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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, I am what we can call a power user on linux and do the vast majority of my work in a terminal (note with vim, email, rss…). I currently have my desktop computer at home, a laptop that I bring pretty much everywhere and my android phone. I am heavily interested in a phone with a keyboard and tend to hate android with every cells of my body. The question is, would the Pro X1 replace both phone and laptop in your opinion (or experience) ? Considering that : I am a linux power user especially in the terminal My laptop is an Acer Swift 3 with 4GB of RAM, an intel i3 and it w
  2. This is a placeholder for info that I will put about DivestOS which is based on LineageOS. The goal of the OS: DivestOS takes LineageOS and hardens security and throws away a lot of propriatary stuff & blobs to enhance both security and privacy. IMPORTANT: Please read what is dropped by design before choosing to use this OS: faq functionality_tables To ask questions and get help see community (mainly XMPP chat, also available via Matrix bridge) To file problem reports see bug_reporting Current status for pro1: Unknown: Build ex
  3. Hey F(x)tec Community! I haven't been here for a while as I was busy with other project and stuffs. Recently I just came back to work on mainline Linux kernel for F(x)tec Pro1X and I'll be using this thread to update everyone on the progress. Currently only GPIO expander, touchscreen, USB, buttons and flip sensor. Everything else is not configured or doesn't work yet. I attached dmesg for everyone to see. bootlog_11282023.txt
  4. I have been checking the website and the shop in order to see when I can order my Pro1X but it has been continuously out of stock. When can we expect a restock I need to order mine asap.😔
  5. I opened this topic because we already have SailfishOS and Ubuntu touch topics, but I don't really consider them Linux. I'm interested in operating systems that are perhaps closer to Linux than Android. It's hard to talk about this while knowing: Android is Linux. That's why I prefer to write examples: Plasma Mobile PostmarketOS Mobian (Debian) PureOS (Librem) Kai OS Anyone have any experience with these?
  6. I'm the owner of a Pro1 and a Pro1X and my 1X is sitting as a development device. While I'm currently using the Pro1 as a PDA (runs SailfishOS and Arch Linux ARM inside the container) and so far I've been happy with it. What are you doing with your Pros?
  7. Long overdue post.. Apologies! Here's a guide on how to flash the Pro1-X stock OS with a script in fastbootd mode. This method works with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Please note, you will need to have your OEM/Bootloader unlocked before you proceed with this flashing process. Click the Google Drive link below for the documentation: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18Clj6qv4jXIFGfy0S1NO1K8DoN8bJ3Ms?usp=sharing
  8. Hey guys, Anyone managed to run wireguard vpn client so far? I'm trying but it seems it's module needs newer kernel and to run it with older kernel I need to compile from source, but it fails to compile. Any help is much appreciated.
  9. We thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread and share the 3D model of our Pro1-X in a .step format for members who are interested in DIY-ing a phone case. The link below redirects you to a Google Drive folder with the .step file. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1u8c6_fxRFu2DU0tVqAxUe4QbA0VBVb4d?usp=sharing Feel free to share your ideas and progress down below for the community!
  10. Anyone managed to run Waydroid? Please share your experience and possible steps to get it up and running.
  11. How to install Magisk on PRO¹-X? Is it similar to this manual ? Where to find the img files for recovery and such? Are they in the google drive mentioned here?
  12. In this topic, which I'll update every time I find something useful, I will share configurations that are safe and configurations that are risky that you can try yourself on your own PRO¹-X. Everything shown here requires system permissions. The only way for you to get system permissions is by rooting the phone. There's no way around. That's how Android works. Because these are settings using sysfs. By design, they are temporary. Rebooting your phone will reset them to their default values. If you break something and you don't know how or what, one way that usually solves it is shutt
  13. This is the complete guide on how to flash the stock ROM on your Pro1-X. We will be using the Qualcomm Image Flash Loader (QFIL) inside the Qualcomm Product Support Tools (QPST) pack to flash our XML-based stock firmware. Whether you want to restore your Pro1-X back to factory settings or fix a ‘bricked’ device, flashing the stock ROM back to your Pro1-X using Emergency Download Mode (EDL) with QPST/QFIL is the safest method. However, this process ONLY works on Windows PC. If you do not own a Windows Operating System computer, you may consider setting up a Virtual Machine (VM) on you
  14. I opened this topic to talk about multi-boot options. Does anyone have a complete description of how to solve e.g. should the stock ROM be bootable in addition to the UT?
  15. I drove across town this morning and set up camp at a coffee shop (coincidentally, my least favorite coffee in town) nearest my old apartment so when FedEx marked my phone as delivered I could swing by the old apartment and steal the package off the porch. Yes, I did update my address with indiegogo weeks in advance of my move but the phone still got sent to the old address anyway. I eventually did get the email & was able to complete my mission. I took the package across town to my favorite coffee shop (nearer where I currently live) and opened it there. The phone looks great! I had
  16. Hello! Does anyone have any information on how to enable off-line charging for the Pro1-X? I tried, but fastboot oem enable-charger-screen FAILED (remote: 'Command not supported in default implementation') fastboot: error: Command failed
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