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  1. Greetings, I have one of the fancy Pre-Christmas devices (Lineage). I had horrible problems with ticks and poor sound quality upon recording (mainly uneven recording levels, distortion to the point of being unintelligible). Fxtec asked that I return the device (at my cost) and was told the sound card was replaced. The recording issues remain. There is no answer for 45 days despite repeatedly responding to the last message from Fxtec support on 21JUL21 of: "Dear Gene, We're sorry to hear about this. Different microphones are used to record different things. When you use the voice
  2. I've put together a guide to customise your own smart case for your F(x)tec Pro¹. Facts & resources: Soft shell cases for Huawei P20 Pro should fit your Pro¹ Fx Service: Smart Case app for Pro¹ Protective Case for Pro¹ mega thread Cases and shells for Pro¹ Moderator: please don't merge that in the 800+ posts long topic about cases.
  3. I've been using mostly Chrome but lately switched to Vivaldi Snapshot as it has an option to hide the status bar thus going full screen in landscape which is neat.
  4. An early review of the F(x)tec Pro1. Early in my experience, (about a week) and early in the release timeline, probably. 1: Background I have been a fan of phones with Keyboards since at least 2002 with the Palm Treo 755p. After that, I had the Palm Treo Po (windows mobile), Samsung Epic 4G (my first horizontal slider and first android phone), and Motorola Photon Q. In 2015, I got tired of waiting for another high-end keyboard phone, and tried a Samsung Note 4, hoping that the larger screen real estate would make up for the missing keyboard. In 2017, when the Indiegogo campaign was laun
  5. Just a thought on how to make the wait less unbearable, while going through tens of posts in the production status thread is just too much for me. Post here IF, AND ONLY IF You've got anything concrete from FXtec, like: 1) The Pro1 - pictures or video links more than welcome :) 2) a tracking number that can be tracked online 3) a "stock assigned" email message @ moderators - please remove any posts from this thread that do not fall into either of the above three categories. If it's possible and appropriate, may be worth making this thread sticky too.
  6. As a longtime physical keyboard lover I waited with a lot of anticipation for the Pro1. And waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, January 2020, when the $650 I spent on the phone seemed the most ridiculous, the phone arrived. Nevertheless, I was excited and immediately unboxed. Right away I had such a miserable and frustrating time applying the screen protector. Never had such a pain with other phones but no matter what I did countless bubbles and dust particles made the final product look like total crap. The whole sheet ended up crumpled in a mess in the garbage can. This would set
  7. I could not find Disney+ in the Play Store for my Pro1. It's available and works fine on my Huawei P30 Pro. Is that the same for everyone or is it because I'm running the compromised OTA that was made available for a short time?
  8. ...i still dot have fx, but i will use bromite ( Chromium) - adblock browser 🙂
  9. SOLD**SOLD**SOLD **If not allowed for some reason, please let me know.** As stated in the title, I am selling my Pro1. #774, asking $625 USD (or best offer) + shipping . Only used for a few days as my daily driver before I decided it is not for me. Located in Utah, USA. The phone works flawlessly, and I have had no issues on T-Mobile, including wifi calling, etc. All functions works as expected. Never had any unexpected restarts, or other bugs that some have reported. Has the included screen protector installed prior to any use. Sticker on the back is slightly wor
  10. I created that F(x)tec Community on GitHub. Get in touch if you want me to add your GitHub account to the community. I'm hoping we could start using it to keep track of stock Android bugs and feature requests.
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