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  1. Thanks guys. Claude is correct, I am using his LOS 16 ROM. He has done a great job maintaining it! This has been very frustrating, but I have finally solved the problem. For reference, I removed Swiftkey and reselected the AOSP keyboard and it roared back to life. Have no idea why because, as far as I can tell, while Swiftkey has word prediction, it uses Android's dictionary (system and user). I then reinstalled Swiftkey and it continued working. Again, I don't know what caused it, but this fixed it. Just like in Claude's screenshot, mine now says "Use system languages" under Languag
  2. So, out of the blue I lost the red lines under misspelled words. Likewise, if I click on a word that I know to be misspelled, no suggestions come up. When I go into Settings, System, Languages & Input, under "Input Assistance" I see "Spell checker" which says "Not Selected." When I click on it I see a grayed out "Languages, Not Selected" (despite having English - United States selected elsewhere), and "Default spell checker" (which is black and selectable), but also says "Not selected." When I click it I see a pop-up which is titled "Choose spell checker," but the rest of it is bla
  3. Bummer. I'll see about contacting the app folks to see if they have any input. Thanks for the input!
  4. No luck with either. I would like to find the key combo so I can try to remap it. Any other guesses??
  5. I'm having another keyboard issue which I also found mentioned here: Specifically the part which states "...sometimes it produces some random characters inside a word. Sometimes the cursor jumps randomly somewhere. Sometimes it switches Caps lock on when I don't press any button even near to caps. And yes, sometimes I got the pop up caused by long press, which I obviously didn't press." All of these things happen to me when typing very fast on the physical keyboard." Odd enough, after installing Swiftkey, the frequency of random characters dropped down considerably. However, activat
  6. Humm... this is interesting because, while I'm adapting to Swiftkey for use with the physical keyboard, I'm not liking it for the onscreen keyboard. I tried to get it to use the AOSP keyboard when closed (and in portrait), but was unable to figure out how to do so. I'll take a look at the link. Thank you!
  7. Yes, I have noticed this, but use the device more as a cell phone than a terminal. I would think it could be turned off and on at will as well. Titled adjusted per your request. Gosh darn it! I figured there had to be a way. Guess I'll be looking into Swiftkey. Thanks.
  8. I have been pulling hair out trying to figure out how to turn on the auto correction for the physical keyboard in Lineage. When I type texts it doesn't correct simple things like say I type Im, or wont, without the apostrophes it won't correct them. However, using the onscreen keyboard it will. I'm certain there is a way to turn this on, but can't seem to figure it out. Please help! Edit: I should also note that I noticed a similar question when searching, but the only response was to use another keyboard, something called swiftkey. I would prefer to stay with the standard Lineage physi
  9. Sad indeed! Thanks for the sale thread issue, I'm close to posting, just not quite there yet. Still trying various ROMs to see if anything can be done to get Visible working before jumping ship. Also, not to be a smarta$$ but waiting for actual delivery of the Pro1x might be equivalent to waiting for Christmas 2025, we'll see.
  10. I find this very interesting. Are your voice calls placed via VoLTE? Supposedly shut down their 3G network, but I have my doubts. If VoLTE, what ROM are you using? A couple of days ago I ordered an activated AT&T SIM for testing. Since the account is new, I don't expect 3G to function even if the network is still active.
  11. Right again! I'm not interested in a $700 PDA. I have plenty of other devices that will work, I just wanted a physical keyboard phone that I can use daily instead of a slab. Sadly, if I can't get the Pro1 working (and things look rather bleak at this point), then I'll be forced to put it up for sale. Speaking of which, does anyone here want an essentially brand new Pro1 with a handful of hours, with all the original unused accessories still in the factory box? Not a single dent, scratch, or scrape and even have the original shipping box as was sent to me. If so, drop me a note and w
  12. Without a doubt! I shake my head as to what we here in the US let them get away with.
  13. Yes, as I mentioned above the VoLTE switch, as well as all of them other than Radio Power, are not only grayed out, but are in the off position and grayed out! However, if I swap the SIM into the phone it came from, all the switches are not grayed out and are in the on position. VoLTE works on that phone, and a handful of others that I have as well (some with LOS ROMs), it's only the Pro1 where it doesn't work. Excuse my extreme lack of knowledge here, but what is the Ting ROM? I don't see it listed on the ROMs page. Also, do you like it and would you recommend it? Wait, wh
  14. Did not try it with Verizon only Visible, which is owned by them. When I put the SIM in it's able to connect to LTE data, but not SMS over IMS and no VoLTE whatsoever.
  15. Interesting info, thank you. I tried AT&T here in the western US back in 2020 and the SIM worked fine, but not VoLTE. It always placed voice calls via GSM/UMTS. I'm told that nowadays AT&T has implemented device restrictions, and the Pro1 isn't an approved device so it's pointless. The other big carrier out here is Verizon and one can still use CDMA for voice, but the device definitely needs to be approved to do so and the Pro1 isn't. Doesn't matter because CDMA voice is going away at the end of the year anyway. I have VoLTE active on a Samsung phone via Verizon, but when I swap
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