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  1. Thanks everybody, now everything looks more clear to me: Interesting thread, I have understood a little better (or at least I hope) how digital photography works. Megapixels aside, which are not really important, the photos i took in my room don't looks bad compared to my Galaxy A52s. I will try to take some shots around this weekend. I used CPU-Z but "he" is probably guessing wrong, i also have "BENGAL" as model. Furthermore, "Aida" is reporting the exact same information mentioned above so i believe my device is just fine😊😊
  2. Hi All, writing from Italy here, i just recieved my Pro1X. I was able to setup my Google account and other app. Checking some stuff around i noticed that the SOC is snapdragon 665 and the camera is 12MP. Am I completely wrong or should I have expected a 48MP camera and Snapdragon 662 with the Pro1X? It doesn't really matter as I don't need a new phone anymore, but i am just curious to understand if this configuraiton is not only for me. Happy to have finally received it 🙂
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