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  1. @ Casey - Thank you for joining the forum and giving us information. While the proof is the actual phone arriving and working, receiving actual information is a huge relief and boost to my morale on this situation, as it is to many others as well. Thank you for working toward as well as reporting on efforts toward a solution. Looking forward to more updates, hopefully positive ones.
  2. A question for those who have received their Pro1-X's. Did you get an email from F(x)tec? From the shipping company? Fedex? I'm signed up for messages from Fedex for pending deliveries so I'm kind of expecting that to be my first info that it's on the way, but it'd be nice to look for others in case it gets tossed to spam.
  3. I'm not saying they ship them as a pallet. I'm saying that Expansys might have started shipping the first batch and managed to get some out of HK before customs said, "hey, didn't they ship a bunch last week? Let's check". Throw in the usual government delays on getting organized, 4 or 5 weeks later with each week more getting shipped out.
  4. Here's another possibility that I don't think I've seen suggested while we wait. What if the issue is not FxTec or Expansys? It could be a government change in customs costs. A similar potential issue was raised by someone in that increased shipping costs may be the holdup. But if FxTec contracted Expansys to both ship and handle the customs issues the holdup could be who's going to pay the increase? Or perhaps whoever was supposed to handle all that paperwork didn't realize they were supposed to so as a result, they had to rush through it and get it sent in September instead of June. Or
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