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  1. Got a response back, apparently it's something they are aware of and looking to come up with a patch very soon. So looks like it's a firmware issue, rather than a hardware issue thankfully.
  2. After a few days of trying to persevere I've sent an email detailing the issues and unfortunately had to go back to my cheap £100 Nokia for the time being. I will await the response.
  3. Just had delivery of the Pro1x and it is a great phone, however the wifi and cellular data connectivity is appalling! I struggle to connect to a router that is only a few feet away, and my old cheap Nokia G20 connects to the network and cellular data absolutely fine. Little point having an all singing and dancing phone when it can't get the basics right. Any pointers anybody? And don't say it's my provider or wifi router as all other devices in the household connect fine.
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