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  1. Yeah, I just meant whether you could tell from feeling the plastic whether it looks better or worse for protection and for clarity.
  2. Have you tried plugging it in when the battery is at 0%? Does it allow it to start, or does it use so much power on starting that it sucks the battery down and you get stuck in a loop? This could be exacerbated by plugging it into a slower charger (like a USB port on a computer).
  3. Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification. Just looking at it, does it seem like it is better or worse than the ones you (and I) bought from China?
  4. Really? It looks completely flat in the pictures. Is it formed in a curve, or does it just wrap around the curves of the screen?
  5. So the screen protector that comes with it is a non-curved glass type, or it is a non-curved plastic type? It looks plastic in the videos and pictures I've seen, but that could have been a poor guess on my part.
  6. The problem is in the way the subforums are displayed. If they were displayed hierarchically, that would be great. Right now it is a matter of having to fiddle with check boxes to filter out other stuff. I think UI navigation is the key here. I do agree that, no matter the topic, if it is about many instances of some topic, then separate threads are better than everything being co-mingled into a single thread. The sub-forum (or whatever grouping object it is) could hold the name of the topic and then the threads could be for each instance of that topic. I think bug-zilla type tracking is better for bugs too, but using that as an example, having a different thread per bug would be the aim. In the current form of the forums, I think they need another layer under the top groupings and that is where the sub-groupings would be and then finally the threads within those sub-groupings. But we need a hierarchical way to navigate from the main list (with the main list showing the top level groupings and being able to expand them to drill down).
  7. It lets people know who is about function and who is not. 😉
  8. Please move this post to this thread too. It isn't Sailfish related. It is about TWRP and/or alternative ways to backup partitions.
  9. Thanks for adding to the list Kashif. Just wanted to be sure we had accurate information so that others could use the same apps.
  10. For others the name of the one linked to is: Microsoft Remote Desktop (as @Flash-a-holic guessed)
  11. For other people, the name of the one linked to is: Computer launcher PRO 2019 for Win 10 themes
  12. Maybe, but with so many apps, we need exact names and whether they are from the Google Play Store or some other source.
  13. I did. There isn't one by that name. There are some launchers that have Windows in the name, but nothing called "Windows 10 Desktop".
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