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  1. Unfortunately I must agree 😪 After upgrading, the camera and volume up and down stopped working. Additionally, it is impossible to pause playback of sound or video, the gui stops updating the position, but the playback continues anyway, until the app is closed.
  2. Thanks Justin I'm not on telegram, and had missed this. My Pro1x now is up-to-date.
  3. Hi Is anyone working on the Sailfish 4.5 update for the pro1x ?
  4. Does anyone know where we can report errors?
  5. After fiddling some more, I still have the keyboard problems, and weather and the other pre-installed Jolla apps all are there and then not. The storeman problem was solved by trying many times. I have found one app I was unable to install, because of a version conflict between libargon2 and the one used by the community encryption. Otherwise everything seems to work as expected. Now I just have to solve the keyboard problem, and I have the perfect phone! @piggzand co. : Great work.
  6. Hi Thanks for the information in this thread, it has been a great help in getting Sailfish up and running (especially the resizing of the home image). I have recently received my pro1x, 256 GB with Scandinavian keyboard, and I have found come problems: Physical keyboard: On the ö/ø key, i have an underscore character, on ä/æ key i have ø, on the </> key i have 1/2 (one half), shift 4/€ gives ¤, until now I have been unable to find the @, and more. How can i change the layout? I'm using danish layout, Norwegian is closer to the physical keyboard, but still wrong. The
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