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  1. I replaced my usb board in the past, so had to disassemble and reassemble the phone. I didn't notice any difference in the hinge. The hinge mechanism didn't need to be disassembled -- just the screen and the keyboard. My pro1 is currently still disassembled, but I am using my Pro1X now.
  2. I believe Fxtec will do it if you contact them. You'd be without the phone for a while though. My guess is a repair shop could do it if given that link to the instructions on how it is done. They are generally used to taking apart many different models of phones.
  3. I should mention that I find it short sighted that the phone makers require the phones to boot (even to just the battery charging screen) in order to charge the battery. They should have these set up so that the charging can take place with the phone completely off. There might be some sort of limitation where it can't fast charge until the cpu is involved, but it should do a low level charge, at a bare minimum, until the battery gets to a state where it can boot to the charging screen. That type of failsafe seems a lot better than shutting down when they think it is getting into the danger
  4. I was pondering that too. I don't know if it would matter. If someone has a phone plugged in, I am guessing it takes about the same power to get booted enough to start charging when booting fully as it does to get to the charge only boot screen. But I could be wrong. I have it turned on with my phone, because the phone can charge a lot faster with it powered off. I use that if I am in a hurry sometimes and want to get enough charge in the phone. Doesn't seem to get as hot on fast charging when powered off.
  5. One thing that people may way to consider to avoid this issue is installing an app that shuts down the phone before it gets to the critical level. This won't help people who have this happen before installing the app or have the battery run out when the phone is off for a long period of time and the battery drains, but it can help those of us who are able to do this step before it happens. I believe this requires root (my Pro1X is rooted). The app I installed is called Advanced Charging Controller App (ACCA). It isn't on the play store. Here is its page: https://f-droid.org/en/packag
  6. You need to disassemble it and get enough charge in the battery for it to get to be able to boot to the charging screen (or someone else do that for you). Here is how I got a charge in my pro1 battery. There are other methods that have been posted. For example, you could jump charge it with another battery (9 volt alkaline battery was offered as an example). But however you charge it, you need to get the Pro1X battery out of the phone.
  7. That's a great idea to "jump start" a phone battery, @bulk88!
  8. @Noob - did you try booting it with the phone apart and the battery plugged in? If not, you can try holding in the power button for 30+ seconds and see if it will boot. My pro1 is still apart, and the only thing I can see that sort of resembles that piece is the rubber insert by the mic port. But it doesn't look exactly like your mystery piece of rubber.
  9. It did power up with the MI 6 battery plugged in. The battery doesn't fit in the case, so no way to close it up with that battery in place, but you should be able to boot the phone with that battery. The battery plug overlaps the plug next to the phone motherboard battery connector. You would either have to hold it in place or you might be able to put the bar over the top of it and screw it in place and that should hold it. I'm not sure if you could trim the edge of the plug without damaging the wires going to the plug.
  10. Does anyone have a link to a non-glass screen protector that goes around the curves on our phones (that ships to the USA)? I ordered 2 from aliexpress in 2019, but can't find the 2nd one. I can't seem to locate any on there now. I did find this one on Amazon. It states it is made for curved screens and goes to the edge, but the photos aren't very convincing, nor is the single review (about it having a 1 mm gap at the bottom). https://www.amazon.com/atFoliX-Protector-Compatible-Elephone-Protection/dp/B0792HRC7T/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?crid=AFA7IVJWKV00&keywords=Atfolix+elephone+u+pro+sc
  11. I ordered 2 of these a while back. I have not tried replacing my Pro1 screen with one of them yet though, so can't report on any imperfections. https://m.aliexpress.us/item/3256805194536442.html?spm=a2g0n.order_detail.order_detail_item.3.1e94f19cvAhrpJ&gatewayAdapt=glo2usa
  12. I didn't realize T-mobile was in other countries. Yes, I meant T-mobile in the USA.
  13. Interesting that you have volte disabled, but it how's voice network type as LTE. For Tmobile, it grays out the setting and has it turned on. No way to test by disabling it. I'm not sure why the LTE apps can't see what band you are connected to.
  14. Did you disable volte, or does it show as off and grayed out automatically? Can you send a screenshot of the setting? Also, what does your phone show for these two values? Settings->About phone->SIM status (sim slot 1)->Mobile voice network type and Mobile data network type
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