, no GNSS. Could this be a hardware problem ? I precise my phone fall (one mor time) last week, and I have little use from the GPS, it could be broken in LOS 16.0. Any advices ? Thanks !
  2. Hello, Same here and I'm on LineageOS. This is annoying, and I don't know if it could be a hardware problem or not. One time your screen is totally dark when incoming phonecall and you don't see who is calling you, one time it's the total opposite and your ear press the screen with weird result at the end... This problem and the fingerprint sensor who is randomly working are the two points of improvement I expect to be solved in future, but I don't know what to to in order to help our competent developpers here. Maybe dmesg could help ? I don't know... However I trust in the community an
  3. I confirm, 2 keys at same time, and keyboard locks up and then... rebooting the phone, no other ways ...
  4. @tdm Ok I have flashed boot-stock-kbd-3.img I give a try and will reply what happens. Thanks !
  5. ouch ! He is back ! @tdm Should I flash the keyboard test *.img ? This is really annoying seeing this weird keyboard back...
  6. I'm curious, I notice that internet (switching between wifi/4g) works perfect, also wifi has more connectivity power (it wasn't the case 1 month early). Could it be a link with LOS updates ? Anyway, I'm more and more pleased with this keyboarded piece of hardware 😄
  7. @tdm Here my result for the test using boot-stock-kbd-2.img (QWERTZ layout) - First Fn + Space make the screen on/off, and works perfect (it wasn't the case, sometime it has worked, and sometimes not) - No more ghosts keys !!! Enjoy ! I notice this : -Only few touch making choice menu appears when long press (a, e, c...but not x or q for example) Was it the case ? I don't remember, don't care, but I find this good. -[ , . - ] make [ ; : _ ] with Fn or Shift (I don't remember if it was the case but it's also really good) - I have activate and test F1 F2 F3....
  8. @tdmDone, I give it a try and I tell you what. This is writed using boot-stock-kbd-2.img with QWERTZ layout Thanks !
  9. Ok I tried, but all letters are...quirky. That means w make q, e make w, r make e etc...:) A bit tricky to try in real conditions, with whatsapp or so...first row with 12345....works perfect. But I wanted to try in real use, that's here (in heavy use) I see weird things...
  10. I'am aware to make a try with modiefed boot for three or four days, and then, reflashing original boot (according my LOS version). If I understand, this will make no change in data and apk installed on my phone ? I prefer a confirmation before as I must use my phone next four days for working use...and I never make that 🙂
  11. ok if I understand : adb and fastboot flash boot-stock-kbd-1.img And then ? How can I backup actual boot image ? sorry and thanks...
  12. @sorgothanks this apply seems to be very useful, controlling battery charging in soft, but I can't install it, do you use stock android ? As I'm not very familiar with android, maybe I miss a step, but I'm on LineageOS and I don't use magisk for rooting...trying with the .apk and no permissions to use install.sh as in linux using termux (root enable me the right to see system files, not to modify it).
  13. Hello, I must say, wifi and data connectivity feel better since I disabled NFC in my parameters. The phone was always lost when switching data/wifi networks. I saw always a problem with NFC (using #sudo dmesg), and I never used NFC. If it can help anyone...and thanks for the good work with LOS, there are some issues with ghostering keys who suddenly appears when typing, and keyboard who is lost sometimes when typing message (when I use Alt or Sym) but for my normal daily use it's ok.
  14. hi, the link with the rough 3d scan of the pro1 is dead, does anyone have an other link ? I have a guy with lot of competences and ideas who is ok to give a try... Many thanks !
  15. Hello, Is it possible finding quotations and dimensioning of the pro1 ? I know a guy who could give a try to make a special case (3d print). Many competences and ideas, but I should find dimensionning...I have no tools to be (very) precise and I cannot send him my pro1 for 2 weeks...does it exist ?
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