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  1. Hello @eldarion, thank you. Yepp, they haven't directed me to that page. Thank you. I haven't recieved any eMail-Updates since no. #43 (2022/08/11). Roasting means (German: Vertröstet) - They put me off. 😞 Without any information i think, i was left alone by f(x)tec... Thanks @EskeRahn I can't understand, how this happens. I recieve other packages from Hong Kong and so on, why these smartphones couldn't be deliverey for such a long time?
  2. Hello, when I joined the Indigog Campaing, I was glad, that I can support the creators of a new keyboard-based smartphone. When they said, it will be delayed for some technical issues, also everything is fine for me. Then f(x) tec said, the smartphone is ready, but LinageOS can not be preinstalled, we'll ship the phone with Android, I also agreed that. I've waited a while and the last news (#43) came in august 22, where I recieved the info, shipping is a bit delayed... Now it's almost decembre. There are no news since then and no smartphone. What is the Problem? Please send me my
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