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  1. One month later.... nothing has happened. I still did not get my Pro1-x back. Unfortunately my OnePlus stopped working today - so I am without a mobile whilst I should have my Pro1-X since AUGUST!
  2. The problem is, that you did not ask wether you can keep it. You also did not tell me that you are going to keep it. You just told me, that it is fixed and this is one month ago. Normally one expects to get back the things you send in for repair. 🤷‍♂️
  3. You were right. I should not have send it in. Now its two month because of a depleated battery and it does not look like I might have it back soon. They are "performing multiple charging and draining tests". But maybe the battery is really dead after a month of charging and draining 😭.
  4. Good morning, the solution for me is: sending the new Pro1-X to the U.K. for exchange/repair/what ever. 😭 After nearly two years of waiting: quite disappointing.
  5. @Spargeltim What was your solution? Did you contact the support or find any workaround?
  6. Hello, I just got my new Pro1-x today. I cannot switch it on. Pressing the power button does not switch it on, also holding it for a while. Connecting the phone to any charger just makes the red indicatorligt blink once. Afterwards the phone stays black. Are there any ideas on how to get ist working or should I just send it back? Kind regard David
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