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  1. You can't Devtools is a bundle that installs useful packages for port development/debug. On an already flashed system you can install the droidian-devtools and adaptation-hybris-devtools metapackages. On nightly builds they're embedded in the flashable image. Note that having devtools around might not be desirable - among other things, it configures the journal log to be flushed to disk rather than being left on volatile memory (i.e. it might increase disk wear) and it also automatically exposes SSH via RNDIS.
  2. Which image did you try? Official Waydroid images don't support Halium 11 devices yet, so you have to use a custom built one: https://github.com/UbuntuTouch-vayu/waydroid_11/releases/tag/1.0 These are the instructions as provided by Verevka86, which compiled the images linked above: On the OG Pro1 instead, everything is available from the Droidian repositories: sudo apt install waydroid waydroid-vendor-28
  3. Just a note that on Droidian you should change the HWCOMPOSER-1 output, so something like [output:HWCOMPOSER-1] # scale = 3 scale = 2.5 default scale is 3.
  4. Hey everyone, due to the current libsoup3 migration in Debian, `apt dist-upgrade` or the Software app might fail to let you upgrade an existing installation. You can unblock upgrades using the following commands: sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade ..and then proceeding as usual (i.e. doing an upgrade via `sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade` or using the Software app, which is the recommended way). As a reward, you'll also be able to upgrade to the newest phosh (0.21.0), which finally is available in Droidian 😀 Have fun!
  5. Glad that you managed to reflash! You should be able to reliably reach fastboot mode directly by powering down the device and then holding down [Vol-], while plugging in an USB cable.
  6. Hi, Eugenio from Droidian here: Did you happen to run a dist-upgrade via the command line before doing that? Unfortunately there is an ongoing GNOME migration in Debian testing that required rebuilding of some packages (both in the Droidian side and Mobian side). It might have happened that a dist-upgrade would have asked you to remove some packages such as phosh/phoc. The Droidian-side packages have already been rebuilt, for the rest we should wait Debian/Mobian. It will sort itself out in a few days. To aid that, I've pushed an hotfix that will help in keeping the installed
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