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  1. david

    Spare Parts

    I sent support an email explaining the situation with my USB port and asking if I could get a replacement sent to me. I'll report back if/when I hear from them.
  2. Thanks for sharing this. I believe a lot of us have poorer reception with the Pro1 than with other phones. (as well as weaker wifi) I wonder how many of us have this issue just due to poor connections inside between the gold connectors and the aluminum that you mentioned. Do you happen to have any photos of the connectors and aluminum pads? Do you have any before and after screenshots of the signal strength? Maybe even marking up these images with arrows pointing to the parts in question would help.
  3. david

    Spare Parts

    Thanks VaZso. I've seen the battery there (the Indiegogo page), but wanted to know if we've found a source of parts other than fxtec. For instance, we can get the screens through various chinese websites, and those are more reasonably priced than the fxtec screens, I believe. Regarding the Indiegogo page, has anyone received replacement parts that they ordered through there? I know the phones aren't ready yet, but I'm wondering if some of those other packages of parts have been sent out.
  4. david

    Spare Parts

    It has been a while since I've been on the forums. I looked around, but couldn't find anything indicating new information on sourcing parts, so I'm posting a new topic. Do we have a source for replacement batteries yet? Do we have a source for replacement USB ports yet? I don't *need* the battery now. I'm getting close to needing a USB port. It could be anything, but it seems like a problem with the connections on the tab in the port not making proper contact with the cable end. I can sometimes get it to work better if I flip the cable upside down or tilt the cable connector
  5. My main gripes are: - Volume in calls being way way way WAY too loud - Proximity sensor or something related in the screen touch software causing the screen to register touches when the phone is against your face. And that causes me to either mute the phone (most often), so others can't hear me, or hold, so I can't hear them. This causes real problems and is very unprofessional on business calls. - The cell reception is horrible when you aren't in a strong signal area, compared to other phones. - Auto rotate gets confused and I have to turn it off to get things to rotate
  6. Can you take all the pictures again with the Pro1 camera? It might do a better job. 😅 Seriously, thanks a lot for taking the time to take them and post them online. LOL! Might depend on the cat. Yeah, I wonder if a coating of something would do exactly that (provide enough protection for very brief water exposure).
  7. Did you have to unglue anything or just unscrew?
  8. Thanks for finding that. How did you determine that was the company? I glanced at some of the battery pics, but figured fxtec had wrappers made to obscure the true source and I couldn't find anything based on the model number shown.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to take the photos and post the pictures. I haven't been active much otherwise I would have posted earlier when you had it apart, etc. Hope putting it back together worked well and the cat didn't feast on the guts. :-) I laughed about the gray spheroid. :-)
  10. I bow to your powerful ebay sorcery magic. 😄
  11. See my reply to @Rob. S., explaining. :-)
  12. Yeah, I realized that a while after posting and forgot to update it. I thought it would mean the product was somehow posted on each target country's ebay site, which was not my experience, hence the question. I am guessing it is more common to buy between geographically close countries over in europe. Over here, although I don't spend a lot of time on the UK ebay site, I haven't found any products that would actually be shipped from there to here. I guess in the case of a china based product showing up on the UK site, @EskeRahn's method could work for someone wanting to to get it in the US
  13. How does that work when the product isn't listed in the target country's ebay?
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