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  1. Nice! That's good leverage and a clever arrangement. Finding people that have that type of history with them AND care about getting keyboard phones white listed is very difficult. I've paused my own push on it until we start getting these phones so we can push in mass volume
  2. So something I've been wondering, but entirely unable to answer, is it feasible on the Astro to type with thumbs like a standard qwerty side sliding phone, or is it mostly only comfortable to use like a laptop keyboard? Looking at the size and shape of the keys, it is hard for me to imagine typing on it like you would with the Pro1-X would be comfortable or easy.
  3. I agree with you. They aren't really going to give us the time of day without some serious planning and trick cards. As far as attorneys go, there are enough people concerned with this even outside PKB community that want the same phone freedom. Crowd funding could go a very long way in hiring an incredible attorney to build a solid case for us. Prior to getting to that point, we are working on solving negotiations ourselves. Identifying members that have close family or friends on the inside at at&t or Verizon, learning through them how everything works so that we can make more thor
  4. Very interesting progress, good job! Hopefully FxTec and at&t can work something out. If not a permanent approval, then atleast a sure way if anyone wants to use at&t, they'll have the resources to make it happen reliably. Anybody know people within Verizon? 😅
  5. I certainly appreciate that! I'm slowly working on the different methods in the background while we wait for the phones to enter the shipping phase. I do have one concrete option developed! Yes, I actually have a for-sure way to get these phones working in full on both Verizon AND at&t. It will also work for any other phone with the correct technology for the carrier you want to use (4glte, 5g, correct bands, and Volte) such as the Unihertz phones or even the BB Key2. But this is not the breaking of chains that we are aiming for with US carriers, this is skirting around their aut
  6. Now that is interesting news. You did have to argue with the reps at the store about it? How did that conversation go?
  7. That is fascinating 😂 considering that everyone else has been cut off this far. Is be curious to know the reason it's been good so far. A side note, I've been developing a back up plan or two in the unlikely event that Verizon and/or AT&T are not willing to accept our devices as a whole. There are other ways around these issues, but they involve some serious competency in phone technology. Trying to avoid that if at all possible
  8. If anybody would actually like to flood my inbox with cat pictures.. I would forever love that!
  9. That's unfortunate to hear, but that is at&t for you. They may eventually realize their mistakes and open up later this year, but for now I suppose we need to focus our attention on Verizon. They have not specifically stated their 2022 acceptable phone guidelines.. which means if we can climb their tech support ladder high enough, explain ourselves, they may be cooperative. I would like to, in the end, achieve Verizon's agreement to allow whatever phones on their BYOD program, with disclaimers to relieve them of any liabilities. But for now, the pro1-x is the main focus. I still don't have
  10. Did you get a new att SIM card and try that before moving to T-Magnificent?
  11. How long have you had your current SIM card? It could be that the it needs replaced with a current one. Also, HD voice uses the same technology as VoLTE. Both are "voice over LTE". Thanks for the updates to keep this train moving. Another idea, on the pro1, with your sim card in it, try typing into the phone dialer *#*#46368676#*#* it should bring you to a menu. Select "Phone Information" or whatever is similar. It should bring you to a page that looks similar to the image I'm attaching. You can see that there are switches to provision VoLTE or HD voice, wifi calling and several other thi
  12. I thought you guys would like to see this. Unihertz is actually trying hard to get their services approved in US after their customers brought them their complaints. FxTec, where are you? You're going to lose customers to the other physical keyboard maker
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