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  1. 18 minutes ago, Stucadoor2 said:

    I also ordered from the FXTec website on 19 februari 2020, after waiting 2,5 years I decided to order one from expansys (with the intention to cancel my order and ask for a refund).

    Today it arrived and it does work perfectly as I am responding to you using my Pro1x.

    I'm not canceling my order (yet) because I would like to have another one just in case, like I did back in the days with my Nokia E-7 (still having all 4 of them, 2 in parts and 2 not charging).

    OH MY I had no idea they were so far behind in shipping! Which carrier / network are you using?

  2. 1 hour ago, suicidal_orange said:

    So not so much decided to wait as thinking there was no choice, that's not so crazy.  At least you didn't back one on IGG so you can cancel when you get tired of waiting, unlike most of us!

    Exactly. Informed that my phone was scheduled to go offline on 1 Jan with Verizon (even though I like it just fine), I did a lot of research to find out why my 4GLTE phone would not work, even for data or hot spot. So I finally had to conclude it will probably die and become a brick on 1 Jan. Then I looked for modern physical keyboard phones. Then I researched which networks they work on. The carriers still claim to not support them. So further research, I decided the 5 row Qwerty keyboard of the PRO1 is the best option for my needs. With the tech features, there is no tech reason it could not be made to work on a network. So then I searched how to buy the Pro1, and will put it on whatever network will recognize it. In addition I went to EBAY which had sold some of the phones recently for ~ what they cost new from the manufacturer, but there are none presently listed. Same w amazon.  So these other vendors did not even show up on my searches, and I ordered from the manufacturer.

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  3. On 2/18/2022 at 11:32 PM, Fullmetaljacket223 said:

    As many people know, the situation in the US for choice of carrier has recently been obliterated.

    -T-Mobile is affordable and so far, accepting of most devices. However, they have AWFUL coverage, and once they retire their old network in December 2022, they may also begin cutting off devices.

    -AT&T has more or less cut off access to anybody that does not use an AT&T branded LTE/5g device as of the beginning of February. No more bring your own phone. RIP my BB Key2

    -That leaves Verizon as the only remaining good option. They have the best coverage anyway, and they are mostly accepting of devices. Starting in March 2022, when they retire their old network, the issue with Verizon for users that want to use foreign devices like the Pro1-X, is that Verizon will only allow LTE/5g devices that are on their 'whitelist'. 

    The old methods of using a mule device to activate a sim and transfer it etc, no longer work. They know what device you're using. This brings us to the proposal of the post.

    I have read that several people, including myself, have attempted to stress this issue to Fxtec with not much of a response. That leaves the responsibility up to the users. Given persistence with tech support, it has been shown this year that Verizon is willing to work with people to have phones added to their whitelist. They want your business. 

    What we are in need of here, is a group of US pro-1/Pro1-X users, or users to be (given the device gets approved), to come together on some level. We can present as a group to Verizon and push for them to approve the devices. It's easy to brush off individuals, it is hard to ignore a passionate group.

    What do you people have to say about this? Any suggestions of ways to go about doing this?

    I wrote to Mr. Diego Scotti, Verizon Exec VP and Chief Marketing Officer via snail mail. Someone might actually read it that way. Basically said they need to support their loyal customers. They should white list the PRO1X. They should find the tech guys in Verizon who already know how to interface the PRO1 with Verizon, and send a tech support note out to all their marketing stores. Fingers crossed. [BTW I told him how long we have been w Verizon and the total amount we have spent with them over that time.  HINT over 20 yrs, over tens of thousands of $.]


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  4. On 10/23/2022 at 5:58 AM, Stucadoor2 said:

    Did you order on the fxtec website, indigogo or expansys?

    There's a big difference between the first 2 and expansys in actually receiving your phone.


    I ordered from the fxtex website. We decided to wait for the PRO1X.


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