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  1. Is it possible to flash this with adb or fastboot? I'd rather not figure out how to set up a windows VM with USB passthrough just to play with this phone.
  2. 1. They started shipping at the end of July, I got mine August 10th. It's still a pre-order, since they haven't manufactured enough devices for general availability yet. 2. They had to redesign the whole phone due to an alleged bad deal with a chip supplier. It put a significant delay on the phone hardware (and by extension software) 3. If you order one now, I think 10-12 weeks is probably accurate for when you might get one. Please take warning from other threads in this forum regarding hardware and software issues before deciding to actually purchase one, though.
  3. I went back and found in the update from September 20, 2021:
  4. That is fantastic news that I must have missed. Thank you for pointing that out. Really, that is all I was asking for. That fxtec didn't expect other unaffiliated developers to work for free to fulfil a company's promises.
  5. I don't understand why you don't think fxtec should be paying for the development of software they promised for the phone they created. Whether or not I personally sell the unit I have is not relevant to that.
  6. I personally do not care if fxtec "broke even" or not on the pro1x if they are relying on unaffiliated volunteers working in their free time to deliver on fxtec's promises.
  7. They should be payed by fxtec to do this, since it was fxtec that promised support for these OSs. It would be different if the marketing for this phone didn't claim support for particular third party operating systems, but since fxtec explicitly stated that these are supported configurations, then fxtec should be on the hook for providing them.
  8. Here's the update where they decided to send everyone the android version: To me, this sounds like "Lineage OS and Ubuntu Touch are nowhere near ready, we can't guarantee a timeline even within a year." While it's true that Lineage OS and Ubuntu Touch are community projects, there's nothing stopping fxtec from paying people to work on them. fxtec promised support for these OSs, so relying entirely on unpaid labor from someone else doesn't cut it IMO.
  9. If I had the option to wait until Ubuntu became stable on the phone before they shipped it to me, and I did choose Ubuntu as my operating system, then why did I receive an android version yesterday? I was under the impression that getting a device now with Android instead of my chosen OS was an opt-in situation, not an opt-out situation.
  10. A bit more ranting. fxtec should not have this on their website when it isn't true. Yes, the bootloader is unlocked, no you can't install lineage on it. No, you shouldn't install the current ubports build on it. fxtec also should have renamed this phone. "pro1x" implies it's related to the "pro1". It's not.
  11. I drove across town this morning and set up camp at a coffee shop (coincidentally, my least favorite coffee in town) nearest my old apartment so when FedEx marked my phone as delivered I could swing by the old apartment and steal the package off the porch. Yes, I did update my address with indiegogo weeks in advance of my move but the phone still got sent to the old address anyway. I eventually did get the email & was able to complete my mission. I took the package across town to my favorite coffee shop (nearer where I currently live) and opened it there. The phone looks great! I had
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