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  1. Thanks. I ordered a couple from the USA site. Free shipping, but coming from China, so will take a month. For anyone else interested, I picked P20 Pro from the list: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Shockproof-Crystal-Clear-Soft-Silicone-Bumper-Case-Cover-For-Huawei-P30-Pro-Lite-/254181243108
  2. Great job!! I think a lot of us are hoping for someting like this, to protect the top and bottom of the phone. As mentioned, a soft case would be great for absorbing shocks.
  3. I like those with the extra protection on the corners. Which model phone did you pick in the listing?
  4. That's a great situation, where you can try it and still resort to them if needed. Any and all pictures you can provide would be great. In particular, both sides of the battery (showing any numbers/letters/codes), a close up of the USB port, and close ups of both sides of the flat screen cable and connectors that both ends fit into on the screen side and non-screen half of the phone would be great! These are all parts that may wear our more quickly than other parts in time, hence the focus on those. Good luck with your patient revival process!
  5. Titanium does not work with the packaging method they use for the Disney Plus app. Swift Backup and some other apps do work with the new format. You can also install it outside the play store by downloading the file and using a special installer. It is not an apk file, so you can't just open it with android or a file browser and install it the way we always have. I downloaded it from the Apk pure site and then used their apk pure app to install it. I then removed the apk pure app, as it is full of ads and gave me a lot of hesitation having it on the phones I was installing it on. I tried it a few months ago and failed. I tried it a month ago and it worked. Either the Disney app changed or the apk pure app changed and allowed it to work. I have not encountered that. After it installed, it was business as usual. Log in with the Disney account info and everything worked. Installing it in an emulator or real device that can install it from the Play store and then backing it up with a modern backup tool that can handle split apks/app bundles can work. It just won't work with titanium backup or other old apps that haven't been updated to handle the new packaging methods.
  6. It is because of the OTA that causes play store issues. If you are rooted with Magisk, go into the Downloads section in Magisk Manager and install SafetyPatch. If you aren't rooted, then you need to jump through some hoops to install it outside the play store, because it uses split APKs/App Bundles. I am running it fine on the Pro1 through the Play Store with the first method and the 20200304 OTA. I have also installed it on 2 unrooted Pixel 4 XLs that have unlocked bootloader, which makes them not pass safetynet, hence can't see Disney Plus or Netflix in the Play Store.
  7. At least you tried. Best guess is that Titanium will work for the app data, but might not work for reinstalling some of the app apks. You will most likely be able to install the apps that fail from the play store and restore the Titanium data backup over the top of them, though. Swift Backup is another possibility. It can handle the new types of APKs better. It has confusing options and UI though. AppWererabbit is another option for the app data. For any apps that are designed to work with it, the built in Google cloud backup works well and is your best option to get *most* (not all) your system settings back. As for any raw files that are somewhat external to apps (photos, videos, pdf files, etc), you can use wifi to copy the data off /data or can copy it to an SD card. This topic provides more information: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2613-file-transfers-wireless-and-wired My recollection is that the UI doesn't match the state.
  8. I'm just saying that I have the keyboard fix (in stock) and I use SwiftKey, and I can use multiple keys at the same time (with the mentioned exceptions). If it isn't happening for you in other apps, maybe it is something in the game itself that is conflicting. I'll try supertux and report back how it acts in stock (with SwiftKey).
  9. You have to run "su" first to elevate your privileges so that you can search through directories that you otherwise wouldn't. When you uninstall Magisk, you no longer have the ability to run "su". You can only run that and the find command after you have re-installed Magisk and have root.
  10. Do you remember modifying that file? Maybe you can compare the date it was changed with modified files in the /data partition to see which apps were modified around the same time to try to figure out which app did it (if you didn't manually do it). I believe that is a systemless change, meaning that Magisk allows the SafetyPatcher to modify a virtual version of that file. Once you uninstall Magisk, that change, in theory, shouldn't be there and won't cause problems. Ad-Aware seems to be a common app that people install that modifies the hosts file. If you have that installed or anything similar to it, I would recommend uninstalling it and rebooting before trying the update.
  11. I tried a simple test of holding down a single key and was able to type other keys. I tried with 2 keys held down and was able to type some keys, but not all. I thought I remembered @netman explaining that there were some limitations like that in the fix, where it wouldn't allow for certain multi-key combos, but would allow for enough that game input could be mapped around it. That is just from memory, though, so could be wrong. Does it behave the way I described in LOS?
  12. Does this mean the fix where multiple keypresses can be registered at the same time doesn't work when SwiftKey is enabled for some reason in LOS?
  13. Did you mean SwiftKey? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.touchtype.swiftkey&hl=en_US That's what I use too (on the stock firmware).
  14. Trying to understand the problem in more detail. You can use the phone if the keyboard is open? In other words, with the keyboard open, the screen turns on and the screen responds to touch input? With the keyboard closed, the screen only turns on when you get a notification, and then the screen responds to touch input? I've had some similar behavior, but not identical, on phones in the past, when the cable connecting the bottom part of the phone to the screen was damaged. Maybe in your Pro1, this has become disconnected partly at one end or the other, or there is something damaged relating to it (cable, connectors, connector's connection to the boards, etc.).
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