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  1. LOS19.1 is definitely not for me. I can't live with the 'no access' security from google rules. I plan to give AICP a try, what sould I use for recovery image ? This is not clear for me, if I understand correctly I should just abd sideload the last nightly and it's ok ? Is it so dramatic using an old LOS without security updates ?
  2. I have this one installed nor for a few days but I don't know if it's possible to recover the .zip file in the system. Or maybe via adb ?
  3. Thank you very much. I planned to reflash LOS19.1 in a few days, so I will certainly give it a try, I've no more banking app since last bank app update in LOS18.1. I usually use magisk as I need root in termux and TotalCommander, I guess it's compatible ?
  4. If they can ship the pro1X without wifi and speakers issue it's ok for me 😄 I would better wait for a few months expecting a polished software, I find this honest.
  5. Definitely not for me, as I really hate intrusive google stuffs in stock android the risk of premature death is too great.
  6. Out of subject, but I install the kraken apk who ask every time fingerprint confirmation at start, and (strangely for me) it works perfect every time. Fingerprint when phone is locked works one in ten. It could mean there's also a low level software possibility for this problem. We definitely need a retro-engineering work on this phone 😄
  7. It seems SailfishOS community has found a solution here : https://cassandraasaservice.github.io/#maintenance But I guess it won't work with LOS.
  8. The charging bug is still here in LOS 19.1, according to @EskeRahn. This acredite a hardware problem with the battery regulator, I know I can charge twice before reboot, the first and second time it drops in maximum 10-15 minutes, the third time I will have to reboot as it doesn't charge anymore. This happens a few time and begins one year ago but it's worse now. On the other hand I used LOS16 without problem, but the battery was not so old. But....Interesting fact, it's charging without problem to 100% when the phone is off. edit : I'm pretty sure there was no charging bug in LOS1
  9. Ok guys big thanks, this clarify lots of things for me. 👍 So I would just continue using the Archlinux container, who cover all my need at this moment. Big hug to SDRausty who created the install script in termux. The GUI isn't perfect maybe as I use Xserver XSDL apk. I spend a lot of time to configure xfce using pro1's native resolution and the touchscreen mouse is sometime a bit wonky, easily compensated by the pro1's keyboard In my opinion. But I can use the archlinux CLI without limitation in termux, and it's very practical when dealing with openoffice, weird file extension t
  10. I'm surely a noob here without a lot of knowledge, but what about PinePhone 64 and his additionnal keyboard ? but maybe I misunderstand the linux phone concept here.
  11. @matf Nice, I've planned trying sailfish OS but I'm not aware with android apk compatibility and the use of gps (I often use openstreetmap). Is this possible in SFOS ? However the (unofficial) port looks awesome, what a good work !!
  12. I wonder me if a tsunami or heavy earthquake is nor possible....
  13. I'm not so friend with windows (I mean windows OS after xp service pack 2), but having a pro1 with a linux container or whatever other solution in order to have a microcomputer OS in pocket is a must-have for me. For example I often use a linux container to access some fonctionnalities in websites, who don't let me use the full-fonctionnalities without installing an intrusive app. And it's practical when android (or LOS here) don't let you share an unknown-file-extension. So I'm very curious about the possibility having a windows running on it. Funny !
  14. Hello, I post here because I wonder me to change my pre-order with a qwerty's one. So two questions : Is there any hope of seeing a better azerty layout like @Slion proposal ? I often use the long press on 'e' for é, è, ê, (example), is this a function implemented in LOS by @tdm especially for the pro1 or can I expect having this in the new pro1 ?
  15. I have the same behaviour, but this appears a few months ago. I've suspected AccA as I also use it, and sometimes the only way getting the charge to go is a reboot. When happens I tried with AccA service disabled but was the same. This behaviour is difficult to reproduce, I can't explain it and I haven't found any relation with update (yet). But it could be, as far as I know... ...(and I sometimes like imperfect hardware as it gives me distance with intrusive technologies... this was for the philosophic point).
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