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  1. OH MY I had no idea they were so far behind in shipping! Which carrier / network are you using?
  2. Exactly. Informed that my phone was scheduled to go offline on 1 Jan with Verizon (even though I like it just fine), I did a lot of research to find out why my 4GLTE phone would not work, even for data or hot spot. So I finally had to conclude it will probably die and become a brick on 1 Jan. Then I looked for modern physical keyboard phones. Then I researched which networks they work on. The carriers still claim to not support them. So further research, I decided the 5 row Qwerty keyboard of the PRO1 is the best option for my needs. With the tech features, there is no tech reason it could not
  3. Because I did not know about other ways to order.
  4. I wrote to Mr. Diego Scotti, Verizon Exec VP and Chief Marketing Officer via snail mail. Someone might actually read it that way. Basically said they need to support their loyal customers. They should white list the PRO1X. They should find the tech guys in Verizon who already know how to interface the PRO1 with Verizon, and send a tech support note out to all their marketing stores. Fingers crossed. [BTW I told him how long we have been w Verizon and the total amount we have spent with them over that time. HINT over 20 yrs, over tens of thousands of $.]
  5. I ordered from the fxtex website. We decided to wait for the PRO1X.
  6. I am happy to join this community which has helped to preserve the functionality of the physical QWERTY keyboard.
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