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  1. I've ordered through the website. My order has been set to completed after about 3 years of being in processing, so I presume that means it is shipping now. So I would say that means they are indeed shipping website orders.
  2. Months? You can say years. It's been almost three years since I ordered mine and it's still on processing 😂 I'm sure it'll take another year before I see any change in that status too, but I'm still somehow hopeful.
  3. I have ordered my Pro1 back in April 2020, and have not received it yet. Earlier I have inquired regarding the status of the shipping via support and I got the answer that "The Order will reach a halt because Pro1 production has stopped and it will await do the upgrade to happen." and that I my order has to upgrade your into a Pro1 X for a £50 fee. I am honestly not sure what to think of this.
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