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  1. I was thinking the same thing (that it could go in this topic). If any more details are needed, please let me know. Thanks for moving it, @EskeRahn
  2. LOL I should have known! The part about not finding them via search is one thing. But there are those that I can see right there in the search results screen, but when I click on the link to go to the topic, they aren't there.
  3. david

    Spare Parts

    Did you have a reason for disassembling a Pro1, or did you do it just to see how to do it? :-)
  4. Well, from the insulation standpoint, that's important too. We want to keep all that heat in while fast charging the heck out of the battery, right? :-) But better than a broken screen. :-) I'm just thankful people have gone down this path, so we have some options. I don't have a 3D printer, but I was considering using this as an excuse to get one. I asked a *long* time ago if they could release the dimensions of the phone for this purpose. Glad other people are making this a reality. Speaking of my old posts, I can see them when I search, but when I go to the topic in question, the posts don't exist anymore. And some things that I know I posted aren't even showing up in searches. There must be some gremlins at work. :-/
  5. Without getting into the actual numbers for the highest order number, how does 5400 relate to 150 if you are taking every 3rd order number? 5400/3 = 1800. Or, is there really a mapping from order number to number of orders placed, and you are saying that you'll take the highest order placed and divide that by 3 to guess at the total number of paid orders? In other words, then your 150th order placed might be the 50th paid order?
  6. So what is still remaining is for google to put their extra modifications into this kernel for android?
  7. For some reason, the tape I am using has gotten stronger with age on the bottom part of my Relay 4G case. The case is hard plastic though, so the tape can probably stick to it better than any soft materials. But I agree. Tape isn't optimal. But if a non-tape design can't be made to work, I'd settle for a tape design. :-) Yep, that's an option. It is going to affect the display quality a bit, I'd imagine, but it would certainly protect it more. :-) I guess water getting in through the holes needed for the front-facing camera/sensors might present a problem with the water getting sandwiched between the case and screen. But if it is easy to take on and off, that's not a huge problem. Getting all the dust off before putting something like that on is always a challenge. And I guess dust would get in through any cut-outs too, over time. Personally, I'd like to stick with a regular screen protector for the screen and have that design @Keyahnig has for the screen, in black. And, ideally, have many micro air pockets in the walls to protect it better from drops.
  8. How do you know it was the 150th pre-order placed? Is that done by querying the API they are using in WordPress? And if you can map order number to true pre-order count, would you be able to take the highest pre-order number and find out how many phones were ordered?
  9. To the point of the parts that wrap around to grip the halves of the phone and possibly getting in the way of the sliding mechanism, tape is a viable option. It certainly isn't as fancy as no-tape, but it does work. And it isn't like we are going to be taking the back off the phone frequently, since it doesn't have a quickly removable battery. The plastic fingers on my last usable case for my Relay 4G broke off earlier this year, so I had to resort to tape. It has been holding the case on very well. I like the idea of the long side vs short side option, @EskeRahn.
  10. Will you be doing a piece for the screen too?
  11. Can you define thin and fiddly? :-) I guess, besides fit, the other thing we'll want to consider is how much cushioning something like this will provide. I would imagine, with a 3D printer, you could create air pockets in the outer walls of the case parts. With the mold approach, that's not possible.
  12. Thanks for providing the details. My guess is that you have a single stream. I believe that the KeyOne is limited to a single stream due to only having a single antenna. My guess is also that the upload speed from the KeyOne to the router would be slowed down if other devices are transmitting at the same time on that channel, since you need 2 antennas with MU-MIMO to participate in it. That wouldn't affect downloading to the phone though, only uploading. The theoretical max for a single stream of 802.11ac, with 80MHz of bandwidth, is 433 Mbps. You are doing very well to get close to that theoretical limit. In theory, you could get twice your current speed with the same set-up on the Pro1, since it should support 2x2 MU-MIMO, for 800+ Mbps. If you are able to run on a 160MHz channel, you could get 4 times your current speed, for 1600+ Mbps. Our Pro1s won't support 160MHz though, and I doubt the router could keep up with that speed either. The absolute maximum you can get out of an external SD card in the Pro1 would be 800 Mbps (reading, which means sending from the phone). Real world max would probably be more like 600-700 Mbps, with a fast SD card. Sending to the phone, we'll probably be lucky to get 500 Mbps, due to the slower write speed of the cards. Theoretical max for the internal storage would be much faster. The UFS 2.1 spec allows for very fast speeds, but it is unknown how fast the chips are that fxtec used. My guess is that the phone can probably exceed the router, when transferring data over wifi. To that point, I'm guessing your router (and mine too, an ASUS RT-AC5300) will be the limiting factor when transferring to/from the Pro1. I'm going to guess, based on online info, that our routers will max out at between 400-500 Mbps. NOTE: All the above theoretical speeds are without overhead of file transfer protocols. Those are just raw data speeds. I'm still curious how big of a difference a USB 3.0 cable will make and whether it can overcome some of the MTP inefficiency. You're right -- the testing is harder with MTP. We'd have to use a stopwatch and do the calculations ourselves. The wifi method is fast, but it will still take 45+ minutes to transfer 128 GB of data at 400 Mbps.
  13. How does it hold onto the front part? For that matter, how does the bottom part hold on? Do you tape them in place?
  14. Stock assigned Order #78xx QWERTY USA No IGG coupon Paid 7/31/2019
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