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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, I've been using Ubuntu touch for about a week now and Ive started working on patching some of the issues with them. I thought some of these fixes would be appreciated by you and I also wanted a public forum to discuss problems and potential solutions for them. The main issues I have noticed with fresh install of Ubuntu touch my new pro 1 are as follows: GPS ❌ - Straight up not working. I may be able to patch driver support across from the lineage git but im too busy rn. Flashlight ❌ - I believe this one shouldn't be to hard to patch, just a matter of finding the right g
  2. Alright, after toying with it for a few days I have cracked dual booting and decided to write up the steps myself. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DATA DOING THIS. Credit to @order#10248 for proving the concept. First thing you will want to do is re-flash stock android on your phone. There isn't an official repo for this yet but @Waxberry has kindly provided one on this post. Download and extract the files from there and run the script fastboot_all.bat or you can download my modified linux version flash_all.sh. While that is flashing, download the latest version of Lineage here. Yo
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