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  1. Moderator: This is a split from this sailfish thread Thanks for pinging him. I would like to be able to use TWRP to make nandroid backups of my /data partition (for Android use). Since this is shared in A/B, maybe that works already. I'd also like to be able to use "adb pull" to get the backup off the device, as well as backup the media files (TWRP doesn't include media files in /data backups). I believe "adb pull" only works in recovery mode, with the partition unmounted. I don't know if stock recovery can do that. UPDATE: Thinking about this more, as long as the phone will allow booting off images on a USB connected computer (fastboot boot boot.img), an insecure boot.img could be made and booted off of. This should allow "adb pull/push" to be used to backup/restore /data and /data/media. I haven't used this method before, so I am speaking from theory. The benefit of doing a nandroid backup of /data in recovery mode is that it will pack all the files into one or more tar files. These may transfer easier with adb pull than pulling thousands of individual files. I have had cases where adb pull has hung after some number of files. Running it again, multiple times, allowed it to finish, but it is annoying and increases the time to complete the task. I'll do some testing and create some tutorials on various file transfer methods once I get my phone.
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