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  1. i am able to make and receive calls via tmobile and wifi, a little more stable on wifi..4g lte is not the greatest at maintaining network hold with this phone. also, it seems the proximity sensor is weird because if i put the phone to my face it mutes it vs turning off the screen, i don't actually make many phone calls so have just been putting it on speaker.
  2. thanks so much for the help and links, the good part is touch is working and since i'm blind i don't really need the screen, but soonish i will get it worked on cause a month old device thats broken is damn depressing haha..
  3. thank you for the update, i do have someone nearby that has done display replacement so maybe thats the right idea here.
  4. i'm loving this phone, as a blind person it really offers what i'm looking for, so i didnt notice the screen wasnt working till i tried to show someone a phone number to copy down. i've read this green line thing is likely caused by water getting inside the screen, which with all the rain california has seen i guess wouldn't surprise me, but now, what do i do about it? touch still works but i do want a fully functional device after just over a month of owning it. trouble is, i bought it 2nd hand from someone who waited over a year for shipping, and while they might be helpful, is there even
  5. thanks for all that info, i do really appreciate it. the only reason i upgrated was because of tmobile dropping 3g and 4g non lte near me, not 1 call would go through while at home..so i've spent 600 dollars to have the same problem it seems? thats incredibly frustrating! it seems silly the developers of this product seem to have just abandoned any help and its down to users to find there own way.
  6. i recently got a pro1x because it has a keyboard, i'm totally blind so this is very important to me, i had a galaxy s relay till tmobile killed off all 3 and non lte 4g around me. I read that callers cant hear this phone and found i have the same issue, was a fix ever found? Thanks for any info!
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