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  1. That would explain it. My guess is when I migrated from my pro to my pro1x, the settings for quickstep came along. So even though you can't set it, the behavior was still able to work on the Pro1X. Either Google's built in backup had the setting, or my restore from titanium backup did it.
  2. I have been trying to get the ChatGPT app to work on my rooted Pro1X. For a while now, it would show as unavailable in the Play Store (presumably because it is rooted, as per online sources). Today, I saw that it was finally available. However, after installing it, when I try to log in, I get an error "Something went wrong". It also mentions checking the date and time, etc. When trying to get this working, I somehow reset something (I was resetting Google play store and play services and various other settings that others online have done in order to get the app to work). Now, when I
  3. Continued from previous post... Voltage up to 4.02. And finally reaching 4.19. After being at 4.19, the board continues to run, but the charge light goes out. I think when the light is out, it might still be trickle charging to the battery, with constant voltage and lowered current. I say this, because the reported voltage on the voltmeter was still 4.19, yet when I unplug the USB charger from the wall, I get this drop to 4.17 volts. It is also possible that drop is simply from the load of the board on the battery. Either way, it shows that the batter
  4. A little more hackery and results regarding the batteries... Note/Reminder: We are dealing with raw LiPo batteries (no built in battery management system (BMS) protection circuit). These are a dense source of energy. Fires, explosions, and toxic fumes are possible. Don't cross the streams! (don't short circuit the positive and negative tabs on the batteries) I ordered an Adafruit Feather HUZZAH (https://www.adafruit.com/product/2821). This can run off a 3.7/4.2 volt LiPo battery, like our phones do. And, more importantly, it has a smart charging circuit, so it can charge th
  5. Here is a photo showing the longer, positive tab on the left.
  6. I forgot to add this, for anyone else who gets these exact same batteries: The positive tab is the one on the left, as you are looking at the side of the battery with the printing on it, and the tabs facing up. It has also been extended at the factory, so the positive tab is longer than the negative tab. I'll add a photo later.
  7. In related news, I measured the voltage of each of the 10 batteries. They were almost all identical. They ranged from 3.83 volts to 3.85 volts. I'll guess that at roughly 70+% of capacity, going off some online curves for LiPo batteries and some readings from the AccuBattery app for the (estimated 91% of new capacity) battery in my Pro1 X. I plan to set a calendar reminder to charge them back up to about that level every half a year or so. I'll document that process when I get some equipment I've ordered.
  8. @MonCon, Peaseley thanks you for your well wishes. Considering all he's been through, I think he is doing quite well. Here he is post sew-up. As you can see, he has managed to keep his cheerful disposition through it all. He is currently resting, and helping himself to quite a few Easter treats. He's a bit self conscious about it, so no photos of the feasting (yet).
  9. I was thinking the same thing. It might be to make it look like they are installed in something, since that is a key requirement for shipping lithium ion/polymer batteries with some shippers. They did have the lithium ion batteries sticker on the outside of the box. I don't know how difficult it is to determine they are batteries on an x-ray. I would guess they would open it up if they thought it was something illegal. They would hopefully see it was not and then forward it on to you? The stealing concept might hinge on the percentage of Danish customs officials who
  10. Drum roll, please.....🥁 Meet Peaseley (one of my daughters named him). Last photo is my original Pro1 next to the stack of new batteries. Looks like a match.🔋
  11. My package left Hong Kong on 4/2 and arrived in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, on 4/1. Not sure how the time travel will affect the batteries. I am hoping they will gain capacity as they age instead of lose it. If the effect is exponential, one day I hope to never need to charge my phone again. 😅 It also looks like it cleared USA customs: Fingers crossed for no troublesome adhoc'ers.
  12. There was a link in the text from DHL. I clicked on that and it said that I should fill out some fields for a no signature required delivery. I specified where to leave the package, agreed they aren't liable, and digitally signed my name. I am not sure what would have happened if I didn't see these fields and fill out the fields. They may have left a note or something instead of leaving the package. I also found more shipping status info from that link, in a tracking subpage: Status Shipment has departed from a DHL facility HONG KONG - HONG KONG SAR, CHINA : Tuesday, April 02,
  13. I got another email update today, where it said shipped again. The tracking info didn't show it had gone anywhere yet. But then later in the morning, I got a text from DHL. It said I should receive the package 3 days from now (Thurs, April 4th). Assuming that isn't an April Fools joke, I should have some batteries in hand this week.
  14. Oh yeah, I forgot that your battery started with 2 cells, but you separated them. I will probably attempt something similar, but with the batteries that @SchattengestaItbought. I haven't taken my Pro1 X apart yet, so I won't mess with that. I will probably take the bms and connector off the MI 6 battery I bought for testing with my Pro1. I proved that it would power the Pro1. I still have that phone taken apart. We'll see if the BMS likes the new batteries and how the plug orientation works. This all assumes that the new batteries arrive on their long journey from China.
  15. A couple questions: Did you use aluminum flux when soldering? Are these batteries a single cell or more than one cell? The reason I am asking is because I am pondering using an external charger to keep the spare batteries charged over time. The chargers have connectors for balancing the cells, but it requires extra wires coming from the batteries.
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