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  1. The phone has been sold.
  2. Hello all, After two months with my Pro1 I've decided that it's not the phone for me. Having used a Sidekick LX in the past I jumped at the opportunity to try out a landscape keyboard on a modern phone but my use cases meant I rarely slid it out. Most of the activities I do on my phone are in portrait mode and my BlackBerry KeyOne is more suitable. That said the Pro1 is an excellent device and during my use I never noticed any lag or slowdowns. It's just that I never ended up using its unique slide-out keyboard as frequently as I thought and would like someone who can benefit from it to b
  3. I'm under the impression the camera lens on the Pro1 is mounted upside down since before installing the modded Google Camera mentioned here I was using Camera FV5 and noticed images and video were vertically flipped. Google Camera seems to take videos with the correct orientation so I replaced FV5 with it. Night Sight works but as @jjarmasz mentioned it crashes in low-light. Additionally Slow Motion and Time Lapse crashes the app, and panoramas are completely useless since the viewfinder is again flipped vertically.
  4. Posting in here instead of the sticky because I think this is more of a design issue. Icons for Wi-Fi and mobile network show arrows for data transfer activity next to them but when there's no arrow to be shown icons to the left shift position. This gets quite annoying, as typical implementation of status icons on other phones have the arrows underneath the Wi-Fi/4G/3G icon or do away with them completely. I took a look inside the SystemUI APK and noticed there were icons with the up/down arrows beneath them but it seems that they aren't being used.
  5. I got that message too, and shortly afterward the 4G icon showed up. I also got a message claiming that the visual voicemail app on my phone was out of date along with a link to download the T-Mobile VVM app. Disabled VVM in the Google Phone app and the messages stopped coming in. Strange how it doesn't work on this phone, but I'm fine with long-pressing 1 at the phone to listen to voicemail.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that the camera seems to be flipped 180°? Both photos and videos are flipped and while I can correct this in any photo editor it's definitely a major bug.
  7. If you sign up for a FedEx account they'll email and/or text you the tracking number whenever there's a package dispatched to your address under your name. UPS does the same. That said if it shipped today it'll arrive next Wednesday assuming weather conditions are okay. The handling instructions say "Deliver Weekday, Residential Delivery, No Signature Required" so I'd plan to be home or have someone at home to bring it in.
  8. Got the order completed email today, checked the website and found the FedEx tracking number. Looks like a one-week time to delivery from HK to west coast US.
  9. That speed is what the SFTP client reports. The phone is connected over 802.11ac to a Synology RT2600ac and the PC is wired. Channel width is 80 MHz. Not sure where I can see the number of streams since it isn't shown in the router configuration pages or the WiFi analyzer app I'm using on my phone. On both the phone and PC I'm using the SFTP/SCP client built into the OpenSSH package. As for the MTP connection speed I don't have solid numbers since Windows doesn't show transfer speed in the MTP file operation status, just a progress bar and estimated time remaining (which is neve
  10. Standard pre-order 54xx to US, made on February 28, paid on July 31, received stock assigned email today. Thanks for making it happen!
  11. The first utility apps I install on any Android device I own are FX and Termux. Together they turn a smartphone or tablet into a full-featured pocket computer. The former is in my opinion the best file manager Android has, while the latter gives me a fully-featured Linux terminal complete with the apt package manager. From there I can install ssh and I've got a connection to my desktop PC from anywhere with an internet connection for file transfer and media streaming.
  12. Correct. I typically transfer large files between my BlackBerry KeyOne and PC with SFTP. If I'm not too far from the router I get speeds approaching 50 MB/s with large files in either direction, and at that point I believe it's limited by the read/write speed of the eMMC chip in the phone. Of course a directory full of smaller files runs slower, but even then it's much faster than with the USB MTP connection. Google Photos backs that up to your account in the background and it all happens seamlessly. For me it's peace of mind that irreplaceable memories won't be lost if my phone is dam
  13. I've been reading the forum since I placed my preorder in February of this year and now I'm glad the phones are finally starting to move. With a 54XX order number I'm guessing I'm also in the second batch but I'm not in a hurry as my KeyOne still works perfectly fine. Back then when I heard about the Pro1 from websites I follow I sent my order in right away since I've been waiting almost a decade for a device in this form factor. Congratulations to the Fxtec team for getting this far! Can't wait to hear about the first-batch users' comments and reviews!
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