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  1. I believe it no longer is necessary (or even recommended) to use the boot partition from Ubuntu Touch with latest SFOS builds. Have you tried using just the SFOS zip and the script in it? Please confirm so that I can adjust the instructions in the first post accordingly.
  2. In case others encounter the same issues @Hook has had along this rocky road, one thing I think has changed when it worked, is @Hook actually booted stock Android and denied all prompts for setting encryption or a lock code, before flashing Droidian. I believe the first boot fiddles a bit with partitions (maybe @eugenio will correct me on that point), in which case Droidian may have found a non-working partition setup when coming directly form Lineage (perhaps with some encryption somewhere?), or when stock was not booted at least once. I have never encountered the same issues, but I alwa
  3. A new thread that may interest some of you here:
  4. @eugenio, core team member of Droidian, had the idea of dual-booting Droidian and SailfishOS a long time ago and even did some experiments, but this was not tested in depth, nor documented. It now is! See instructions here: https://gist.github.com/Kabouik/94e9e60d84c0eeae9d48e18c11ed419e I am not pasting the how-to here, just the URL, so that there's only one place to edit if changes have to be made in the future. This may work with other secondary OSes with some slight changes, or with the Pro1x (where the extra storage could be handy), but was not tested so far. I chose to do that on th
  5. Thanks for trying it @GoaSkin! I remember that I wanted to try it myself some weeks ago as I did on the Pro1 back in the time with that small PR, but got sidetracked to other time sinks and then simply forgot because I don't play much video outside of my LXC container. Great to hear that it (kinda) works.
  6. I updated the flashing instructions in the FP to use Adam's kernel.
  7. harbour-containers is now in the Chum repository, hence easy to install! Please let us know if there are any issues (but check the known issues first), preferably as issues in the repositories so that we get notifications. It's only tested by me so far, and on a single device, so I hope it will work well enough for other devices.
  8. I experience the issues with rebooting the phone when Waydroid has been started (and also the whole OS freezes when we close Waydroid), but I do not have to redo the chmod step at every boot, there must be something missing in your initial Waydroid installation.
  9. I got sound working in LXC! I will now try to make that work in the default install and then the app shouldn't be far from hitting the Chum repo for easy installation, but it'll be some work to automate that.
  10. We should know by tomorrow if Adam's kernel update works out of the box, with even an install script to simplify the process. I'll post an update here and edit the FP when this is confirmed. No need to back dtbo up, it's not unique to devices. Yeah, the video (playback and recording) problem is a known issue, it's listed in the FP, but I don't know if Adam knows where it comes from (or if it is a priority). I expect it may just be some configuration file to edit to properly set hardware decoding/encoding, but I am not sure. I really want to get audio working in LXC because this would
  11. Ha, I was about to reply, but I recognize this excerpt above. 👀
  12. Yes, this is expected with the UT kernel and current SailfishOS configuration. What happened is I submitted a PR to the Sailfish configuration that aims at complying with Adam's kernel, but the things that changed work in the opposite way with UT's kernel. So, if you are using the UT kernel (current instructions in the FP), then you have to revert the changes in these two files (edit them so that they look like the left panel): https://github.com/sailfish-on-fxtecpro1/droid-config-halium-qx1050/pull/4/files Alternatively, you can try using Adam's kernel, which allows using Waydroid,
  13. I'm not a Windows or Mac user, but I'm pretty happy that we have two tools at hand, including one that's multiplatform, fully open source and based on an open source language. The alternatives to that would either be (i) nothing or (ii) proprietary software, which I would view as a much higher "infection" risk. I mean, at some point we'll have to install something on our machines to perform operations to reflash our Pro1(x), there's no other way, and them being flashable easily was one of their selling points. Python also is a language that can easily be containerized in a virtual enviro
  14. Camera works for still images, calls work, WiFi works (but see potential issue in the FP), texts work, MMS work, F-Droid works in Waydroid but I couldn't add custom repositories because F-Droid would crash, I have not tried Google Play apps. Copy/paste works fine in Sailfish, what's difficult is to transfer the clipboard from native apps to Alien Dalvik or Waydroid ones, or to LXC of course. I remember that copy/pasting from emails was not trivial (we had to go into edit mode to copy text), I don't know if that's still the case because I read my emails in my LXC container now.
  15. For me with SFOS, the first command was necessary, or the second would have no effect at all (device would boot when plugged_. On another device with Droidian, even using the two commands had no effect, so perhaps it's OS-related, in which case I suppose Android only requires the second? I don't think the first one hurts anyway, so it might be a good idea to advise it if some OSes need it. Also, I got that from Tadi who has absolutely all my trust. 😮 After asking why the second command didn't work for me, he immediately replied that another one was missing. I didn't think about it much fu
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