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Found 5 results

  1. Ahoi, I got my Pro1 a few days ago and I tested it for a week. I'm pretty happy with it but I realized that I don't really use the keyboard that much. So I switched back to my old phone which I like more and I'm selling my Pro1. I still think it's amazing that we finally get a keyboard phone again I just got used to touchscreens in the meantime and the keyboard doesn't give me the big benefit I got from the Nokia N950 where I had a real linux underneath. Android is just not the same. 😉 It's the QWERTY model and I'm based in Berlin, Germany. I can ship it to where ever you want as lon
  2. I am reluctantly selling my Pro1 with QWERTY keyboard layout. Mint condition, only used for a few hours, never took it outdoors. Original packaging, all accessories included. Price is 650 euros and I'll pay shipping. I have a neurological disorder that often makes it difficult to use a touchscreen. I thought a physical keyboard might help, but the Pro1's touchscreen is problematic and despite the advice posted here, it remains very difficult for me to operate the slider. Thanks! -- Mark Addendum: I live in Paris.
  3. Hello all, After two months with my Pro1 I've decided that it's not the phone for me. Having used a Sidekick LX in the past I jumped at the opportunity to try out a landscape keyboard on a modern phone but my use cases meant I rarely slid it out. Most of the activities I do on my phone are in portrait mode and my BlackBerry KeyOne is more suitable. That said the Pro1 is an excellent device and during my use I never noticed any lag or slowdowns. It's just that I never ended up using its unique slide-out keyboard as frequently as I thought and would like someone who can benefit from it to b
  4. SOLD**SOLD**SOLD **If not allowed for some reason, please let me know.** As stated in the title, I am selling my Pro1. #774, asking $625 USD (or best offer) + shipping . Only used for a few days as my daily driver before I decided it is not for me. Located in Utah, USA. The phone works flawlessly, and I have had no issues on T-Mobile, including wifi calling, etc. All functions works as expected. Never had any unexpected restarts, or other bugs that some have reported. Has the included screen protector installed prior to any use. Sticker on the back is slightly wor
  5. This phone had all the right ingredients to be a huge hit, but I absolutely hate it. The whole point was the keyboard, and it's just awful. If you're waiting for one, beware that the screen edges activate while you type on the number row, the keys are slippery and hard to type on, and the whole layout is shifted to the right causing thumb cramps. Oh also - the stereo speakers fire out the sides. Not toward you. Anyway, if you still want to buy it, I'll ship it to you asap: https://www.ebay.com/itm/FxTec-Pro-1-Android-keyboard-phone/114025919171
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